LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1963

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As for the brightly-shaped ruler crystal talisman, it seems that throwing it at random is actually the key. Since Liang Tianyu’s site has become Forbidden Land, it is impossible for him to enter casually as Xu Xuan in Liang Tianyu.

Liu Liang will leave, and Fengfeng will be on the court. Presumably Fengfeng will have a way to let Xu Xuan go to the ruins. Of course, Xun Liang may also have considered Xuan Xuan’s personality. He let Xuan Xuan walk freely. Xuan Xuan really might show off his family’s heritage in front of his servant and take Bai Suer to the ruins.

But they all did n’t expect. Bai Suer’s purpose of measuring the amount of time was to become the site of Forbidden Land. Foundation did not need them to lay out. Xuan Xuan had brought Bai Suer and Xiao Hua to Forbidden Land.

As for Qing Dynasty Dragon Palace, Xuan Xuan has already reached the temple, even if Xuan Xuan himself does not enter, Xuan Feng shouts one sound in it, can Xuan Xuan not go?

So, as soon as Xuan Xuan enters the Qing Dragon Palace, Xun Liang who is hiding near him will definitely show up, and he will be surprised to find that Xuan Xuan violates the clan rules, and he will make Xuan Xuan as an elder. Method.

Even Xuan Xuan, who violated the clan rules, is a bit messy, but he has no ghost in his heart, and he must want to prove his innocence.

Unfortunately, Bai Su’er has a ghost in her heart. She is anxious to leave Liang Tianyi, and Liang Liang has a ghost in her heart. He desperately wants to send him out.

Because of being a scapegoat, it is definitely more valuable to die outside the measuring scale than to live inside the measuring scale.

Only Xuan Xuan was caught in the drum.

Of course, Bai Suer didn’t expect to encounter the Qing Dynasty Palace Incident, 奚 亮, and the family did not know what Bai Suer had done in the Forbidden Land.

When the amount of time was reached, Xiao Hua had already considered it thoroughly, so Xiao Hua did not want to enter the crisis-ridden Transmission Channel. He knew in his heart that it was a Death Road.

But when he shied away and was thinking about how to escape, he felt the figure from the Transmission Channel, and there were other situations, he immediately changed his mind and followed the announcement to the Transmission Channel!

As for opening Liang Liang’s plot and proclaiming innocence, Xiao Hua didn’t think about it, Xiao Liang and Feng Feng, and even the purpose of Jing Jing. Xiao Hua did n’t know, but he knew, It is definitely a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering thing to dare to use the Forbidden Land and Dragon Palace of the Qing family to do the bait. Maybe there is already a pair of eyes in the hall that are indistinguishable from themselves. Do you dare to speak?

even more how, the floating figure … is not a good bird!

Speaking of Xiao Hua’s shadow figure, he saw that seven phantoms including Bai Bing took out crystal talisman, and hit the star screen familiarly, he was not surprised, secretly thought: “How is that possible? Bai Suer is the first time to get the right amount of time, is it possible that Bai Bing has been here before? “

Thinking, Xiao Hua shadow figure looked towards Seven Stars. The dignified Female Immortal in the middle, if nothing unexpected, She should have some origin.

Seeing that the star screen melted, seven humanoid phantoms were about to fly out, “weng-weng,” the purple gold Fire Blaze that had just died, and then suddenly skyrocketed, and even a trembling sound was emitted. Immortal cry out in surprise: “what’s going on, here is not without …”

After hearing this, Xiao Hua figure understands better, this Female Immortal must be a Disciple!

The seven Female Immortal phantoms came out of the star screen phantom, and the foundation had no time to perform Mystic Technique to explore the others, and the shadow of Xiao Hua followed them without hesitation.

Crossing the star screen, Xiao Hua’s figure waits to stand still, and the huge wind and noise of “wu wu” immediately assaults the senses!

Xiao Hua shuddered, and an unpleasant feeling was born from the bottom of the heart. When he looked down, he felt that it was soul flew beyond the heaven.

The shadow figure actually starts to dim!

“Not good,” far away, the dignified Female Immortal’s voice sounded, terrified, “This … this is Starscream!”

“Damn! “Another voice said angrily,” How can there be Starscream? You are not solemnly vowed and said, is there no mistake? ”