LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1955

How could the ordinary Transmission Immortal Technique be a supplement?

But looking at Huang Mengxiang ’s heaven’s proud daughter, Feng Ronger suddenly gave birth to a kind of sadness. Huang Mengxiang could make troubles in the Ancient Aristocratic Family Space, but she could n’t, and even if she followed the rules, she would be punished, even windy. Ronger also thought of his own life.

“Hehe, Elder Sister,” Liu Yanxuan didn’t know what Feng Ronger thought, and she smiled at Feng Ronger, “Who is this little Elder Brother?”

“Oh,” Feng Ronger came back to his senses, replied, “His name is Ye Jian, it’s my old friend.”

“Oh, Elder Sister,” Liu Yanxuan exaggerated, “You’re miserable, but you returned to Tiantian with your old friend, does Patriarch know? By the way, does the Huang Family know?”

“Huang Xiaoxiao?” Feng Ronger glared at Liu Yanxuan and said, “He is afraid of thinking of you Elder Sister? Why do you care about me?”

“Relax,” Liu Yanxuan not even think said, “I Elder Sister despise him.”

“You Elder Sister can’t see it, I can see it?” Feng Ronger was displeased, and said, “I don’t want anyone else, I don’t!”

“hehe, Elder Sister” Huang Mengxiang hurriedly laughed, “Everyone has their own fate, no one can compare. You see, don’t you also have your own fate?”

Ye Jian, under Huang Mengxiang’s gaze, had no reason to be a little flustered. Although this little Female Immortal is only Overflowing Immortal, she can speak and do things better than Feng Ronger’s True Immortal High Rank, and her vision is even more spiteful.

“Don’t talk blindly,” Feng Rong’er looked at Ye Jian and touched his nose awkwardly, hurriedly scolding Huang Mengxiang, “This is my old friend, but it’s an eye-opener.”

“Yes, Little Sister knows,” Huang Mengxiang Tiantian smiled, “Little Sister didn’t see anything.”

“By the way,” Liu Yanxuan didn’t seem to feel that he had offended Feng Ronger a bit, but remembered something, and asked, “Sister Ronger, who are you Feng Family going to join to recruit relatives?”

“Do you still need to say?” Feng Ronger even glanced at Liu Yanxuan. “You mother is hanging by your mouth every day. Who else is there besides snow?”

“I don’t like Elder Sister!” Liu Yanxuan pouted. “I don’t think she’s very happy these days.”

“Fengxue is not good!” Feng Rong’er was a little surprised. “He is the best Disciple in our generation of the Ancient Aristocratic Family. He should already have Heavenly Immortal High Rank! Not to mention our Ancient Aristocratic Family, the entire Immortal Realm, how many more geniuses can he compare with? “

“heng,” Liu Yanxuan coldly snorted one sound said, “What’s so great about him, isn’t it Heavenly Immortal High Rank? My Elder Sister is also Heavenly Immortal Middle Rank, and I will be High Rank soon!”

“What?” Feng Ronger was shocked, her eyes were about to fall, and anxious, “When did Yan Yan have been Heavenly Immortal? I … I remember she just set foot in Heavenly Immortal Initial Rank soon! “

“My Elder Sister is also a genius!” Liu Yanxuan said with a small breast. “Of course she is no better than that real genius, but … much stronger than Feng Xue!”

“Also, what genius is there!” Feng Ronger couldn’t believe the genius’ World, said with a bitter smile, “Feng Xue is where I wait and look up. He is about the same age as me and Xiaoxiao. We are still at the True Immortal High Rank, he’s all Heavenly Immortal High Rank, Heavenly Immortal High Rank !! “

“Cut, what is this?” Liu Yanxuan refused to accept, “I know a person. When I first met him, he had just ascended the Immortal world. Later, I was so angry that when I saw him again, True Immortal, and I saw it recently, I’m so furious, he’s all Nine Palaces Immortal! “

“I … my Heavens !!” Feng Ronger called out, and said, “Who is this, who is … is it an Immortal King or Heavenly Venerable reincarnation!”

“Don’t tell you!” Liu Yanxuan proudly said, “I promised to others that they would keep them secret and couldn’t say.”

Ye Jian has been staying in Xiao Hua Space, and there are few people coming out. He does n’t know Liu Yanxuan. At this time, when he hears Liu Yanxuan’s words, the more he listens, the more he feels similar to his Teacher.

Immortal Realm is big, but which Immortal Being can compare with Xiao Hua!

But Liu Yanxuan was on the side, and Ye Jian couldn’t come up with a pass.

“Hehe,” Feng Ronger smiled lightly, and said, “Xuan’er, is this Immortal Being Male Immortal?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong?” Liu Yanxuan nods said.

“Do you like this Male Immortal?” Feng Ronger asked softly.

“Who said it?” Liu Yanxuan shook his head without hesitation. “How could I like him?”

“So,” said Feng Ronger, one revolution, “Do you know Elder Sister?”

“Know!” Liu Yanxuan replied without a thought.

“Haha, that’s right!” Feng Rong’er said with a big smile, “You Elder Sister can’t even see the snow, naturally because of this Male Immortal! You Elder Sister likes this Male Immortal! “

Liu Yanxuan froze for a moment, a strange expression appeared in his eyes, and then shook his head flatly: “No, how did I like him, Elder Sister? He is not an Ancient Aristocratic Family Disciple, and it is impossible to participate in recruiting relatives !! “

“Yeah, it’s because he can’t take part in recruiting relatives,” Feng Ronger pushed down the boat, “You Elder Sister is upset and in a bad mood.”

“No, No way?” Liu Yanxuan had an ugly expression on his face that seemed to almost cry, “I would Elder Sister like him?”

Huang Mengxiang hurriedly flew over, patted Liu Yanxuan’s shoulder and said, “Big Sister, don’t listen to Sister Ronger. You just said that she and Little Uncle were ancestors, so she deliberately teases you! Yan Yan How many times did Elder Sister see the man? How could he like it?

“That’s how many times I’ve seen, impossible!” Liu Yanxuan smiled a bit, and looked at Feng Ronger and said, “Sister Ronger, are you teasing me? Otherwise, I … … I’ll ask Feng Xue! “

“Don’t, don’t!” Feng Rong’er was so anxious. In Feng Family, ten Feng Rong’er could not reach Feng Xuexue with one toe. She hurriedly laughed and said, “Don’t go , Mengxiang is right or wrong, I was talking about fun, but not for small, because I haven’t seen you for a long time, just kidding you! “

“Haha, let me just say it,” Liu Yanxuan laughed, and said, “How can Sister Ronger know so much!”

Liu Yanxuan then looked around and said, “Sister Ronger, stop talking, I should go.”

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