LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1924

Xiao Hua sorted it out, and said about Jiu Xia from Jiu Xia ’s mouth. Finally, “these all are Junior heard from Jiu Xia. Junior has not had time to accompany Jiu Xia to Myriad Monsters. Realm’s Barbara

… “

“hu” Dream Old Ancestor heard the last, long relaxed, as if offloaded, said, “People will die, Immortal Being is the same, so is Qinglan clan.”

“Yes,” Xiao Hua hesitated, probed, “But Senior, if you can survive on the dreams of others, Junior can do it!”

“hehe” Dream Old Ancestor said with a smile, “No need, Xiao Hua, it’s rare that you have a filial piety. You still don’t understand. The foundation of my phantom survival is the Azure Mound Mountain shard. The so-called devouring dreams is just a daily life. Make up! “

“Then …” Xiao Hua said, “Junior asked Old Ancestor to go to Junior Immortal Artifact Space to see how?”

“I’m a phantom, how can I enter your Immortal Artifact Space?” Dream Old Ancestor rolled his eyes. “You have no red dust record there, and no Azure Mound Mountain shards. I will be dead when I enter!”

At this point, Dream Old Ancestor even said: “I know what you think. You want to collect the Red Dust Records and also take me in. Unfortunately, even if I go, I still cannot escape.

“Before dying, would it be nice to accompany my granddaughter?”

Xiao Hua said with a smile.

“That’s it!” Dream Old Ancestor smiled, “It’s up to you.”

“Junior sent Jiu Xia, that’s what it means,” Xiao Hua respectfully said, “you always run out of time for Azure Mound Mountain. It’s worth honoring.”

“Well,” Dream Old Ancestor sighed again, “Xiao Hua, the connection with Azure Mound Mountain, although it is extremely subtle, but the ending is also very bad, look at me, look at Gao Jidi, you are also careful ! “

“Old Ancestor thinks more,” Xiao Hua said, touching his nose. “Junior and Jiu Xia are not what Old Ancestor thought.”

“hehe,” Xiao Hua looked at the dream Old Ancestor with a smile, Xiao Hua quickly argued, “You always see dreams, the opposite of reality!”

“Okay, okay,” Dream Old Ancestor mysterious said with a smile, “I don’t say anything, let’s discuss it first and see how you can get out of sleep!”

“Get out of sleep?” Xiao Hua said with a bitter smile, “You can’t get out of sleep all the time, how can Junior go? That poisonous Junior Foundation can’t resist it! If you get out of sleep, you might as well talk about that Tu Shan’s going on Son! “

“If I knew what’s going on, how could I call her Tu Shan?”

“Oh, Junior understands!” Xiao Hua patted his forehead and said, “You never know who the Azure Mound Mountain Exalted Lord is right now?”

“Of course!” said Fantasy Old Ancestor nods, “Azure Mound Mountain is broken, I will break this fragment and fall here, or to put it bluntly, this is the arrangement of Jiu Xia’s grandmother, how did she arrange it, I foundation not Yes, I do n’t know when, a fox family claimed that Tu Shanshi found this place, and wanted to break my red dust record and get the Azure Mound Mountain shard, I naturally ca n’t give it to him randomly. After a few attacks, he did n’t know Where did I get a sorrow and want to erode my red dust record with the poison of the sorrow’s Principle! “

“… I have to say that this Tu Shan who claims to be the Exalted Lord is also very powerful. The poison of the sorrow’s Principle can be regarded as my nemesis, and I have been besieged by the poison of Principle for so many years Unable to get the dream supplement, the phantom became weaker, of course, these are not the main ones, mainly the Azure Mound Mountain fragments … “

Dream Old Ancestor said, Xiao Hua was thinking, in the end, Xiao Hua said, “Old Ancestor, Junior has a few questions to talk to Old Ancestor.”

“Well, you said,” Dream Old Ancestor looked at Xiao Hua. Although his appearance was still unclear, the kindness in his tone was already obvious.

“One of them,” Xiao Hua asked, “how did Azure Mound Mountain break? It was broken into pieces, where are they?”

“It should have been broken in World War I!” Dream Old Ancestor shrugged. “As for the pieces, where are they all, to be honest, my memory … is the same as Xu Zhi’s memory. Blurred. ”

“The second one,” Xiao Hua asked, “What is the poison of Principle?”

“Haha, I thought you would ask what a sorrow is!” Dream Old Ancestor said with a smile.

“That’s the Junior Third question,” Xiao Hua said with a smile, “Junior doesn’t really care about the sorrow now, but how to escape from the poisonous array.”

“Well, let’s talk about the poison of Principle!” Dream Old Ancestor nods said, “This thing is actually a little bit clear, but you have never encountered it before, you haven’t thought about that ’s all.”

“Principle’s poison is plain, it’s still Principle! It’s a kind of Principle that can destroy Principle. This kind of Principle can spread rapidly and decay, especially assimilate Principle!”

“Principle’s poison is actually similar to Mortal Realm’s poison. Mortal Realm’s mortal is an ordinary body. To be effective, the poison must destroy the body. Immortal Realm’s Immortal Being is the Principle Body, and the poison must be the Principle! It ’s just that this Principle is powerful, crazy, um, just like Mortal Realm’s lunatic! “

“Mortal Realm has two methods of detoxification, one is to detoxify, which is to neutralize toxicity, and the other is fight poison with poison, which is to destroy the previous poison with more powerful poisons, which has reached Effect of detoxification. “

“Of course, if the more powerful poison can’t be grasped, this Second poison … will become poison again! Not only can’t detoxify, but also destroy human flesh.”

“However, once there is a poison that erodes the Immortal Body, then it is very difficult to deal with. Unless there is a special Principle to neutralize it, then there is an extremely powerful Strength of Principle to destroy, and the consequences of this may be The collapse of Immortal Body, the annihilation of Immortal Mark! “

“So, to solve the poison of Principle, unless the Immortal Body is particularly fierce and undergoes special tempering, you must use the method of neutralization.”

At this point, the dreamy Old Ancestor looked up, a weird expression appeared on his face, and said, “I don’t know if you have heard of it, Mortal Realm used the poison to temper the Fleshly Body?”