LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1930


After speaking, Xiao Hua is about to turn around, and painted Mountain Spirit again instructed: “Yu’er, hurry up, go back and inspire Xuanxia Mountain Great Array, you can’t let the news here!”

“Yes, sir!” Tu Shanyu agreed to one sound, turned around and flew out, and Xiao Hua gave a smile, followed behind Tu Shanyu.

Xiao Hua had just gone, and the grief’s shabby face was condense out of the rolling mist mist.

Seeing the wolf howling, Tu Mountain Spirit twitched one sound in his heart, anxiously: “Senior …”

“Tell you on Patriarch,” Grief’s mouth was crooked and barely formed, and he glanced over and painted Mountain Spirit. “He suddenly made my siege disappear, and my agreement with him was nullified, and he Give me the Consecrate, if he has something else he can come to me again! “

After speaking, the face of the sorrow shrank sharply.

“Senior, Senior” painted Mountain Spirit look pale, and shouted, “You … can you tell me what happened? Who took the things you besieged?”

“I don’t know,” Grief hesitated, and said, “It was the one who was looking for Tu Shanhong earlier. I don’t know if he was Human Race or Monster Clan. He started falling into that thing, and then, when When he came out, the thing disappeared, and then he changed into half-human and half-demon and fled! “

After speaking, the mourning spirit will not stay anymore, change into a Dao Xuan color rush into Xuanxia Mountain and disappear.

“Damn Tu Shanhong!” Tu Mountain Spirit was furious and shouted, “I thought you were just trying to seize power, but I didn’t expect you to collude with Monster Oath Monster Clan, 觊觎 what Exalted Lord wanted, but fortunately I stayed Your Remnant Soul, otherwise how can I tell the Exalted Lord? “

After you finish, paint Mountain Spirit with one mouth, and Azure Light rushes into poison qi, but unfortunately, poison qi is violent, where Azure Light is located, where is the shadow of Fire Bead?

“Damn, damn, damn !!!” Tu Mountain Spirit stamped his feet and grimaced and said, “Senior’s poisonous array collapsed and exploded, and my Fire Bead must have been destroyed in this Space annihilation!”

Speaking, Tu Mountain Spirit turned his head to look at the Azure Pavilion, gritted his teeth and said, “Fortunately, I have an extra heart, and there is an image in Qin Si Dian, otherwise I wo n’t be able to wash even if I jump into the poison mist. ! “

Not to mention that Tu Mountain Spirit pushed the responsibility of the sorrowful poisonous array to the fallen Tu Shanhong, just said Xiao Hua, followed by Tu Shanyu, and saw that the Azure Pavilion is followed by a continuous palace, and the palace is more There are some scattered things like Cave Mansion. Xiao Hua understands that the former Feng Rongren Niang asked him to come and kill Tu Shanhong from here.

Tu Shanyu inspired Immortal Restriction, all around Azure Light such as the waves set off, Yiying Dianyu and mountain peak Cave Mansion were covered, Xiao Hua flew out long ago.

Slightly explore, Xiao Hua asks himself to send the Disciple that collected the fragments of fragments back to Space, and then he collects the figure directly. Xiao Hua hid in the poisonous circle for more than one year. Good Fortune Gate Disciple did not Collect less fragments of Principle.

Xiao Hua is preparing to find a way out of Xuanxia Mountain. Tu Mountain Spirit, who just inspired Immortal Restriction, once again took out a green boat and moved towards the other direction.

Xiao Hua followed me if I wanted to.

Sure enough, for a little while straight, Tu Mountain Spirit dropped into a hilly Princess fragment and disappeared.

Xiao Hua also flew past, but without waiting for his figure to drop, a faint fluctuation of “sou” rushed out like a flying needle in the air, and then disappeared after making a “pu-pu” sound.

Xiao Hua frowned slightly, opened Breaking Delusion Eye and looked, and found a straight gap in the hills!

The gap is not big, but if it ’s ordinary feet, Xiao Hua would n’t be able to see it. Since the body shape just disappeared after applying Mountain Spirit, it means that the gap is only stilt, so Xiao Hua also stimulated to motion.

However, the gap was clearly there, and Xiao Hua fell without any what difference.

Xiao Hua thought for a moment, and directly shielded his strength and Boundary to the True Immortal High Rank. This time, when Xiao Hua was just close to the gap, a suction was born out of nothing, and dragged Xiao Hua into the gap. Xiao Hua’s figure narrowed sharply as he approached the gap!

“sou” Xiao Hua fell into the gap, and his body plummeted. He glanced over and saw all around the stone wall. If Rune of Flying Sword goes straight down, it seems to form a Teleportation Array acceleration, and the Rune gap There are still many caves, but at this time the caves are already empty, presumably it should have been immortal being guarded again!

After Xiao Hua’s ears trembled, Xiao Hua felt that a groove appeared under him, and there was Rune of Azure light thread condense inside the groove, just like vortex.

Xiao Hua rushed into vortex, but with a few laps of vortex, “sou” his body rolled up, and he rushed straight up again, and at this time, the stone wall Rune had been changed vertically. Flying Sword!

“Wonderful!” Even Xiao Hua couldn’t help but applaud this Immortal Restriction flying out of Xuanxia Mountain.

