LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1954


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奚 Liang said angrily: “Don’t hurry to stimulate to motion Immortal Boat? If you don’t leave, Immortal Boat will be overwhelmed by the amount of time.”

“Yes, yes,” Xuan Xuan hurriedly returned to Immortal Boat, stimulated the Immortal Boat to motion, and invited the immortals to board Immortal Boat.

Immortal Boat triggered, Xiaguang re-emerged, Xiao Hua looked at Li Liang, and smiled: “奚 Fellow Immortal, you haven’t seen Xuan for a long time, so you have something to say, please let me know if you’re in the next place, and please start a Study Chamber is resting. “

“Huh, okay,” Tong Liang understood Xiao Hua’s meaning, smiling with nods.

Xuan Xuan hurriedly inspired the Immortal Boat Study Chamber and asked Xiao Hua to enter.

Looking at Xiao Hua’s back disappearing, Li Liang said, “Xuaner, it’s really good to make this Huang Tong Fellow Immortal. Although it looks cold and dislikes being close to you, he is very hot. He just took it My life to protect you, I will never let go of others. “

Xuan Xuan smiled, her face was serious, nods said: “Child understands.”

Then he turned his eyes slightly and asked, “Liang Zu, how is it within the clan?”

“Hehe,” Wu Liang waved in disdain, “You do n’t need to pay attention to the rules within the clan, how old it is, how old my family is, and my children are dying. What bloodline are they talking about? They send Xing Jing came over, but it was just to show that it was an account of the other Aristocratic Family. And now, the family is talking about it … “

At this point, Tong Liang smiled and said, “If you say this, you are still qualified, but now you bring the servant back, it is considered a self-defeating road. Others are not happy enough. How can there be more? Excuse me? “

Yuan Xuan eyes shined, anxiously: “Is the Liu Family’s recruiter talking within the clan?”

“Yes,” said Liang Liang nods. “This matter has a long history, but the Liu Family has never had a confirm time. Now I will bring it up again, presumably the Liu Family has already begun. My Ancient Aristocratic Family is eligible to participate, so follow Disciples of similar strength are all gearing up. “

“Liang Zu,” Bai Suer said a little in surprise, “Child doesn’t understand these, and hasn’t heard from Xuan Lang. But child is a little puzzled, but it is a woman’s marriage, how can it involve that many Aristocratic Family? Oh, is that woman extremely beautiful? “

“There is beauty naturally, but it will not be so extreme!” Xuan Xuan laughed. “I saw her in the early years, but I didn’t feel anything. As for why it affected so much …”

Xuan Xuan was hesitant, looked towards 奚 亮.

Huang Liang nods said: “Since it has reached the limit, we will soon step into the limit. It is also my clansman’s family, and this need not be concealed too much.”

“This is a long story,” said Xu Xuanfen. “If it is simply said, it is the Liu Family’s bloodline!”

“The bloodline of the Liu Family?” Bai Suer was more puzzled, and asked, “Are there any differences in the bloodline of your Ancient Aristocratic Family?”

“That’s the ancient emperor bloodline!” Without waiting for Xu to announce me, Tong Liang shook his head with a sigh, “Which Ancient Aristocratic Family doesn’t wink!”

“Ancient Emperor?” Bai Suer was stunned, and whispered, “So what is that!”

Xuan Xuanhan smiled and explained: “It was the former Dao Venerable of Immortal Realm!”

“My Heavens !!” Bai Suer cry out in surprise, “It was Dao Venerable’s bloodline, no wonder!”

Wu Liang wants to say something, but looking at Bai Suer, he smiled slightly, shook his head, and then proclaimed to Xu: “The secrets of the family can’t tell Suer now, but other common sense is still a little bit Tell, otherwise it will make a joke. “

“Yes, Liangzu!” Xuan Xuan overjoyed and laughed. “Previously, children didn’t have the elders’ permission to say anything.”

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