LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1929

“Hong-hong Boom” The dark moon fell, and there was a touch of Azure Light invading!

Xiao Hua saw this and hurriedly brought him into Space. He could see it clearly, but at this moment, Life Force had already subsided more than half, and the half like a python had stiffened.

As soon as I went, the sad face immediately gave birth to sadness, and he coldly snorted one sound said, “You are great, but you are so brave and arrogant?”

With the sound of the sorrow, the black moon all around actually produced a shadow. Once the shadow came out, there was a strong Strength of Principle moved towards Xiao Hua. It seemed that Xiao Hua had to be banned!

“No wonder this sorrow is so arrogant,” Xiao Hua sighed, “this Xuanxia Mountain environment is too strange!”

But Xiao Hua has a smile on his face, watching the grief face spread out both hands, and shrugging: “Where am I arrogant?”

Along with this voice, Xiao Hua Mind reeled, and even the red dust record was included in Space.

The grief was fully stimulated to 36,000 black moons. At this time, 120,000, 9,600 Azure Lights suddenly disappeared. Where can he control?

Principle’s poison immediately disordered, “wu wu wu,” the whirlwind started like wail like ghosts and howl like wolves!

With the whirlwind, the faces of the sorrows were shaved off, as if they were beaten by Xiao Hua!

Looking at Xiao Hua again, I saw that the drug spot was full of weak spots, one sound screamed, “Roar” Star Radiance masterpiece, star halo floating, double wings!

Xiao Hua of “bang” change into Monster Body shattered the Principle of Principle, and then the Strength of Stars rolled wildly all around.

“You, you …” The grief’s broken face was terrified. Xiao Hua looked at the face, sneered at the corner of his mouth, waved his left hand, took out a small flag, the flag was sky blue. On it, there are two bronze characters such as “Punishment”, such as the stars rotating, Xiao Hua waved between them, and the bronze characters disappeared. The number of Rune in big circulation was floating like a cloud, and then, like a sword, thunder fell like crazy. To the sorrow!

“Ah!” The sorrow screamed, the face disappeared in the thunderbolt!

“heng,” Xiao Hua coldly snorted one sound, spreading his wings and rushing out of the chaotic poisonous array, he was unable to collect this poisonous array, but escape was no harm!

As soon as Xiao Hua was out of the poisonous array, he saw all around, and the sound of “hong-hong bang” burst.

When Xiao Hua took a closer look, he didn’t feel it, but he saw countless black air filaments pouring out from the poisonous array flying from him, and where these air filaments passed, each and everyone was like The silhouette of Ruoqi, as well as the bubbles of each and everyone vortex, exploded, and more poison mist rolled towards all around.

“Haha, Xiao got it,” Xiao Hua watched for a moment, then suddenly laughed, “It turned out that this is what Aura who devoured the poisonous array leaked to survive to support the persistent poison, now the poisonous array collapses , There are too many poison qi leaked inside, it will burst out! “

Xiao Hua was laughing, “shua” A fiery bead flew past, and within Fire Blaze, a familiar face of Xiao Hua flickered away.

“Oh, isn’t this Tu Shanhong?”

Xiao Hua was shocked: “Why is she inside Fire Bead?”

The mind is moving, Xiao Hua Mind is a volume, and the Fire Pillar of Tu Shanhong Remnant Soul will be put into Space.

“Go,” Xiao Hua didn’t dare to neglect, and his wings moved towards a place desperately flying. Along the way, the Sumeru Space Principle was broken and the poisonous array was broken. Although he flew for half an hour, Xiao Hua knew , He really did not fly far.

However, this way Xiao Hua is also very rewarding. Among the wreckage, there are many complete and broken cone-shaped cocoons. Xiao Hua is all released by Divine General!

“咦?” In the middle of the flight, Divine Soul Imprint, which was previously felt in 蛊 瘴 蜃 within the body, appeared, Xiao Hua’s eyeball One Revolution, not even think turned and flew in the opposite direction!

Sure enough, just after the time it takes to burn one stick of incense, Xiao Hua 恍惚 saw the outline of the Azure Pavilion in front of his head, Xiao Hua was overjoyed, and the double-winged fan rushed to the Azure Pavilion!

At this time, the Azure Pavilion is inaccessible. There are only a number of Azure Mound Mountain Aura’s laws to protect it. Azure Mound Mountain’s laws cannot naturally stop Xiao Hua, so Xiao Hua moved towards the law.

But at this moment, there are blossoming peach blossoms in the “shua” Azure pavilion. Each and everyone human figure rushes out of the peach blossoms. Xiao Hua sneers. Raising his hand will break the prohibition. These will be washed out. The human form is imprisoned, but Xiao Hua raised his eyeball One Revolution, turned his body, straightened into the sky, and took out the Golden-Red Clouds crown.

“Yes, Lord Holy Efemale oy,” dozens of Female Immortal promised one sound, each flew up, respectively, and took out Immortal Artifact like a flower basket, flowers in the flower basket flew down, rushed into poison qi, each and everyone 蛊Wren’s wreckage, and flowers falling outside the cone.

Xiao Hua looked at Tu Mountain Spirit not far away, and thought to himself: “This is Lord Holy Efemale oy. If there is no accident, it is Tu Mountain Spirit in the mouth of the sorrow, but she has Heavenly Immortal strength, Xiao captures her easily. However, in this way, it beat the grass to scare the snake, which attracted the attention of Exalted Lord Tu Shan’s. Xiao is now fledgling, and it is not the time when he was shocked with Tu Shan’s. Xiao, let’s go back and let the floating chart follow.的 毒药 拼杀, Xiao sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits! “