Sure enough, after double acceleration, Xiao Hua’s body has begun to distort, Xuanxia Mountain’s Strength of Principle has been offset by the speed of Immortal Restriction, foundation does not need Xiao Hua stimulate to motion Immortal Power, “pu-pu”, the first half In the air, there have been Space barriers broken by Xiao Hua!

“shua” Like a breakthrough waterfall, Xiao Hua feels light all over him, all around is shining like water, and when Xiao Hua feels that the Sumeru Principle that has wrapped his Immortal Body disappears, Xiao Hua has rushed out of Xuanxia Mountain.

“Haha,” Xiao Hua turned his head to look at the mountain peak of Connecting Heaven Pervading Earth, laughed twice, and took out Immortal Boat, and then asked Zhou Xiaoming to come out for a boat ride and sit down on his knees.

Xiao Hua Mind entered Space and saw Azure Mound Mountain shards staying in Void first. This was Xiao Hua’s intention. He was afraid that this Azure Mound Mountain shard would conflict with his own Space Azure Mound Mountain.

At this time, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua looked, among the pieces of Azure Mound Mountain, the strands of Azure Light, like the old Force of the old man, were scattered into the Azure Mound Mountain in the Space.

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua raised his hand to One Revolution, imprisoned the Azure Mound Mountain shard, and then grabbed it with his solemn hand and flew down to the Immortal Realm Space in person.

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua had promised Good Fortune Gate Disciple to build ten Secret Realm, and now only seven Secret Realm are formed. Jaded-Document Xiao Hua waved, Eighth Secret Realm was born, it is Azure Mound Mountain Secret Realm, However, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua specifically set up azure stele before Secret Realm and wrote: “For Male Immortal!”

After doing this, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua takes a look at the god Xiao Yu Qing of Immortal Realm Space. The Disciple who previously collected the Principle shards in Xuanxia Mountain is waiting in one place.

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua The body dropped, and Disciples hurriedly saluted.

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua ordered them to send out the Principle fragments collected in their Immortal Artifact Space, and then waved with both hands to divide all the Principle fragments into nine, and sent them to the Divine Magnificence Continent, condensing into nine Principle mountains, for destiny cultivator realization and cultivation.

“Every hard work,” and finally Jaded-Document Xiao Hua looked at these Disciples, said with a smile, “Whenever Male Immortal, old man sends you to the new Secret Realm cultivation, other Female Immortal, old man sends you to Wanhua Secret Realm! “

“many thanks Sect Leader First Master!”

All Disciples are overjoyed, simultaneously bowed their thanks, but they are only True Immortal Initial Rank, temporarily missed entering these Secret Realm, how can you be unhappy with the opportunity now?

Sent these Disciples into two Secret Realm cultivation, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua also took out the puppet wreckage collected outside the poison array and Fire Bead who imprisoned Tu Shanhong.

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua is a little Fire Bead, “Rumble ~” Fire Bead bursts, Tu Shanhong’s Remnant Soul flies out, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua glances over, I feel sighing, Tu Mountain Spirit is really vicious and Merciless, Divine Soul of Tu Shanhong has been destroyed, especially within one year of 蛊 瘴 蜃 within the body, these wreckages have been corroded again by poison mist, and have reached the level of Spirit and Soul completely extinguished, foundation cannot be reincarnated.

Just seeing this, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua didn’t do anything, just probed the memory left by Tu Shanhong.

In the memory of Tu Shanhong, the information about Azure Mound Mountain clan has disappeared, and her own duties and experiences are also incomplete, but after a while, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua laughed, and the memory of the persistent poison There is still a lot of information, and Xiao Hua found that the persistent poison is not only catching the gorilla floating on the banana banana apple and banana banana

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua read it for a moment, and wrote the information about the attached poison into an Ink Immortal Disk, which naturally contained Xuanxia Mountain and so on. Then he raised his hand again, and another Fire Bead condense came out. Feeding Tu Shanhong’s useless Divine Soul fragments, looking at the vaguely beautiful outline, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua shook his head slightly.

Tu Shanhong’s memory, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua knows that the wreckage is actually not very useful. The key is that the surface layer has a weird texture and the inside has filamentous vortex cone cocoons. These cocoons are called 蛊The cone is a parasite of the puppet, but for any warlord who is on the verge of falling or has just fallen, the dedicated poison has special means. The Divine Soul and the wreckage of these warlords are collected and sent to the puppet. Inside the cone, with the help of poison mist condense, a misty humanoid silhouette is produced, which Tu Shanhong calls a poison.

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua even knows that many war fighters are willing to come over. They are war exhausted and want to contribute their power to stop the war, but they don’t know that they have been used! Their original intentions have long been distorted! !!

“That’s all,” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua collected everything, including the Ink Immortal Disk, and said, “These are all handled by the King of Sound! The persistent poison involves too many high-levels, and it is definitely not This humble Daoist can interfere. “

Xiao Hua Mind returns to his position, and he feels his hands on his chin and thinks, “Perfection has completed the task of the King of Sounds under Xiaoyinyangyang, and is he still returning to the floating chart? Feeling the floating chart is not a good thing! However, Feng Ronger is pretty good. Ye Jian seems to have some fate with her. If Xiao doesn’t return, wouldn’t it be a good break? ”