LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1927


“mother?” Feng Ronger asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong with you?”

“I,” Feng Ronger mother came back to his senses, anxious, “mother is a little urgent, leave a period of time first, you are in charge of the floating picture first, if there is any urgent matter, give mother a message, If not, it will be hidden here. “

“Then,” Feng Ronger was a little puzzled, and asked, “What about the family’s affairs?”

“Xuan Xuan returned now, how could the family make Bai Suer enter the sky?” Feng Ronger mother said, “And by the means of the family, if you know that Bai Suer is going, you ca n’t send someone to kill him halfway. So there is no suitable manpower to protect, so do not move first! “

Feng Ronger said with some pity: “Ye Jian’s Teacher is a suitable candidate, but unfortunately …”

“The grandmother always needs retribution,” Feng Ronger mother has got up and said, “We don’t have to be in a hurry, you are optimistic about the floating picture, and mother will go first.”

“Yes, child sends mother!” Feng Ronger sent mother out, her eyes rolled, and she waved again, Azure Light appeared, and she looked at the corner of Ye Jian who was still sitting in cultivation.

Feng Ronger mother doesn’t have Feng Ronger’s good mood. After flying out of the floating picture hidden somewhere in Void, she takes out the Immortal Boat and hurries away.

It’s about ten months. Feng Ronger mother got Form Realm. Illuminating Dark Respectful Celebration Heaven. Somewhere, she released Overflowing Sense. Look at all around. After motion, be careful: “Sir, I have something important to tell you.”

After a few breaths, a faint voice came from the arrow: “So, to get Heavenly Immortal, you must use the official seal of the team, so you don’t have to risk using the arrow.”

“Yes, lord” Feng Ronger mother agreed to one sound, took the command arrow, flew out of the hiding space again, and continued to drive forward.

This flight is several months again. After waiting for Feng Ronger to find a place of stability, after taking out a formal official seal, Mind enters the immortal market closet. There is a vague humanoid waiting there. Asked, “Well, what is the important thing, and you even risked using the arrows to transmit messages? Didn’t I say that you need to use a secret room for everything?”

“reporting to Sir,” he said hurriedly and respectfully, “This is not a business, it’s an adult’s private business!”

“oh?” The man was a little puzzled, “I have any important private affairs? Could you help me get revenge?”

“No, it isn’t,” explained Zhong Zhong. “I just put Xu Xuan into the team. I haven’t arranged for him to return to the clan. It’s far from the requirements of adults.”

“Well, don’t worry,” said the man, “Time has been a long time ago, and the family has deep roots. I waited for the lack of strength. This step by step, don’t worry.

“But,” said Wu Zhong again, “a word that Rong’er told me suddenly woke me up, and adults are not the year, I’m afraid it’s not that simple!”

“Oh,” said the man said with a smile, “What did Ronger remind you? This girl is okay now?”

“Hehe,” said Zhong Zhong with a smile, and said, “Ronger’s understood’s own life, although very depressed, has improved a lot recently. She met a Rogue Cultivator named Ye Jian. Like others … “

“Well, even Ronger has grown up!” the man sighed, “Time flies!”

Yun Zhong didn’t talk anymore, she knew that the person didn’t want to listen to anything else now.

Sure enough, the man then said: “You must investigate the origin of Ye Jian, and you must let Ronger Reverend’s family deceive you.”

“A Rogue Cultivator, but the True Immortal Middle Rank is still ascended Immortal, not very easy to check,” said with a bitter smile, “but according to my observation, I am also an honest person, Ronger has taken the initiative for a long time, He reacted slightly. “

“heng,” said the man coldly snorted one sound, “It doesn’t look like a good thing, and it also made my family Ronger take the initiative. Remember, it’s not what people want to do!”

“Yes, yes, I will be careful about this,” said Zhong Zhong again and again. “And don’t you have to pay for adult nods at the end? If I have the chance, I will bring Ye Jian to meet the adult!”

“Well, this is the best,” said the man. “First arrange the test temporarily, and then watch the progress of the relationship with Ronger, we are already very upset, let Ronger follow our footsteps. Well, you said What matters? “

“Sir,” said Wu Zhongfen, “Ronger woke me up with a word …”

Yi Zhong told the cause of the matter, and finally said, “You told me about your relationship with Master Yin Dong. I also admire your Good Karma very much. Keronger’s words reminded me. At that time, you haven’t heard that the family wants you to marry Liu Zhifei of Liu Family, and you seem not to reject Liu Zhifei either. But once you met Feng Family Xuehua Xue during the training and met Master Yin Dong Then, actually fell in love with skinship. Before, you always thought it was Will of Heavens, but have you ever thought about it, is there another hidden feeling? If you like Master Yin at that time, it is impossible to know The meaning of intra-clan marriage, you still have to be with him, and finally … commit to others, so that you can’t clean up, you have to run away to escape? “

“Yes,” the man was also a little excited, nods said, “The reason for the marriage within the clan is that Liu Family first revealed some meanings. Liu Family had to find Immortal Companion for Liu Zhifei. Liu Zhifei was right. I ’m very impressed. It ’s very likely that my uncle ’s family will marry the Liu Family. I eloped, and Feng Family ’s Fenghua naturally took over! Now Liu Yanyu wants to recruit relatives. This is the emperor ’s bloodline outflow. Trying to match the snow, and in order to get rid of Huang Xiaoxiao, Feng Family asked Ronger to kiss Xiaoxiao. “

“Actually, Huang Xiaoxiao’s foundation is not as good as the snow, but this is the usual practice of the Feng Family, and they will never let any accidents happen!”

