LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1935


“Disciple said first, they punished if they punished!” Ye Jian replied, “Then, Disciple also said that punishment is their right, but I won’t let you be punished, I will definitely take you out ! “

“Yes!” Xiao Hua said with a smile, “That’s it!”

After speaking, Xiao Hua wakes up again, said in surprise: “How to listen to your tone, something is wrong!”

“Of course it’s not right, Teacher” Ye Jian confessed a bit, “Rong’er cried as soon as he heard it, crying so loudly! Then he held my hand and said she lied to me and said she was Disciple of the Ancient Aristocratic Family, her name is Feng Ronger, and she also said that the story she told me before was the true story that happened to her! “

“That’s not good?” Xiao Hua hurriedly said, “This shows that you only half-footed into the Ancient Aristocratic Family.”

“Teacher,” Ye Jian said in a low voice. “Disciple doesn’t mean that Ronger is not good, but just how long has it been known, how can Disciple have that kind of meaning? Disciple doesn’t know what is going on, Rong Why is she so direct? “

“Well,” Xiao Hua sighed, “You also understood Feng Rong’er’s encounter. When she first heard her life change, how could she be resentful? At this time, she suddenly encountered a male Immortal who was more eye-catching , She must be easy to talk to you about her mind, you talk too much, it is inevitable that there will be a feeling of trust … ”

“But,” before Xiao Hua finishes speaking, Ye Sword Dao, “Disciple didn’t even think about adding to the Ancient Aristocratic Family!”

“Feng Rong’er is a poor Female Immortal,” Xiao Hua explained, “I didn’t even think about pushing you to the Ancient Aristocratic Family, but she seems to be with you, and she will help her and accompany her. Speak, wait for her to settle down, and then look at your own feelings, really not work, then forget it! “

“It’s not good,” Ye Jian didn’t know what to say, he almost cried, “Isn’t this the feeling that deceives Feng Ronger?”

“Yes!” Xiao Hua said, “If you think you can use your sword to cut love, you can pick it up with Feng Ronger now. You two on the Immortal Boat, you can say anything.

“This is even worse!” Ye Jian immediately denied, “Disciple looked at Feng Ronger in such a mood, and now she said, shouldn’t she make her distressed?”

“This won’t work, that won’t work, what do you say?” Xiao Hua asked with a shrug.

“I, I don’t understood!”

“Oh, right,” Xiao Hua suddenly remembered, and asked, “It’s not dangerous for you to accompany Feng Ronger back to the Feng Family, is it right? Xuan Xuan is facing the slaughter of her family. ! “

“No!” Ye Jian was startled, anxiously, “I didn’t …”

Ye Jian has just spoken here, his voice has been stretched out, gradually becoming a misty echo, not clear at all.

Xiao Hua understands that Ye Jian and Feng Ronger are afraid that they have reached a place similar to the amount of time, and it is impossible to reach the rhinoceros.

Sure enough, the rhinoceros did not move at all for the next half a month.

Xiao Hua also didn’t know how Ye Jian told Feng Ronger, and whether Ye Jian encountered an interception by Feng Family. However, Xiao Hua also knows that Ye Jian’s real strength is Heavenly Immortal Initial Rank. Not only is he proficient in the Space Principle, but also Immortal Artifact such as all mysteries. If he wants to escape, he can definitely leave!

On this day, Xiao Hua is currently cultivating quietly, and suddenly Xuan Xuan’s voice came to my ears: “Senior, interrupt your retreat, we need to replace Immortal Boat.”

“Replace Immortal Boat?” Xiao Hua was puzzled, and opened his eyes, “Why?”

“Entering the Quantitative Path requires my uncle’s special Immortal Boat,” said Xuan Xuan’s words, and said, “Otherwise, foundation cannot find the portal to the Quantitative Path.”

“Well, it really is the Ancient Aristocratic Family!” Xiao Hua sighed and stood up and said, “These details are by no means old man and Rogue Cultivator.”

Xiao Hua came out of the Study Chamber, and Xuan Xuan has taken out the Immortal Boat. This Immortal Boat is colored as purple gold. It is different from Liu Yan’s multiplication. Looking at the weird Immortal Boat and the strange Starry Sky, Xiao Hua touched his nose and said, “little friend, you confirm that this Immortal Boat can do it …”

“OK, okay” Xiao Hua showed a flattering look, said with a smile, “This should be the entrance to the sky?”

“No, I haven’t arrived yet!” Xuan Xuan accompanied with a smile, “If Senior still wants to meditate, I will prepare Senior Student’s Study Chamber for Senior!”

I saw that Xuan Xuan took the initiative to prepare a Study Chamber for himself. Where Xiao Hua didn’t know what he thought, he said with a smile: “Yes.”

Xiao Hua entered the Study Chamber and just took out the rhinoceros. Ye Jian’s voice came from him: “Teacher, Teacher, are you there?”

“Are!” Xiao Hua said with a smile, “I just saw the power of Immortal Boat, and now I am falling into a strange Starry Sky.”

“Hehe,” Ye Jian’s voice came, “disciple is the same, this is also a Starry Sky, it seems to have a weird Aura, like Immortal Realm, it seems like it is not Immortal Realm. Ronger said, just watched, I have to forget it. By the way, Teacher, the Immortal Boat of my uncle’s family is so powerful? I see the Immortal Boat of Feng Family engraved with a totem with a snake tail, often stimulate to motion, and weird Aura from Totem Born in the past, it should be leading the way … “

Ye Jian used two weird ones in a row, and it seems that he was also shocked by the means of the Feng Family.

“Human snake tail?” Xiao Hua was also shocked by Ye Jian’s words. He couldn’t help whispering, “Feng Family has a snake tail Totem?”

“Yeah,” Ye Jian nods said, “but the person is relatively vague and can’t see the appearance, but the outline should be a female body.”

“If possible,” Xiao Hua thought for a moment, instructed, “You ask Feng Ronger, who is this Totem?”

“Okay, Teacher” Ye Jian answered very numbly.

Only 5 minutes, Ye Jian sound transmission again: “Teacher, Ronger said that she wanted to sail to find the addendum to the Feng Family to make up the sky, so let Disciple advance the Study Chamber.”