LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1959


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“That’s it!” Wu Fengfeng thought for a moment, and laughed, “Supposedly, I don’t know that it is not sinful. If it was previously, it is not a ruin here, so I put it away. But at this time, this is Forbidden Land, you I opened the Forbidden Land and touched the Immortal Restriction. Even if I do n’t say it today, I will find it when someone visits it tomorrow. At that time, I have a hard time arguing. So, Xuan Xuan, you have to accompany me to the temple , Make it clear what happened. “

“Okay,” Wu Xuan was helpless. He looked at Bai Suer and Xiao Hua and said, “Then the two of them, can we go back to rest first?”

“Let’s go together!” Wu Feng looked at Bai Suer and said, “After all, her identity is different, it’s not good not to go!”

“Xuan Lang,” Bai Suer whispered, “It’s okay, let’s go together!”

“Hmm,” declare nods, and say to Xiao Hua, “Thank you for your trouble Senior, please take a trip!”

“Anyway, anyway!” Xiao Hua smiled and waved, “If you don’t do bad things, you won’t be afraid of a ghost calling, an old man will be everywhere.”

Wu Feng smiled, and then rushed to several spirits Disciple: “You wait for all around to see.”

Hua Ling Disciple checked it very carefully. The time it takes to burn one stick of incense returned before obituary noticed nothing abnormal.

“Child just came in!” Xuan Xuan grieved, “Wind Uncle Master looks at Immortal Restriction and understood.”

“You child,” Howard scolded, “I am the responsibility! Go …”

Xiao Feng took Xiao Hua and others to fly out of the portal of the site. Xiao Hua not at all took the shadow back. He would like to see what Bai Bing wants to do!

Xiao Hua also wanted to understand that Bai Suer came to measure the tentacles. I was afraid that it was for this purpose. It is no wonder that she saw Pu Xuan taking her around, and she deliberately raised the quaint Tian jian’s buildings in her words, and took the words of Xuan Xuan to the ruins. Cited.

Sure enough, the Immortal Restriction reseal at the ruins was about half an hour later, and several phantoms flew out of the hidden place. They gathered together and recited Immortal Art in their mouths. A charming female Immortal condense came out. This female Immortal Qi was dignified and similar to Bai Suer.

Female Immortal flew under the speeding car, raised his hand and took out seven crystal talisman. Crystal talisman landed in the seven speeding car. Crystal talisman gave out a faint Buddha Radiance, and gradually covered the speeding car!

Female Immortal is stimulate to motion crystal talisman, while looking towards all around. Seeing Buddha Radiance all over the speeding car, he opened his mouth and flew out of a Gourd, raised his hand and yelled, “Disease!” (Jí!)

“Well,” Buddha Radiance brought the speeder into Gourd, and while the speedcar disappeared, Forbidden Land all around Purple Gold Light yan a big magnificence burst, apparently what Immortal Restriction was touched.

However, before the flame rushes out of 100 zhang, within the “sou” Gourd, a flying car will fly out again. This flying out is exactly the same as before, but Xiao Hua’s shadow figure clearly knows that this flying car has no bone. Dragon’s disease, Aura, it’s a fake.

The speeding car dropped, and the purple gold light flame that “shua” was about to warn withdrew again.

The Female Immortal didn’t dare to neglect, stimulate to motion and flew towards the star screen. Before reaching the star screen, Female Immortal’s body flickered and changed into seven phantoms. These seven phantoms were like Seven Stars. After falling on the star screen, each took out the crystal talisman, and then threw the weird Immortal Art stimulate to motion until Star Radiance flashed on the crystal talisman and hit the star screen directly, but the star screen began to melt for a moment.

“Come here!” Xiao Hua’s figure flew to the side of the star screen, watching Plane Aura start to leak, and sighed, “Xuan Xuan was fooled!”

Xiao Hua In the shadows, the star screen has cracks. The seven phantoms look at each other and are about to fly in!

“weng-weng,” the purple gold Fire Blaze, which had just died, suddenly skyrocketed at this time, and even made a sound of trembling. It was a sealed Immortal Restriction. At this time, it was like a storm!

“shua,” Mo said that the seven phantoms are the shadows of Xiao Hua. They also know that the Immortal Restriction of Forbidden Land was touched. Xiao Hua also heard a voice cursing, “what’s going on, here is not without … “

“Give me something, hurry up!” another voice urged, “what does that say?”

“Sister-in-law, she … she wants to recruit a relative ???”

“Fellow Immortal,”

“Fellow Immortal?”

Xiao Feng’s voice awakened Xiao Hua from the loss, “What happened to you?”

“Senior,” Xiao Hua came back to his senses, seeing Xuan Xuanqiang smile to himself, and said to himself, “Don’t worry, it’s just to explain to the Elders, it doesn’t matter.”

“Oh, it’s okay,” Xiao Hua laughed. “I was shocked by the momentum of measuring the weight, and now I’m introducing Rogue Cultivator. I haven’t seen such a big scene yet.”

“Hehe, what can’t be considered!” Wu Feng laughed. “Xuan De Xuaner explained things clearly, let him take Felim Immortal around. Please …”

Speaking of howling wind, fly into the great hall first.

Xiao Xuanchong Xiao Hua smiled and followed, Bai Suer was a little nervous, but also followed.

“Xuan Xuan,” Xun Feng said to Xuan Xuan, “you guys wait again, I’ll report to Elder on duty and see how his Senior handles it.”

“Uncle working hard.” Xuan Xuan hurriedly sent him.

“It’s all right!” Feng Feng waved his hand and flew into the inner hall.

“Senior, please wait a moment.” As Xun Feng went, Xuan Xuan smiled at Xiao Hua.

“Huh, huh,” Xiao Hua casually clicked on nods, looked around, and sat in a corner.

Xiao Hua is now confused. He can’t figure out what he thinks. It is said that Liu Yanyu’s recruiter has any relation with himself?

Anyway, hearing this news, Xiao Hua’s heart is like a knife cut!

The inexplicable pain came from his Divine Soul.

“It should have been a long time since the marriage of the relatives!” Xiao Hua closed the pair of eyes, thinking to herself, “Elder sister-in-law already knew, she … why didn’t she tell me?”

“Nonsense, what did they tell you!” Xiao Hua then scolded herself, “This is their own business …”

During Xiao Hua’s upset, there was still movement in the rhino.

Xiao Hua Look at Bai Suer and Xuan Xuan, both of them also whisper and look nervous, not at all pay attention to themselves, and Overflowing Sense slightly explores, there is no detective fluctuation in the great hall, Xiao Hua stimulates to motion Whispered, “What’s wrong?”

“Ah? What’s wrong, Teacher,” Ye Jian’s voice was a little surprised.

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