LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1932

“Fairy Fairy” Xiao Hua looked at Spirit Fairy lightly saying, “You don’t seem to have the right to get that thing from the old man’s hands. If your adult is not there, the old man can wait here.”

“Hehe” Spirit Fairy smiled slightly, raised an egg-shaped object, and said, “Master, did you hear that? Huang Tong Senior, like you said, he will not give evidence to slaves. “

“Well,” a heavy voice sounded from the egg, and said, “Huang Tong Fellow Immortal, congratulations on your passing the last test. Now that you are a member of my floating chart, I will let Qi Ling turn Faith Token on your behalf gives you, you can pass evidence to me through Faith Token. “

Fairy also passes another oval to Xiao Hua at the same time.

“oh?” Xiao Hua was a bit surprised, looking at Faith Token, “This … can this thing be transmitted?”

“Haha, yes,” said proudly with a smile, “This is called Instant Pass, which is unique to my floating image. That is, Fellow Immortal completes such an important task, I will be in the Faith Token of Fellow Immortal Added instant pass. “

“Does this thing need old man Essence and Blood sacrificial refining?” Xiao Hua took the egg-shaped thing, alertly.

“Faith Token itself is simple sacrificial refining,” Spirit Fairy replied, “But if Senior wants to use instant transmission, he can only use Essence and Blood sacrificial refining.”

Xiao Hua’s eyes fell on Faith Token, but there was a slight Buddha Radiance on it, 9 × 9 = 81. If the seamless tower outline is fattly discernible in Buddha Radiance, Xiao Hua seems to be contemplative. After a while, he will Fire Bead handed the spirit to Fairy: “Trouble Fairy to pass this thing to the master, old man does not want to use Essence and Blood now!”

Xiao Hua ’s answer not at all was unexpected. She knew that Xiao Hua, the killer, was extremely cautious, so Spirit Fairy took Fire Bead and did n’t watch the Faith Token sent. After a while, it came. I heard the incredible voice: “Huang Tong Fellow Immortal, how did you … how did you do that? It’s … it’s a bit impossible!”

“Nothing is impossible!” Xiao Hua lightly saying, “Adult can give the chant of sacrificial refining Faith Token!”

“Yes, you can,” Wu Zhong woke up like a dream, and quickly instructed Ling Fairy, “Qi Ling, give Ink Immortal Disk to Huang Tong now.”

Qi Ling gave Ink Immortal Disk to Xiao Hua, and Xiao Hua slightly sacrificial refining to light up 81 stupas within Faith Token. Xiao Hua Overflowing Sense explored this Faith Token and the command of immortal market Tile is somewhat similar.

“Huang Tong,” a heavy voice came from Xiao Hua Faith Token, said with a smile, “Now you are a full member of my floating chart, because you are not a core member, so my name is you I do n’t know yet, you just call me a great person! “

“Well,” Xiao Hua said disapprovingly, “This is normal, I understand, great people!”

“I know how to kill this Female Immortal, it’s your secret,” Xi Zhong was so curious to die, so she couldn’t help asking, “But we sent many people back and forth without success. One This Female Immortal is very strong, the second Female Immortal is indeterminate, and the third Female Immortal is extremely cunning. This time I asked you to go to Xuanxia Mountain, and I also occasionally got news that she might go, so I was anxious to ask you to take a shot. I have n’t been to Xuanxia Mountain, but some of our floating pictures have been to Immortal Being, and none of them can come back. I am really curious what a dangerous place Xuanxia Mountain is, and how do you … This Female Immortal? “

Xiao Hua hesitated for a moment, and seemed to be thinking. After a while, he said, “Anyway, I have completed the task?”

“Huh,” said Zhong Zhong sound transmission, “whatever you use, you are already a member of my floating chart.”

“Haha,” Xiao Hua laughed, as if finally unable to hold back, and said, “Major person, can I say I picked this Fire Bead?”

“Ah?” He whispered, “How is that possible?”

“How impossible?” Xiao Hua said with a smile, “That Xuanxia Mountain is a mountain peak with a huge suction power, so as you can see below, I’m afraid there is something weird in it. It has suction power to all the Principle Body. I was just approached by Xiaxia and I was attracted by Attract, but I tried my best to stimulate to motion Sword Qi, so I did n’t get hurt and landed in a mountain peak-like place.

“In fact, the most incredible thing is how to leave Xuanxia Mountain in the next step,” Xiao Hua secretly sighed, while his acting skills soared, he also said, “You ca n’t say you are flying when you go down, you can only say that scared witless escaped. mountain cave …… “

“… Because I was injured in the explosion, I found a place after Xia Yuanzhang and prepared to retreat. I don’t know. At this time, a Female Immortal flew over and disappeared directly not far from the hiding place. And after waiting for a long time, when I was careful, I found that it was actually an Immortal Array, probably because of the explosion. Immortal Array was left unattended and did not dare to stay in the next place. The stimulate to motion Immortal Array flew out, haha, haha ​​…

Listening to Xiao Hua’s shameless laugh, she wanted to cry. She looked at the Fire Bead from Qi Ling and didn’t know what to say.

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