LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1937

Xi Jing’s figure retreats again. Although it is still a big move, Sword Light has already seen blood! The drama hit, and Jing Jing had an unspeakable feeling in his heart. Without foundation, he found a thing and threw out a thing, which disappeared into the purple gold glow of the sky …

Instantaneously, “Ah” one sound screamed from Immortal Nascent’s mouth. Immediately after the “hong-hong” tremor, Immortal Nascent’s body collapsed, Sword Light was scattered, and that pierced into Jingjing. Flying Sword on the chest also quickly annihilated!

“heng” Xiao Hua coldly snorted one sound, one shot of Gate on Crown, “bang” a bunch of Sword Lights falling, covering the Immortal Nascent, watching the Immortal Nascent Sword Transformation fly back, Xiao Hua coldly said, ” It’s your life! “

“Brother Jing, show mercy! show mercy!”

At this moment, the sky is high, and there is just the Gold Light broken firefly. Another middle-aged man wearing a dao robe hurriedly flew down and shouted loudly in his mouth.


Xiao Hua saw it long ago, at this time he was even more alert as he awakened at first, screaming at one sound, and retreating formally. The Sword Light smashed by the wheels of vortex still fell on Xiao Hua.

It’s just that Xiao Hua at this time, the whole body of Sword Light is mottled. Previously, Sword Qi of Straight Clashing Nine Heavens has disappeared, like the defeated Rooster!

“Liang Zu, come and save me!”

Hearing this voice, Xuan Xuan couldn’t help exulting, shouted loudly.

At this moment, after Xuan Xuan’s body, “hong-long-long”, the sound of trembling suddenly ceased, the pieces of purple gold roared, and the whole amount of heaven began to annihilate in trembling.

The brother “Jing Jing” glanced at the uncertain Jing Jing, and said, “You took out and broke Heavenly Thunder?”

“Nice!” Pu Jing looked at the person, lightly saying, “This person is too powerful, I can’t let him go out alive!”

“Hey,” the person glanced at Xiao Hua, and looked at Xuan Xuan and Bai Suer, and said lamely, “Why is this?”

“Yi Liang,” Xing Jing stared at Xiao Hua, but asked, “What are you doing?”

“I came here to see,” Li Liang said in a complicated tone, whispering, “After all, Xuan Er is my junior!”

“You also want to take a shot?” Ji Jing raised a brow, looked at Qian Liang, and asked calmly, “Aren’t you afraid of clan orders?”

“Hehe,” answered Liang not at all, but asked instead, “Do I need a shot now?”

“heng!” Yan Jing coldly snorted one sound, raised his hand in the air and grabbed it. The wheel that had previously taken out fell in front of him. As he kicked, the “ga” wheel still changed into Immortal Crane. , Jing Jing stepped on Immortal Crane, and after Immortal Crane spread his wings, he coldly said, “I see how you explain to Elder!”

After that, Ye Jingyang went away!

“Many thanks Liangzu” Xuan Xuan was overjoyed, and hurriedly brought Bai Suer to see her.

Xi Liang raised up Xuan Xuan and looked at Bai Suer, including said with a smile: “This is what you said Bai Suer?”

“Yes, Liangzu!” Xuan Xuan answered quickly.

“It’s okay,” said Liang Liang’s kind nods. “Unexpectedly, I don’t want to visit me.”

Bai Suer was overjoyed, hurriedly kneeling and hoeing, “Junior Xie Liangzu.”

“Well, get up!” Qi Liang raised his hand, but looked at Xiao Hua, “To thank and thank the Fellow Immortal, if he had not forced him to retreat, Jing, the old man didn’t know how to speak. ! “

“Liang Zu,” said Xuan Xuan, “I will introduce. This is Huang Tong Senior. This is the child’s year-round relationship. His Senior was moved by the child’s relationship with Suer. He came to escort him. If you do n’t like to talk with others, let the child say that it ’s the child and ask him to come over. ”

“Well, I can see it!” Tong Liang looked at Xiao Hua, his Sword Light was dazzling, his face was a little red, and said with a smile, “Yu Jing is dead-hearted, if Huang Tong Fellow Immortal is yours , How could he fight for his life? “

“I’ve seen Im Fellow Immortal,” Xiao Hua smiled, closed his Sword Light, and paid respect.

After Xu Liang returned the gift, Xiao Hua looked at the subsidence that had spread behind him, said with a bitter smile: “奚 little friend, since your family’s Liangzu is here, the old man should send you everywhere, it’s just safe, but … “

Xiao Hua didn’t say anything, but Yun Xuan knew in his heart that he knew that Xiao Hua had confirmed the reward with him.

So Xuan Xuan nods said: “I am thankful to the Senior escort. At this point, I am safe, but the amount of time has collapsed. If I want to open it again, I have to say the amount of time. Need to heal, why do n’t you go to Tianmao with Xuan? ”

“Okay,” Xiao Hua thought for a moment, and said, “old man and little friend have gone this far. But beforehand, old man doesn’t go to the little friend family, so he saves more right and wrong!”

“Haha,” Tong Liang laughed, and said, “Fellow Immortal, rest assured. Although Jing Jing is dead-headed, but not careful, you can force him into this in the amount of time, he will only look high. You will not find anything afterwards! “

“Huh,” Wu Xuan also echoed, “It is true. Uncle Jing is not required to report to Yazi, otherwise the clan will not send him Senior.”

At this point, Xuan Xuan’s expression was a bit dull, and he peeped at Xuan Liang.

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