“No, no,” said the person coldly, “don’t forget, Ronger is the bloodline of the uncle’s family, not the Feng Family! They married Ronger to the Huang Family, maybe they have other plans Here! “

“That’s it,” said Zhong Zhong urgently, “isn’t our uncle’s family caught in the drums? Let’s retaliate against our uncle’s family …”

“hehe,” the man said with a smile, “Hey, this is just speculation, and there is no evidence yet. Please pay attention, I will use other resources in the team, and even find Feather Immortal! As for the family, you Keep in mind that when an avalanche is approaching, no snowflake is innocent! It ’s as damn as my family! ”

“I’m understood, sir!” He hurriedly bowed.

“You go back first,” the man instructed, “Taking care of Ronger and organizing a good team, it is the flag that we negotiate with the Ancient Aristocratic Family, and it is also the ladder we are going up in the make-up day!”

“Yes, sir,” I replied, “I’ll hurry back!”

Yi Zhong went. The human figure stood still for a while. After a meal, it appeared in another secret room. This time the human figure was opposite to another strange human figure: “Elder Brother Dong,” the human figure said with a smile. , “How’s the battle?”

“It’s just some scattered buddha soldiers, what can’t be considered,” the figure looks like Lord Yin Dong, who was in the previous heavy mouth. He said with a smile, “How come today’s secret room transfers are suddenly used? message? Is there anything important, Mu Jing? “

“Elder Brother Dong,” the name of Mu Jing should be Mu Jing, she said with a smile, “Remember that when you called me by your name for the first time, my heart jumped. It ’s so fast, I dare not look into your eyes. “

“Hehe, me too!” Yin Dong said with a smile, “I don’t know how many years have passed, and I doubt how you think of me!”

“Elder Brother Dong, I thought it was our marriage,” said Mu Mujing suddenly, coldly, saying, “But I just gave me a transfers message, and after speaking, I suddenly felt a sense of irritation. , We may have hit the black hands of others! “

“What black hand?” Yin Dong frowned. “What did your clone say?”

After listening to Mu Mujing’s speech, Yin Dong also remained silent for a long time. After half a meal, he faintly said: “If you are so suspicious, it makes sense, then you are Liu Zhifei’s good match. I ’m just a member of the Yin Family Wu Ming /nameless. The foundation cannot be compared with Liu Zhifei, and you see me, just like a moth on fire, and myself … I ca n’t help myself, you and I have been I think the marriage is natural, it looks like it’s just another person’s manipulation! “

“Elder Brother Dong,” Mu Mujing anxiously said, “Do n’t think too much. I love you sincerely. I have been happy for so many years, but it was only when I talked about it suddenly that my heart moved. , I have no other meaning. Moreover, these all are guessing, it must not be true! “

“Stupid Jing’er,” Yin Dong said with a smile, “You don’t have to think too much! You have followed me so much hardship, we can sit down to be handsome, all rely on your plan, now When you join Feather Immortal, you have the attention of Heavenly Venerable … “

“Shhh,” Mu Mujing whispered softly, “I do n’t have to say much more, Elder Brother Dong, I ’ll give you a heavy transmissions message now, so I do n’t need to probe any more, as long as Ronger is safe, you have to be careful, Buddha State Some Buddhas are still very difficult to deal with! “

“Haha, rest assured,” Yin Dong said with a big smile, “Do you think my Three Family locks in the Yin Family are vegetarian? When I was in the Yin Family that many Immortal Artifact year, why not take this? ??? “

“Huh, I understand, Elder Brother Dong,” said Mu Mujing, showing with a smile, “Be careful and be careful anyway, you now have not only me, but Ronger!”

“understood, you are also careful, you are more responsible!”

Then, Mu Mujing sat down on her knees, her hands were printed, and her whole body appeared to have a light Buddha Radiance. There was a heavy phantom in Buddha Radiance, and in the birth and death, Yaksha and the Brahman Sound were born, but listening Wu Mujing’s voice sounded majesticly: “Plan as usual, this matter is very important, and there must be no mistakes!”

“I ’m understood,” one of the thousands of phantoms in Buddha Radiance suddenly said, “This is your own plan, and it must be foolproof.”