LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1933


Yi Zhong has something to say, but Xiao Hua did complete the task and escaped from Xuanxia Mountain, but … but this way is too childish?

“Okay,” I think about my previous words, said with a smile, “You have passed the test anyway, I hope you can continue to be the core discple of my floating picture!”

“It doesn’t matter,” Xiao Hua said indifferently. “It’s enough to have a backing. Oh, by the way, what about my stupid science? Have you given him Concocting Furnace?”

“Congratulations to Fellow Immortal,” said with a smile, “I heard that Ye Jian has broken through to the True Immortal High Rank. He has an important task to accompany Ronger to return to the sect. The details are detailed until he returns. , To share with you. Oh, right … “

At this point, Xu Zhong seems to have thought of something, saying, “I have another important task here, I don’t know if Huang Tong Fellow Immortal is willing to take it?”

“What’s the benefit?” Xiao Hua not even think asked.

“Wait a minute,” said with a smile, “I give Qi Ling a reward and you ask her for it.”

Xiao Hua took Ink Immortal Disk from Qi Ling. After watching for a moment, greed flashed in his eyes, and asked, “If I agree, can I take 70% first?”

“Of course 70% won’t work,” replied, “You can give 40% first!”

“50%!” Xiao Hua said, “can’t be less.”

“Success,” I said, “I will immediately pass the mission and 50% reward to Qi Ling, oh, you might as well use Fass Token with Essence and Blood sacrificial refining, so convenient!”

“Let’s talk when I see the disaster!” Xiao Hua looked like “I won’t be fooled”.

“Well, everyone listens to Fellow Immortal!” Wu Zhong agreed without hesitation.

When Xiao Hua got a 50% reward, he couldn’t shut up happily, and Qi Ling also remembered what he saw in his heart. All of this should be told.

However, Xiao Hua looked at the Ink Immortal Disk that recorded the mission, and not only opened his eyes wide, and looked at Qi Lingdao: “Is Fairy sure that you got it right?”

“No,” Qi Ling also looked at unfathomable mystery, replied, “This is just an adult’s message. Why is there something wrong? If you have any questions, you can ask your adult!”

Xiao Hua is just about to have a sound transmission, and I want to say with a smile: “You still have to ask Xuan Xuan about this. This is the task he posted. I think you are the most suitable, and I will leave it to you.”


“Escort Xi Xuan to return to sect?” Xiao Hua sat on the Immortal Boat controlled by Qi Ling, thinking secretly, “That is to return to my family, my family seems to be measuring the sky, I remember Bai Bing once said. Why? Bai Bing is not on the floating map? Couldn’t Bai Bing be a Disciple on the floating map? However, Xiao ca n’t ask about this. So why did Xuan Xuan bring Bai Suer back to the sky and ask someone to escort him? “

When Xiao Hua meets Xuan Xuan and Bai Suer, Xuan Xuan congratulates Xiao Hua after entering the floating picture, Xiao Hua immediately tells Xuan Xuan this question.

Xuan Xuan looked at Bai Suer and said to Xiao Hua sound transmission softly: “Huang Tong Senior, don’t tell you, I saw you coming to escort Xuan, Xuan gave an unspeakable gratitude in his heart. Senior came to the plan, He also came to the floating map because of Mr. Mou, and because of Mr. Mou ’s recommendation, he received a task that was related to Mr. Mou. If Senior had nothing to do with Mr. Mou, he would n’t believe it. ”

“奚 little friend said it really makes sense,” Xiao Hua nods said, “this humble Daoist also feels that he has a destiny with little friend, so I heard the commission from little friend, which did not agree with the slightest hesitation, but For your safety, please ask little friend to make clear the whole sequence of events and the dangers. “

“How do you say that?” Xuan Xuan watched Immortal Puppet driving the Immortal Boat, Bai Suer was standing beside him, and sighed, “Senior is already a floating map Disciple, in fact, he is already a family with him, and along the way, he The safety of Suer depends on Senior, so he will not hide Senior from anything. “

“That’s the best,” Xiao Hua nods said. “You know the origin of the old man, so the better the old man knows, the better.”

Xuan Xuan looked at all around, laid a silent Immortal Restriction, and whispered, “Does Senior know the Ancient Aristocratic Family?”

“Ancient Aristocratic Family?” Xiao Hua smiled wryly, shaking his head, “old man only knows Aristocratic Family of Immortal Realm.”

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