LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1934


“Yes, yes,” answered Xuan Xuan nods, but the corner of his mouth gave birth to disdain, and said, “This is the earliest thought of Xuan. But when Xuan was full of joy and was ready to take Suer back, 奚a certain great uncle gave me a transmissions message, saying that this may be a trap within the clan, or a test. “

“Well, understand!” Xiao Hua nods said, “This is a common method used by the Mortal Realm Aristocratic Family. When you reach the family, kill Bai Suer directly!”

“How is it possible?” Xu Xuan coldly said, “The family will not let Suer this Monster Spirit’s pedal Upper Clan Space, they think that it is a stain on the reputation of the Ancient Aristocratic Family.”

“Well, they will start on your way back!” Xiao Hua nods, and suddenly he froze, saying, “No, from here to your clan, it is not a Transmission Immortal Array, nor is it Mountain road, unlike Mortal Realm, how do they know where you are going back from? “

“My family ’s measuring volume is in a special Heavenly Realm of Immortal Realm,” said Xu Xuan lightly saying, “If you want to go back, you can only pass a space channel called measuring volume!”

Xiao Hua is stunned, but after a while, he asks: “Old man just heard you, your uncle said, it may be a trap or a test?”

“Yes,” said Xuan Xuan, “there are precedents in the clan. In Ancient, there was a First Ancestor who was also a Monster Clan. This First Ancestor went too far into the sky and was recognized by the clan. You’re ID! “

“So, you just want to ask the old man to escort you and resist the Experts sent by the clan for you?” Xiao Hua’s voice suddenly became a little ironic.

“Yes,” Xi Xuan looked at Xiao Hua nods in wonder, he didn’t understand how Xiao Hua’s tone suddenly changed.

Xiao Hua is now a killer, and he is also a short-sighted ascended Immortal, and of course he has to sit and start the price.

I have to say that Xiao Hua ’s acting skills are soaring, and he can perform on stage.

But listening to Xiao Hua’s white eyes, he said, “So, 奚 little friend, do n’t say that old man is not human, this is a deadly way. Old man did n’t ask clearly before, now old man understood, you That reward is not enough foundation! “

“Senior,” Xuan Xuan was in a hurry, and Xiao Hua said, “You are old …”

“Don’t be close to the old man!” Xiao Hua said, “I’m just a True Immortal High Rank. Your Ancient Aristocratic Family is an expert. There are countless experts. Even if I have one or two, they just send a Heavenly Immortal. It’s dumbfounded, this desperate thing … old man will definitely not do it! “

After speaking, Xiao Hua One Revolution is dead and no longer listens.

Xuan Xuanben was in a hurry. But when Xiao Hua turned around and didn’t fly away, he smiled lightly and saluted Xiao Hua. “Senior, Junior knows that this trip is more dangerous, but … it hasn’t actually arrived yet. What Senior thinks is a state of death. After all, my uncle’s family is also an Ancient Aristocratic Family, and his face must always be said, otherwise … “

“Nothing else,” Xiao Hua said, coldly. “The face of the Aristocratic Family is for people to see. If it really involves their interests, this face can be torn at any time.”

“Senior said something reasonable,” Xuan Xuan still accompanied with a smile, “but as far as I know, if my family is unable to strike, they will never send Second to the individual. Please rest assured that Senior . “

“It’s not that you sent someone, how dare you pack your tickets?” Xiao Hua still said nothing.

Xuan Xuan’s chest is well-formed: “Of course Mr. Xuan can’t send someone, but … Mr. Xuan can let people go! If Senior can help Junior to stop an attack, then Senior will do the best when there are Second attacks. One Revolution is gone! I will never say a word. Moreover, as long as Senior blocks a blow for Junior, Junior can not only increase the reward by 30%, but also give the Senior’s completed Faith Token to Senior, what do you think? ”

“Well,” Xiao Hua turned to look at Xuan Xuan’s pretense, and whispered, “It’s not impossible to consider, if it is true …”

“40%!” Xi Xuan said in a hurry, “Senior, you can add another 40%, this … this is already the limit of Xuan!”

“Haha,” Xiao Hua laughed, and said, “The reward and so on are trivial things. The important thing is that love will find a way, how can old man send your young couple home!” You say no? “

“Yes, yes, thank you to the Senior.” Xuan Xuan took a long breath and saluted again, and Xiao Hua also made a long breath. Although the acting skills have improved, Xiao Hua’s compassion is still there. what.

“If it can,” watched Xuan Xuan withdraw his silent Immortal Restriction, Xiao Hua said with a smile, “Can you open a Study Chamber for the old man on the Immortal Boat? The old man will not disturb your young couple. What amount of time is left to get, how about calling out old man? ”

Xuan Xuan looked at Xiao Hua in surprise, said in surprise: “Senior confirmed?”

