LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1931


“Return to sect?” Xiao Hua said in surprise, “Isn’t that returning to the Feng Family? Would you like to accompany her back to the Feng Family? Why return to her maiden house?”

“Teacher, don’t let it go!” Ye Jian said with a bitter smile, “It’s just a little help for her!”

“What’s so busy?” Xiao Hua curiously asked.

Ye Jian has finished, Xiao Hua said with a smile: “Good boy, actually broke into the True Immortal High Rank without Concocting Furnace! No wonder people let you stay with you! Go, go, just be old man fell on Xuanxia Mountain, take care of yourself! “

“Are you not going back to the floating picture?” Ye Jian sorry.

“What am I going to do with floating pictures!” Xiao Hua replied, “I have already done what I want to do, so I might as well find somewhere to meditate.”

“Yeah, that’s fine!” Ye Jian was there with a smile, “Disciple went with Ronger once and went to meet Teacher!”

“OK!” Xiao Hua agreed, “Be careful, the Ancient Aristocratic Family is not easy to match.”

“What is Ye Jian Junior Brother?” Zhou Xiaoming asked strangely.

“Ye Jian Junior Brother’s spring is here!” Xiao Hua not at all closed the pass and said with a smile.

“Haha, that’s all right!” Zhou Xiaoming is also happy for Ye Jian.

“Disciple,” Xiao Hua stimulate to motion asked the rhino, whispered, “Who is the closest to the world?”

“禀 Lord,” came an unfamiliar voice, “Disciple Unending Merchant Union Qiuyun, it should be near in the realm.”

At the same time, there are several other Disciple’s sound transmissions coming over, Xiao Hua said with a smile: “Autumn cloud, you pray with incense, old man go there.”

“Yes, Lord!” Qiu Yun was overjoyed, hurriedly stopped his flying figure, and respectfully stood on the Immortal Boat to pray incense.

With the sound of prayer falling, Xiao Hua’s shadow flew out of Void, and it fell to Qiu Yun’s eyes.

“Disciple has seen Sect Leader First Master,” Qiu Yun hurried to pay respect.

“You get up first,” said Xiao Hua, holding up Qiuyun, and said, “old man is busy before he talks.”

Xiao Hua sat down, took out the reward and punishment order of King of Sound from Space, and then the main body stimulate to motion shadow, one sound spirit descent of “bang” went to Qiuyun’s Immortal Boat, Xiao Hua knew I have limited time, and hurriedly stimulated to motion rewards and punishments transfer messages.

“oh?” There was a sound of Wang Changxing, a saying in the reward and punishment order, said in surprise: “Vice Vice Long, what can I do?”

“reporting to Sir,” Xiao Hua replied, “Humble General has done what the adults have said, and this will pass the transfer of a thing!”

“Ah?” The Sound King exclaimed, “Done? So fast?”

“hehe” Xiao Hua accompanied with a smile, “Humble General Luck, okay, I just happened to have something to do with the task of an adult, and it was done under both wrong and positive.”

Speaking, Xiao Hua transmitted the Ink Immortal Disk, as well as those cones, etc., and thought for a moment, “I don’t know if the adult knows the floating image?”

“What?” The King of Shooting Cry out in surprise again, “Have you encountered a floating picture?”

“How?” Xiao Hua’s eyeball One Revolution said, “Is this float very difficult to deal with?”

“This floating picture is similar to the persistent poison,” said the King of Shooting said with a smile, “It is just that the floating picture is hiding in the team of words. ⊥ 家 蔡 讲 煲 赝 赝 煲 煲 赝 # p

“Yes, sir!” Xiao Hua felt Time was coming, and said in a hurry, “Humble General obey!”

After speaking, wait for the King of Sound to say it again, and hurry to collect the reward and punishment order.

Looking at Qiuyun, Xiao Hua said with a smile: “Looking at your cultivation to True Immortal Middle Rank bottleneck, the old man sent you to a place where you can now send them a message for Yangshi.”

“Yes, yes,” Qiu Yun was overjoyed and hurriedly transmitted messages.

Yang Shi had already heard Xiao Hua’s words within the rhinoceros, and naturally agreed immediately.

Xiao Hua Mind will roll Qiuyun into Azure Mound Mountain Secret Realm.

“Well?” After waiting for a while, Xiao Hua still didn’t feel the signs of shadow exchange. He was somewhat aware that he was afraid that his recent cultivation had improved again.

Wait 5 minutes, Xiao Hua trembles quickly, the main body plunges into the Void and disappears, and the shadow emerges!

Qiu Yun is absent, Xiao Hua stimulates to motion on the Immortal Boat over there to close the shadow.

Xiao Hua had flew out of Xuanxia Mountain with Tu Shanyu earlier. He knew that Tu Shanyu was giving the Azure Mound Mountain Exalted Lord Tushan’s transmits message, and the message of persistent poison in his hand was naturally the same. Tu Shan’s concern.

