LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1922


“Yes, Junior must agree,” Xiao Hua said with a smile, “How could you disagree? Senior please cast!”

“Hmm” middle-aged man nods, pinching a weird Immortal Art moved towards Xiao Hua!

Xiao Hua was shocked. How could he let Immortal Art touch his eyebrows?

Unfortunately, foundation does not wait for Xiao Hua retreat. Immortal Art of middle-aged people has touched his eyebrows!

Xiao Hua But I feel cold all over my body, as if a clear spring rushed straight from my brows to the soles of my feet!

It’s just a few breaths, a smile on the corner of the middle-aged man’s mouth, and a mouthful:

“Feng Yuejian Feiyue is better,

The picturesque scenery of clouds in summer!

Early mistakes in the investigation,

Fang Zhihuan is priceless because of love! “

Xiao Hua was confused and said, “Senior is already Divination?”

“Yeah?” The middle-aged person said with a smile, “Doesn’t it feel funny?”

“Yes, yeah!” Xiao Hua said with a bitter smile, “Junior thinks that Senior wants to stimulate to motion Immortal Power, and wants to play Immortal Art!”

“That’s the usual method of Immortal Being Divination,” said the middle-aged person with a smile. “Here is my dream set by the Red Dust Records. I can naturally raise my hands to get Divination.”

“Senior is really Divine Being!” Xiao Hua gave a middle-aged man a high hat.

A middle-aged person asks, “Don’t want to know the meaning of Qi Jue?”

“Compare the hexagrams of Divination,” Xiao Hua is serious, “Junior cares more about Senior’s name.”

“Even if the old man’s name is said, you don’t know,” the middle-aged person waved, “Why bother, why bother?”

“How is it possible?” Xiao Hua patted his chest and said, “Senior is so Mystical Ability, Junior has to be amazed by even the High Rank in Nine Palaces Immortal, how can he be ashamed?”

“Well, but the little Nine Palaces Immortal, let me see through,” the middle-aged sighed, “I’m really old!”

Xiao Hua’s turn is embarrassing. He accompanied with a smile: “Junior has to be shallow, let Senior laugh.”

“Your behavior is shallow enough,” said the middle-aged man, nods, “and the appearance of the stomach is so calm that it makes me look uncomfortable.”

“cough cough” Xiao Hua coughed twice, without answering.

The middle-aged person then said: “If you clearly destroy Mountain Stream Country, you can save Ripple Country. You can also secure your monarchy. You know what? Prince, you set up an ambush outside Kyoto, and you will be hacked to death immediately after passing! “

“Huh,” Xiao Hua nods, “Junior knows this ending.”

Xiao Hua hurriedly sensed Space, Space was still there, there was no change in it, and Azure Mound Mountain in Space sent out a strange Azure Light.

Xiao Hua realized what he was looking up.

“I’m here!”

A piece of human-shaped phantom floated on the shard of Azure Mound Mountain. This phantom is dim and abnormal. The foundation cannot see the appearance, and the sound is as small as an ant.

“Senior, this phantom …” Xiao Hua glanced, worried, “It seems to be dying!”

“Oh, do you still know the phantom?” Dream Old Ancestor was a little surprised, said in surprise, “Is Immortal Realm so gorgeous now, can even Nine Palaces Immortal cultivate the phantom?”

“No, no” Xiao Hua accompanied with a smile, “Junior but cultivation some Mystic Technique, then I know that Nine Palaces Immortal should not understand.”

“Well,” said Dream Old Ancestor nods, “This is also the reason why the old man has to rely on your dreams. The old man phantom needs to swallow the dreams to exist!”

“Fuck,” Xiao Hua cry out in surprise, “There is still such a method of cultivation?”

“From the perspective of Immortal Realm now, this is the Absolute Beginning method of cultivation,” said Fantasy Old Ancestor. “If you like it, I can teach it to you! Left and right … my phantom will not last long ! “

Xiao Hua Just about to talk, Dream Old Ancestor preemptively said: “You must not worry, if I pass you on, my phantom will be immediately disappeared, so I will talk to you first while I devour you Explain. “

“Yeah!” Xiao Hua nods said, “Junior is just a little confused, and I want to ask Senior to clear it.”

“Jiu Xia is the Azure Mound Mountain bloodline?” asked Fantasy Old Ancestor.

“Yes,” Xiao Hua nods said, “this is beyond doubt.”

“Where is she?”

“Junior can’t answer this question,” Xiao Hua shook his head. “Junior, despite sensing the goodwill of Senior, still didn’t reveal his identity, and Junior couldn’t reveal the whereabouts of Jiu Xia.”

“Hmm,” Dream Old Ancestor nods thought for a moment, and said, “I don’t know how much do you know about Azure Mound Mountain clan?”

“I only know that Azure Mound Mountain cannot be spoken in Immortal Realm!”

“Here is my red dust record, but you can say nothing.” Dream Old Ancestor said, asking, “Do you know Qingqiu ancestral ancestor Jiuying?”

“I don’t know,” Xiao Hua was at a loss, “Junior never heard of Jiu Xia!”

“So,” Dream Old Ancestor smiled, and then asked, “Do you know Jiu F?”

“This Junior knows,” Xiao Hua said, touching his nose, “this is the name of Jiu Xia mother!”

“Well, I knew this already, I should have asked you in your dream territory just now,” sighed Dream Old Ancestor, “Now I have no power to stimulate to motion, and I am even more powerless to control the younger generation. The image of the time is passed on to you. “

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