LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1919


“Who are you?” Xiao Hua changed suddenly!

“Don’t you come to me? Why don’t you know who I am?”

With this voice, Liu Yanyu, Cha Ma, Imperial Palace, Jingshi, and even the entire Ripple Country, the farther and farther they are, the more they wind up. Xiao Hua finds that there are 120,000 9,600 in front of her Azure halo of different sizes.

“You …” Xiao Hua was about to speak again. “Woo” Xiao Hua was involuntarily moved towards the other Azure Light!

“What kind of illusion is this again?”

Xiao Hua actually has some expectations for the illusion they are about to face, “Will sister-in-law be still there?”

Liu Yanyu is not there. Some are a huge Teleportation Array, but this Transmission Great Array looks extremely shabby. Of course, there is a Teleportation Array, which means that this is Immortal Realm. It is better than Mortal Realm ’s Imperial Palace to make Xiao Hua helpless. .

“Xiao Hua,” just looked at the Teleportation Array in Xiao Hua, and just about to explore his Cultivation Base and Boundary, a voice that made Xiao Hua’s heart tremble, “old man Professor your chant, you Have you ever realized? “

Xiao Hua looked up, but saw an Immortal Boat drifting slowly not far from the Teleportation Array, Xiao Yuehong slanted on the Immortal Boat, even too lazy to lift his upper body, indifferently asked.

“Teacher,” Xiao Hua said with a sore nose and tears almost staying, he hurriedly said, “Your Professor disciple’s chant, discipline has been comprehend thoroughly.”

“What?” Xiao Yuehong suddenly got up from the Immortal Boat, and the Immortal Boat was about to flip, he was crying out in surprise, “That’s Qi Refining Second Layer’s Mystic Technique, ah? You … you really comprehend Seen through? “

“Qi Refining Second Layer’s Mystic Technique?”

Xiao Hua is a bit dumbfounded. He looks at the huge Teleportation Array, and his mouth is a bit bitter. It was still Mortal Realm, but it was Cultivation World!

“Quick, talk about your understanding,” Xiao Yuehong urged, “let the teacher see if you really comprehend out!”

Xiao Hua, where does he know what chant? He hesitated a moment, and accompanied with a smile: “Disciple is blunt, can Teacher say the chant again?”

“Damn!” Xiao Yuehong was furious, raised his foot to Xiao Hua, scolded, “I said, you do n’t even understand the chant of Qi Refining First Layer, how can you comprehend the chant of Qi Refining Second Layer? ? Your latent talent is that’s all, and now you have learned to deceive Teacher? You are so mad at your teacher !!! “

Speaking that Xiao Yuehong ’s feet have already kicked Xiao Hua ’s body, but at this time, Xiao Yuehong looked at Xiao Hua ’s laughing face, and the strength on his feet dropped sharply. The strength was lighter and lighter. Even if a fly lies on Xiao Hua’s body, it will not … be kicked into a fly’s hair! !! !!

Seeing Xiao Yuehong like this, when Xiao Hua suddenly thought that he was still Qi Refining First Layer, when Xiao Xianrui bought an Illusory Peacock from the Trade Market, Xiao Yuehong kicked himself and his long tears were wiped by tears She shed, fluttered and hugged Xiao Yuehong’s leg, crying, “Teacher, Teacher ……”

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” Xiao Yuehong was shocked, and hurriedly patted Xiao Hua’s head. The other hand capped Xiao Hua, “I didn’t kick you?”

“No, Teacher,” Xiao Hua raised his face and said tearfully, “I just miss you!”

“Okay, okay” Xiao Yuehong patted Xiao Hua’s head like he coaxed his own child, “I won’t force you to cultivate, the 24th Teleportation Array is remote, and I won’t think about it There are a lot of cultivators coming, and you have not cultivated to any degree. “

Think of Xiao Yuehong’s disappointment with himself, Xiao Hua said in a hurry: “Teacher, can you say that chant again?”

“Forget it,” Xiao Yuehong waved his hand, “I’ve told you eight times, I’m terribly dry, let alone! I’m going to sleep …”

Looking at Xiao Yuehong’s disappointment, Xiao Hua himself was very dissatisfied with himself, he coquettishly said, “Teacher, last time!”

“Okay, okay,” Xiao Yuehong couldn’t stand Xiao Hua’s coquettishness, and said impatiently, “Last time!”

When Xiao Yuehong finished speaking, Xiao Hua laughed. It was indeed the chant of Qi Refining Second Layer. It was an insignificant Mystic Technique. Xiao Hua said nothing and said his own understanding!

Xiao Yuehong paused, a moment later, his face exulted, “bang” Immortal Boat rushed straight up into the sky and shouted: “Decesly Dark Splendor’s Ancestor Master, your Grand Disciple Xiao Hua finally opened up Now! Our 24th Teleportation Array can ring through the Ripple Country, and your foundation is finally succeeded! “

“Still Ripple Country, but, the 24th Teleportation Array? Someone succeeds?”

Xiao Hua touched his nose and looked at the worn-out Teleportation Array. I don’t know what this illusion actually means, but I can relive the feeling of master and disciple with Xiao Yuehong in the illusion. Xiao Hua also likes it very much.

Xiao Yuehong flew in mid-air for a long time, hurried to stimulate to motion Immortal Boat, and said, “Fast cultivation, fast cultivation, quickly advance to Qi Refining Second Layer, I can’t wait for the teacher.”

