LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1957

“Lord Husband,” Bai Suer talked even more sweetly without the presence of Liang Liang. She looked at the all around the palace, and said, “concubine looks at the palace of the family at the same time.

“Huh, huh,” Xuan Xuan nods said, “The lady is right, this amount of heaven is originally a corner of Immortal Palace, Ancient Immortal Realm is broken, my grandmother First Ancestor is performing Great Mystical Ability to protect this broken corner Escaped, and after several years of exile, now Immortal Realm. “

“What?” Bai Suer became more puzzled, and asked, “Ancient Immortal Realm is not here? Concubine thought it was the legacy of Ancient Immortal Realm!”

“It’s a long story,” said Xuan Xuan for a moment, then turned to look at Xiao Hua, “If Senior is willing, I will take Senior to see the ruins of My First Family’s First Ancestor, by the way The origin of nature? “

“very good!” Xiao Hua laughed, “old man is just like Su Fairy, he is in a fog!”

Xuan Xuan smiled and took Bai Suer Rou Fei in front of his head, pointing at all around Jing Zhi Fang and said, “My first family, First Ancestor, was named as Zhong Zhong, who used to lead the Great Emperor Boat War in Ancient Immortal Realm. After crossing the border, the emperor sealed Xue Hou, and gave Worldy Paradise a measure of heaven. This quantity of heaven was connected with the emperor’s palace Destiny in the past. It is really a crowded Heaven and Earth … “

While talking about, Xuan Xuan flew in one direction with Bai Suer, and Xiao Hua quietly took out the rhinoceros, hidden inside the sleeve of the sound transmission and said, “Tuer, tuer?”

“Teacher, Teacher, I’m a disciple, I’m here!” Ye Jian’s voice came a little excitedly.

“You’ve already entered the patch?” Xiao Hua laughed.

“Yes, Teacher,” Ye Jian replied, “I followed Ronger, Liu Yanxuan, they went to make up for it, my Heavens !, Teacher, don’t you know, this ancient Aristocratic Family’s pie is big! This There are actually dozens of true Lesser Thousand Worlds hidden in Bu Tianyu, as well as some Star Territory. Disciple is following Feng Ronger to see those Lesser Thousand Worlds! Really similar to our Mysterious Origin Space, um, more than a hundred times bigger !!! “

“heng,” Xiao Hua said badly coldly snorted one sound, “Did I ask you this? The old man is also looking at the Tianyi, and his family is still the Emperor Xuehou of the Ancient Heavenly Palace! I asked You ’ve entered the patch, have n’t the family Feng Family embarrassed you? ”

“How do you say?” Ye Jian’s answer puzzled Xiao Hua, “Feng Family Protector Disciple saw Rong’er bring Disciple to make up for the cricket, and immediately captured Rong’er and Disciple, if not Liu Yanxuan , The apprentice said that it would be necessary to lay an addendum. “

“Oh? And Protector Disciple?” Xiao Hua stunned and smiled, “No amount of time, we went straight in!”

“Impossible!” Ye Jian not even think said, “Liu Yanxuan said that all Ancient Aristocratic Family’s portals are extremely strict, all have Protector Disciple, and she has broken through.”

“Oh,” Xiao Hua thought for a moment, and said, “Maybe the family doesn’t want to lose face, let Protector Disciple avoid it! Don’t talk about the amount of time, then say!”

“Teacher, don’t you know, this Liu Yanxuan is a mixed-life little Demon King!” Ye Jian exclaimed, “Seeing the three True Immortal Disciples and dozens of Disciple stimulate to motion figures around She immediately flew out, stood with Discusple’s head with her hands on her hips, raised her hand and pointed at the True Immortal High Rank Disciple, and only said, “I’ll see, who dares to do it in front of my Liu Yanxuan!”, The result , That True Immortal High Rank Disciple is stupid, and a dozen Disciple also looked at each other in blank dismay, and no one dares to move. “

“haha,” Xiao Hua also laughed. He couldn’t think of this little grown up, and all day thinking about the strength of Little Missy to compare with himself was so powerful.

“And, and,” Ye Jian continued. “Although the True Immortal Disciple didn’t dare to do it, he didn’t dare to let us tonic. I don’t want to make Ronger difficult. I know she thinks too simple. So I want to go back. I do n’t know if Liu Yanxuan will die or not, and he said that if he wants to love, he must be fierce, so what are you afraid of! It makes Disciple not go or stay. ”

“The Feng Family Ancestor Master on duty came here. This Ancestor Master is Heavenly Immortal. It looks very old-fashioned. He scolded the Protector Disciple and was about to take down Ronger and Disciple by himself. Liu Yanxuan was so angry. It’s all taken out of Immortal Artifact, and suddenly another Heavenly Immortal High Rank Disciple flew in, suddenly flying that Heavenly Immortal, accompany them with a smiling face, Liu Yanxuan, and Disciple and so on … “

“hehe, Teacher, watching the Heavenly Immortal High Rank accompanied by a careful look, Disciple all laughed, and then Disciple asked Ronger to know that Liu Yanxuan’s mother is Feng Family Disciple, and it’s a branch, The Heavenly Immortal High Rank Disciple is called Fengxue, and Liu Yanxuan’s mother is his son, in fact, this is not the most important thing, the most important thing is … “

Xiao Hua was a little impatient just now, frowns saying: “What relationship between Fengxue and Liu Yanxuan is not important. What matters is that you follow Feng Ronger, and you have entered the patch, what did the Feng Family say?”

“Yeah,” Ye Jian sighed, and said, “What can Feng Family say? Rong’er is just a test of Feng Family’s reaction. I don’t know if I can’t wait until the door of Feng Family is met. If not Liu Yanxuan , We ca n’t even make up for the concubine. At this time, let Ronger say what? She can only form a tacit understanding with Fengxue, never mention Disciple, only that she is a friend of Liu Yanxuan!

“Look at it, look at it” Xiao Hua laughed, “I only ask Feng Family what to say, your own tone has acquiesced in relation to Feng Ronger.”

“Teacher, it really isn’t the case,” Ye Jian shouted injustice, and said, “Disciple is just looking at Rong’er’s pretentious smiley face, accompanied by caution, and eyes of resentment, feeling uncomfortable that’s all. Ronger also has the right to pursue her own happiness! Although Disciple does not feel that she is a good match for Ronger, she must also have the freedom of her choice! “

“Well,” Xiao Hua sighed, and said, “Aristocratic Family Disciple is carrying more than we think. So is Mortal Realm Aristocratic Family, so is Immortal Realm Aristocratic Family, so is Ancient Aristocratic Family, and Immemorial Aristocratic So is Family! ”

“Oh, Teacher, don’t say it,” Ye Jian said suddenly, “Feng Family Disciple is here, it seems like Ronger!”

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