If Tu Shanshi got Tu Shanyu ’s message early, and started early, the value of Xiao Hua ’s message would be greatly reduced. Therefore, Xiao Hua needs to send the message to the long-sounding Wang Changxing as soon as possible so that he can Maximize credit.

A series of torrents flowed, all of them sacrificed the operation of Immortal Realm, which caused Xiao Hua to be shocked. He raised his hand and pointed out, “Go, go there, old man will find you a Monster Partner. Do Concocting Furnace! “

“Please,” Zhou Xiaoming turned pale with a frightened face, whispered, “Teacher, please forgive me! I don’t have the acting skills of Ye Jian Junior Brother!”

It looks like Zhou Xiaoming has used Xiao Hua to develop Mystical Ability, and has talked to Ye Jian with a passer-by!

Xiao Hua When the spirit trembled, the vocalist Wang Changxing was greatly changed. He looked at the Ink Immortal Disk in his hand, and the cone from the Transmission, gnashing teeth said: “Damn, if it ’s not Xiao Xiaoqiang Probing, I really ca n’t think that the persistent poison has long been like a poison. It ’s hard to break my business, and it ’s hard to break the business. Zhu Xianxian, Wu Zhongzhong, Cai Ping, Lost Awakening, Interrupted Guns and Pills

“Well,” Wang Shengxing sighed again, and looked at the temple, “Only from the message from Vice-Chang Xiaoqiong, the attached poison has already been of such scale, and his investigation must not be all, then … What’s the real situation? Even me, I dare not imagine! This matter must be careful! “

After speaking, the sound of Wang Changxing’s face is even more strange, almost lightly said with a smile: “I only know the hardship of Si Nankong now. He has no reward for the credit of Xiao Hua. Previously, Daoist Xiao rescued the Wei Chong team. According to customary rules, the team’s personal soldiers … gave Daoist Xiao as much as possible, but at that time Daoist Xiao, but how could he take charge of the Yue Xiao Xiao personal soldiers? Hu Yan tossed. But Daoist Xiao foundation didn’t care. To Cross the Sea by a Trick, the team of Haohui had already obtained the official seal of Deputy Yue Xiao. Then Xu Chenggong and others falsified and won the award of Bingshugong. It is said that they are the next Yue Xiao, but Daoist Xiao is different. They actually saved 1 billion Immortal Realm True Immortal again in the city of the Star Tower. This credit … not to mention the fuss, it is even difficult for Si Nankong, I do n’t know How to give it, because how to give it is outrageous! “

“It’s good now, it’s my turn to worry. This Daoist Xiao is really a blessing. He didn’t know it. The value of the message he gave me. He just granted it to the deputy vault. Foundation did not perform his duty. Want to reward again? “

“Furthermore, this uncle actually got a floating picture, which is a terrible headache for the team. I heard that Bingshu Palace sent a lot of war generals, but got no information. Instead, I was hit by this unintentionally. Seeing that, although he didn’t say anything, he must have given me another surprise, headache, what a reward! “

After a long while, Wang Changxing, helpless, called out, “Come.”

“Master,” Xue Ling responded, respectfully, “what do you command?”

“Remember me,” said Wang Changxing, “for Daoist Xiao, a major military achievement!”

“Ah?” Xue Ling was startled, and looked at Wang Shengxing, who was shooting a little bit wrongly.

Xue Ling knows that there are two types of military merit for the Team of the Heaven. One is specific, such as Xiao Hua’s contribution to the world in 1494. This military merit has several words that can be directly rewarded; the other one The kind is vague. This kind of military merit does not have several words to support, and it depends on evaluation. According to the breadth and depth of the merit of military merit, military merit is divided into special major merit, major merit, larger merit, and general merit. It is up to the top of the team to clarify the origin of military merit and to guarantee it with their own military position.

According to Xue Ling’s knowledge, the King of Shooting rarely gives such a guarantee. Even if it is, it is also a general military skill. He can didn’t expect the King of Shooting to give Daoist Xiao a major military skill as soon as he comes up!

“Sir,” Xue Ling said carefully, “What credit is so important? You … don’t think about it again?”

“Why is that many?” Although the sound of Wang Changxing’s face was serious, he smiled faintly. “Have a note, I’ll use an official seal!”

“Yes, lord” Xue Ling knew that he had passed, and hurriedly agreed to one sound, took out a light gold thing like Jade Tablet, wrote some on it, and used his official seal to pass the sound. Wang Changxing.

Shooting Wang Changxing took a look, but it was some time, somewhere, someone gave a major military achievement, and the payment was Xue Ling.

Shooting Wang Changxing took out his official seal. After using it, he gave it to Xue Ling. Xue Ling hurriedly took it, and whispered, “Humble General, will this be sent to the General Assembly?”

Jiangge is one of the six pavilions of the Bingshu Palace. It has the functions of managing military power and managing generals above the base.

“Well, let’s go!” Archer Wang Changxing not even think waved.

Xue Ling went away, but Wang Changxing, who was shooting, lost his thoughts. After half a meal, he sighed one sound, looked in one place, and whispered, “Master, are you there?”

“What’s the matter?” A faint voice sounded.

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