“Yes, Teacher,” Xiao Hua smiled, sitting cross-legged, but after a cultivation, he was dumbfounded.

within the body True Qi foundation is out of his control, which means that he has the knowledge of Nine Palaces Immortal, but he can’t cultivate on a Qi Refining First Layer little cultivator!

“What?” Fire Blaze flashing hope in his eyes, always concerned about Xiao Yuehong’s complexion that looked at Xiao Hua, and couldn’t help asking.

“Teacher,” Xiao Hua has complex feelings in his heart. He wanted to make his Teacher proud in the fantasy, but he ca n’t change the past, even in the fantasy, the disappointment in Xiao Yuehong ’s heart. , He whispered, “Disciple knows clearly, but … can’t cultivate …”

“Well,” Xiao Yuehong didn’t hide his disappointment. He seemed to be more than a dozen years old, lying on the Immortal Boat and sighing, “In fact, I shouldn’t give any hope, you Latent talent has been poor since childhood, how can it be excellent at once? Just like the 24th Teleportation Array, it is already worn out and is to be discarded by Ripple Country. How can I still let it re-awaken Ripple Country because of the rise of Deathly Dark Splendor? How much do you value him? “

“Sorry, Teacher,” Xiao Hua said in a low voice, watching Xiao Yuehong slowly fly up.

“It’s okay,” Xiao Yuehong has turned his back on Xiao Hua, saying lightly, “It’s all about you.”

“Yes, yes,” Xiao Hua suddenly remembered something, loudly shouted, “Teacher, Disciple has a lot of things in his head. It seems to be from Cultivation Art and cultivation Mystic Technique. Although Disciple cannot cultivate, but Teacher can Ah! “

“Really?” Xiao Yuehong Immortal Boat One Revolution, watching Xiao Hua to be wild with joy again.

“Really, really!” Xiao Hua repeatedly nods, he knew that Xiao Yuehong was only Foundation Establishment before his death, and Cultivation Art in his mind was until Great Ascension!

“Well,” Xiao Yuehong suddenly remembered, the fire of hope in his eyes suddenly extinguished, and Second sighed, “It’s too late!”

“How late?” Xiao Hua was dumbfounded and shouted, “Can you share a word with Disciple?”

Xiao Yuehong is about to speak. There is a roar on the “shua” Teleportation Array. Xiao Yuehong said with a trembling spirit: “Stop it, there is a cultivator, go to the teacher to stimulate to motion Teleportation Array!”

Xiao Yuehong flew for a while, seeing Xiao Hua still standing there, yelled and smiled: “Not yet come to help?”

Xiao Hua, where do I know how to help?

But he hurried over and talked with Xiao Yuehong, watching Xiao Yuehong offering amulet. A few cultivators who did n’t know what Culture Base came over. After a little rest, they left through Teleportation Array!

“Damn,” cultivator left, Xiao Yuehong cursed, “I said how to come to my 24th Teleportation Array fewer and fewer people. It turned out that Mountain Stream Country also built a large Teleportation Array Ah, the Teleportation Array is directly connected to two places, so there is no need for people to transfer to us! “

“Why are Mountain Stream Country and Ripple Country again?” Xiao Hua frowned, secretly thinking, “And how am I Ripple Country person? It is said that Mountain Stream Country is my hometown, how can I get it wrong? “

The cultivator Transmission is gone, the roar of the Teleportation Array is gone, Xiao Yuehong is still lying on the Immortal Boat, but he has already taken out the hip flask, Xiao Hua stands by his hand, waits for Xiao Yuehong to drink, and listens to Xiao Yuehong 唠Alas.

Xiao Yuehong slept for a long time, although Xiao Hua did not know why Xiao Yuehong said it was late, but he also knew about the so-called 24th Teleportation Array.

The twenty-fourth Teleportation Array is the foundation of Deathly Dark Splendor. The cultivation of Xiao Yuehong and Xiao Hua all depends on the Crystal Stones earned by Teleportation Array. However, there are fewer people now, and there are fewer Crystal Stones. Fortunately, On the 24th, the Teleportation Array had excellent business. The Sect Founders of Deathly Dark Splendor left a lot of Crystal Stones for Xiao Yuehong. With the latent talent of Xiao Hua, the Crystal Stones used in cultivation in this life are not worried.

Xiao Hua Since stepping into Immortal Realm and chasing and killing all the way, he is really exhausted. There is such a fantasy world for him to experience, Xiao Hua also enjoys it.

Xiao Yuehong grabbed Xiao Hua’s hand before he died, and said two things: One is to let Xiao Hua hold the 24th Teleportation Array, which is the foundation of Deathly Dark Splendor, and the 24th Teleportation Array Now, Deathly Dark Splendor is there; the second is that the Immortal Boat that Xiao Yuehong often lays on is an Immortal Artifact that can shuttle to the future. Xiao Hua is brought back by Xiao Yuehong from the future, but this Immortal Artifact can only be used once. The price is life, and Xiao Yuehong died so early because it inspired Immortal Artifact.

“Teacher,” Xiao Hua couldn’t believe what Xiao Yuehong said. After all, he had seen Immortal Artifact, and he didn’t know which kind of Immortal Artifact was so powerful, but he couldn’t help but believe it, after all, it was a fantasy, so he took Xiao Yuehong After burial, hoe in front of the grave, “disciple remember Teacher’s words, complete Teacher’s last wish!”

The following days, Xiao Hua at a moderate pace lived, he could not cultivate, but he could compenhend, so Xiao Hua abandoned the Mystic Technique to cultivate, and took out the earthen work comprehend.

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