LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1920


Teleportation Array No. 24 is replaced by other Teleportation Array, but occasionally someone will come here. Besides Xiao Hua cultivation, I also earn some Crystal Stones. The days are passing by every day. Progress, without Immortal Power, without Magic Force, relying on awareness alone, the foundation of this Mystic Technique is also solid.

Xiao Hua thought he was going to spend a lifetime cultivation in this fantasy, but the moment he saw Liu Yanyu coming out of the Teleportation Array, he knew that the variables were coming.

“Strange, why are you always sibling?”

Xiao Hua watched more than a dozen Qi Refining Disciples fly out under the leadership of a Foundation Establishment Disciple, and whispered in his heart, “Why not Fairy Hongxia, Princess Zixia, or anyone else?”

“Senior,” Xiao Hua saluted the Foundation Establishment Disciple, “Where are you going?”

“Go to Mountain Stream Country,” then Disciple turned to look at Liu Yanyu and so on, and said, “But can’t go right now, they have to rest for a night, tomorrow!”

“Yes, Senior,” Xiao Hua said with a companion, “Senior and Fellow Daoists can rest in the Teleportation Array all around, just call Junior when they leave tomorrow.”

“Well,” Foundation Establishment cultivator turned to look at a dozen Disciples, and said, “You can just rest and adjust your breath, and continue to transmit tomorrow.”

A dozen Disciples flew away in the clouds like Xiao Hua’s eyes, and Liu Hua’s eyes were only Liu Yanyu.

Liu Yanyu is slightly corrugated. She turns her head to look at Xiao Hua, her eyes are opposite.

Disciple looks unfamiliar, not gathered together, scattered all around, Xiao Hua waits for the time it takes to burn one stick of incense. It is estimated that Liu Yanyu has already adjusted his interest, this Just walked over.

At the right time, Liu Yanyu sat under the tree with her knees crossed, just eyes opened, and when she saw Xiao Hua coming over, she smiled and asked, “Here, only Teleportation Array is Fellow Daoist?”

“Yeah,” Xiao Hua naturally sat cross-legged and looked at Liu Yanyu replied. “This is the foundation of my Deathly Dark Splendor. Teacher has passed away. I am the only one here.”

“Why don’t you leave?” Liu Yanyu said with a smile, “I heard the Uncle Master said that this Teleportation Array is very remote. He wouldn’t have come unless the Crystal Stone was cheap.”

“Teacher entrusted Deathly Dark Splendor to me before he died,” Xiao Hua turned to look at the old Teleportation Array, said with a bitter smile, “I have to support this Teleportation Array. Oh, yes, Why do you go to Mountain Stream Country? “

“We are the Selection Disciplinary for Mountain Stream Country Rinse Flower Faction,” said Liu Yanyu, “After being selected, now go to Rinse Flower Faction for the final selection.”

At this point, Liu Yanyu’s eyelids are slightly lower, and he whispered, “Have you ever met me before?”

“Yes,” Xiao Hua beating, looking at all around, and whispering quietly.

“Where … where?” Liu Yanyu hurriedly looked towards Xiao Hua, “I also think Fellow Daoist is familiar, but why am I not impressed?”

“In the dream!” Xiao Hua said, holding back the excitement in his heart, still a little chilling.

“Ah?” Liu Yanyu whispered, then his cheeks became red and shy, “Jing blindly.”

“I don’t know what’s going on,” Xiao Hua leisurely said, “I’ve been waiting here for almost 30 years. The moment I saw you, I thought … I’m waiting for you!”

“I, I,” Liu Yanyu was a little flustered and was at a loss for a moment, and after a while, muttered, “Can you tell me something about here?”

“Okay!” Xiao Hua clicked on nods and told himself about Teacher Xiao Yuehong about narrate systematically and in full detail. He wanted to add some jealousy to tell the story of Dawn Rain Continent. The mysterious person who knows is peeping, he is still hiding in his heart.

Xiao Hua finished, the sky is dark, Liu Yanyu whispered in the dark, “Fellow Daoist, I know you like me, I … I like you, do n’t ask me why, I myself I do n’t know, if you are willing, after stimulating to motion Teleportation Array tomorrow, go with … with me? Let ’s join the selection of Rinse Flower Faction together … ”

“So,” Xiao Hua heard here, and felt his voice tremble, whispered, “How did you tell you in 50 years?”

“I haven’t seen anyone,” the old man said to Xiao Hua’s surprise. “I haven’t seen the Teleportation Array on the 24th. I don’t know if the Immortal Boat has gone wrong, or I have been in 50 years Falling. “

“Actually,” Xiao Hua whispered, “If you regret it, you can go again!”

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