LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1923


“That’s troublesome,” Xiao Hua said, scratching his head. “Junior can’t recognize you even if Jiu Xia is called out!”

“What?” Dream Old Ancestor couldn’t believe his ears, cry out in surprise, “Jiu Xia is in your Space Immortal Artifact?”

“Yes,” Xiao Hua took out Kunlun Mountain Mirror and said, “Jiu Xia is inside.”

“Kunlun Mountain Mirror?” Dream Old Ancestor was a little surprised, “This thing is in your hands?”

“Yes,” Xiao Hua nods, “How else can Jiu Xia stay inside?”

“Can Jiu Xia come out?” Dream Old Ancestor’s voice was lower again, and said, “After I watched it, I have my own consideration.”

“Yes!” Xiao Hua said, alerting the Overflowing Sense released early.

However, as Overflowing Sense sweeps away, the dreamy Old Ancestor’s phantom swayes quickly and dims again.

“Old Ancestor,” Xiao Hua thought for a moment, and said, “Can Junior release some Immortal Nascent?”

“Yes, you can” Dream Old Ancestor said with a smile, “Actually you now have the ability to kill me!”

Xiao Hua smiled, put 49 Immortal Nascent released into All Heaven Star Array, and surrounded himself with the dream Old Ancestor.

“oh?” Dream Old Ancestor look at 49 Immortal Nascent, said in surprise, “These patterns of Immortal Nascent’s body are strange, as if they were poisoned by the Spirit’s Principle?”

“Sorrow?” Xiao Hua froze for a moment, thinking about the impact of his face on his emotions, as if he understood something!

So he nods and said, “Yes. Senior has a method to detoxify?”

“The method of detoxification will be said later,” Dream Old Ancestor urged, “you let Jiu Xia come out first!”

“Old Ancestor,” Xiao Hua reminded, “Jiu Xia is cultivation, I can send her out, but you must not disturb her!”

“You sent Jiu Xia out, didn’t you ask for a certificate?” Fantasy Old Ancestor asked, “If you don’t wake her up, how can you know that the nine F in my mouth is her mother?”

“Even if I can’t verify it,” Xiao Hua shook his head. “I can’t delay her cultivation.”

“Hehe, I understand,” Dream Old Ancestor said with a smile, “Even if you send her out, I will make you a wise choice.”

Xiao Hua knows that Jiu Xia is the foundation of mutual trust between him and Dream Old Ancestor, so he enters Space and raises his hand to Kunlun Mountain Mirror. The clear light falls out of Jiu Xia to reveal his figure.

Looking at Jiu Xia wrapped in Qingguang, there was love in the eyes of dreamy Old Ancestor. He looked for a moment and said, “Hurry her back, she is the key to cultivation.”

“Yes,” Xiao Hua could hear the concerns in Dream Old Ancestor’s mouth, and hurriedly referred to Kunlun Mountain Mirror, clearing a volume, still putting Jiu Xia into the Great Desolation Divine Realm Space.

“Xiao Hua,” said Dream Old Ancestor, “you collect my red dust record first!”

“Ah?” Xiao Hua didn’t expect Dream Old Ancestor to say so, he was a little surprised.

“The Red Dust Record is Absolute Beginning Immortal Artifact, not only sacrificial refining can stimulate to motion,” said Fantasy Old Ancestor, “I first pass the chant to you, you stimulate to motion Red Dust Record, I will I can tell you everything in it, otherwise I won’t be able to support it for long. ”

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