Immortal Realm’s Immortal Boat is slightly different from Mortal Realm’s Flying Boat. The general cabins on Mortal Realm Flying Boat are all Study Chambers, and they are supported by the formation. If you use them, you can use Faith Token or Command Tile. The Immortal Realm’s Space Principle is widely used, not at all obvious cabins on the Immortal Boat, and the Study Chamber is mostly developed with the Space Principle. As such, the Study Chamber is under the control of the Immortal Boat driver.

Xiao Hua invites you to the Immortal Boat Study Chamber and is not afraid to walk right into a trap.

“Of course,” Xiao Hua said with a smile, “old man can’t trust little friend yet.”

“Huh, huh,” Xuan Xuan nods, which inspired Immortal Boat Immortal Restriction. Immortal Boat gave birth to a moon-like portal out of thin air. Xiao Hua didn’t say much, rushed Xuan Xuan and smiled, and walked in.

Looking at the portal disappearing, Bai Suer Tiantian said with a smile: “Lord Husband, what did you say to Huang Tong Senior? How did he get into the Study Chamber?”

“It’s okay,” I announced Bai Suer’s waist, and whispered in her ear, “I just want to talk to his Senior about the way to pay attention, after all, this is the way you and I choose, although he is an escort We, if we are in danger, we should let people get away earlier! “

“Lord Husband, you have a good heart!” Bai Suer’s head crooked to Xuan Xuan’s shoulder and said softly, “I’m the blessing of three lifetimes when I meet you.”

“The lady is wrong,” Xuan Xuan sniffed the fragrance of Bai Suer, closed her eyes slightly, “for the blessing of three lifetimes.”

“Lord Husband rest assured,” Bai Suer solemnly vowed, “Even if Present … concubine can’t set foot in the sky, concubine will be reincarnated to your Ancient Aristocratic Family in the next life, so that you will dignified and marry me right in!”

“Stupid lady,” said Xuan Xuan said with a smile, “Don’t ask for the next life, just talk about this life, I must bring you into the amount of heaven!”

Xiao Hua foundation is not afraid of Xuan Xuan’s actions, not to mention that Xuan Xuan is asking for him, even if Xuan Xuan wants to hurt him, will Xiao Hua be afraid?

So Xiao Hua sat cross-legged in the Study Chamber, and instead of laying down All Heaven Star Array, he took out the rhinoceros and excitedly asked, “Disciple, where have you been?”

Why don’t you know, the voice of not at all Ye Jian from the rhino came from Xiao Hua, frowning for a moment, and it was a bit of a surprise, presumably Ye Jian was with Feng Ronger at this time, and he had no skill in cloning.

Sure enough, Xiao Hua waited for the time it takes to burn one stick of incense, and there was a voice from Ye Jian in the rhino: “Teacher, Teacher ……”

“I’m here!” Xiao Hua replied with annoyance, “Is there Time now?”

“hehe, just flew through a Space fault similar to the sky barrier, Disciple ca n’t receive the message,” Ye Jian replied, “Now … it ’s like Seven Luminaries Grinding Extermination Heaven, it’s like Supreme Ultimate Concealment Heaven, Disciple can’t figure it out. But Ronger said, do n’t ask, this is the secret of their Ancient Aristocratic Family. She took me back to the tribe this time, and she has taken great risks, and also asked me if I ’m afraid. The family is afraid of secret leaks, what should I do to kill me? “

“Oh,” Xiao Hua said with a smile, “How did you answer?”

“I’m not afraid!” Ye Jian said in surprise, “How else can I answer?”

“Silly disciple,” Xiao Hua said in a tone of hating iron and steel, “You should say, I’m afraid!”

“Ah?” Ye Jian whispered, “How can you answer like this?”

“Mo Ji,” Xiao Hua said with a smile, “Of course this is not enough to say, but I have to add the Second sentence: Although I am afraid, I will protect you.”

Ye Jian has a feeling of being defeated, said with a bitter smile: “Teacher, Disciple has also experienced love in Mortal Realm, but … but why did n’t Disciple know what to say? Disciple’s Compared with Teacher, you are a professional teacher … “

“It’s just a big goose!” Xiao Hua laughed. The real Huang Tong was a monster!

“Haha, that’s it!” Ye Jian also laughed and said, “Don’t you know that Disciple was in Mysterious Origin Space, but when he was a teenager, Disciple told the teacher that Disciple liked a girl, you Guess what a vocational teacher says? ”

“nnd, what else can he say!” Xiao Hua suddenly thought of the fun in Ice-Cold Valley, and he secretly poked, but Xiao Hua still said without thinking, “What did he say? “

“Five words!” Ye Jian replied, “Just do it!”

“Apart from this, he can’t say anything,” Xiao Hua said with a smile, “This is because dogs can’t vomit ivory!”

“Disciple’s mentor is not Human Race,” Ye Jian replied, “He Senior said this is normal, of course, Disciple will not do it stupidly.”

Speaking of this, Ye Jian hurriedly said, “Teacher, Ronger called me, please wait a moment.”

Xiao Hua smiled, closed the rhinoceros, eyes closed slightly, and began to realize the technique of earthenware.