LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1958

“Oh, it’s the wind Uncle Master” 奚 Xuan Xuan saw the Disciple, hurriedly accompany the smiley face, and flew over, “It’s Disciple is back.”

“Oh, Xuan Xuan!” Disciple named Xun Feng saw Xuan Xuan, his face was slightly slow, but when he saw Bai Suer, his face changed suddenly, “Xuan Xuan, how can you … The evil barrier came to my uncle’s Forbidden Land ?? What should you do? “

“Uncle Master, Uncle Master!” Xuan Xuan was anxious, and hurriedly took out the ruler-shaped crystal token. “She’s Bai Suer, is a Disciple waiter. Today Disciple just took her back to the amount of time. Look, this Faith Token was given to me by Liang Zu, and his Senior asked me to bring Suer, oh, and this Senior, just take a look at it in the amount of time!

“old man Huang Tong,” Xiao Hua flew over, arching, “Yan Xuan’s old knowledge!”

“Huh, huh,” Feng Feng looked at Xiao Hua and reciprocated, and said, “Although it ’s the amount of Forbidden Land, I have a Faith Token, and Fellow Immortal is also a Human Race. Here it comes. But she … “

Bao Feng said looking towards Bai Suer, a little embarrassed.

“No!” Xuan Xuan suddenly woke up, anxiously, “Wind Uncle Master, how did the site here become a Forbidden Land? Why didn’t the child know?”

“It’s a matter of ten years ago!” Said in surprise, “Don’t you know?”

Xuan Xuan smiled bitterly and said, “Isn’t this child just coming back?”

“Why didn’t Liang Liang tell you the Faith Token that opened the Forbidden Land?” I was displeased on my face, frowns saying, “This Forbidden Land actually came in casually?”

Xuan Xuanyu became bitter, and accompany the laughter: “Liang Zu only asked Disciple to take Faith Token to go around, did not … didn’t say to let Forbidden Land!”

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