LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1964

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“What’s that nonsense to him?” Miaofeng coldly said, “I just talked just to entice him to enter the ambush, and now I’m surrounded and killed!”


Mu Mujing said with a mouth, half of the scrolls flew out, there was a faint Buddha Radiance on the scrolls, and there were more red dust, and as Mu Mujing raised her finger, “shua” scroll Expanding, countless red dust floating shadows flew out like a clan arranging formation, and rushed directly towards the shadow figure of Xiao Hua.

I saw that this quiet and quiet should actually have the strength of the Initial Rank of Jiu Gong. Xiao Hua Ying was wearing a real shock. He hurried to Mind and wanted to take out the Immortal Artifact from Space, but Mind passed by. As if submerged in the gravel, the power of Starscream blocked Mind from entering Space!

“Oh, no good!” Xiao Hua shadow flew beyond the heaven, and inwardly shouted one sound in his heart, hurriedly stimulate to motion Technique of Light Escape.

Xiao Hua’s shadow figure is actually easier than the main body Light Escape, but at this time, countless light particles appear in front of his eyes, each light particle is extremely small, and it moves very fast, Xiao Hua’s shadow foundation cannot be integrated into it.

Have no other choice, Xiao Hua stimulate to motion. The usual Wind Escape is to avoid, and the direction of escape is exactly where Baibing is.

However, before Xiao Hua rushed to the location of Bai Bing, it unexpectedly appeared again.

“Hehe, want to go?”

Seeing Xiao Hua actually Shadow Chase drifted away with the power of Starscream, and Miao Feng on the other side sneered. With the laughter, Miao Feng and Bai Bing’s humanoid phantom flickered at the same time, as if dazzled, Miao Feng and Bai Bing’s body swapped, and Miao Feng blocked in front of Xiao Hua.

Then Miao Feng opened her mouth, a bowl-like thing flew out, the one sound of “bang” cleared out, all around gave birth to the indifferent Buddha Radiance, and she covered Xiao Hua in the shadow. !!

“Close!” Miao Feng reprimanded one sound, and his hands were printed. “Shua” A peach red glow spit out of the bowl, and fell directly on the shadow of Xiao Hua.

A huge force of Xiao Hua’s shadow can’t resist it, like a big hand covering him, foundation can’t tolerate Xiao Hua’s shadow and struggle, he will have to attract him.

Xiao Hua is really stunned!

This wonderful Phoenix figure also has Jiu Gong’s Initial Rank strength!

Xiao Hua ’s figure has 30% of Xiao Hua ’s strength. That ’s in the case of Immortal Artifact and Space support. Today ’s defenseless figure, Xiao Hua really has n’t cultivated any Mystical Ability. Mo It is said that in this shroud of shrouds, even in Immortal Realm, Xiao Hua Shadow is not an opponent of the two Nine-House Initial Ranks!

At this moment, the mutation regenerates.

On top of all Human Heads, a huge dragon-like Space Fissure sweeps over. This Space Fissure flashes the light of green trees, passing the Starry Sky, and issuing “hong-long-long” The sound of thunder, even the power of Starscream, was dissipated by this Space Fissure!

The celestial beings are astonished, it is just that they look up, only Miao Feng squints his eyes, stimulate to motion Buddha Artifact, to prevent Xiao Hua from escaping!

In the Space Fissure, there is a billowing Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi, and in the turbulent glow, there is a thousand zhang or so humanoid wolverine tumbling!

“Eh? Teacher?”

Ye Jian’s voice came from the Space Fissure, the one sound of the rolling humanoid “weng” flew out, all Regardless of Starry Sky’s distorted Space fault, and the violent Starscream, rush directly to Miaofeng!

“heng,” Miao Feng heard it naturally. She had a coldly snorted one sound. She had a disdain on her fuzzy face. She could see clearly. Ye Jian seemed not far away from herself, but this piece of Starry Sky It is not unusual for Starry Sky. There are many star screen faults. She is completely confident that she will be able to incorporate Xiao Hua into Buddha Artifact before Ye Jian flies down.

Unfortunately, Miaofeng still belated Ye Jian, “shua” With Ye Jian’s Gold Light Flickering lights around, dozens of human figures rushed directly into the star screen fault.

The dozen human figures are like Swimming Fish, shuttle through different star screen faults, but they have fallen to the star screen faults where Miao Feng and others are located in a blink of an eye, and when the Ye Jian human figure is condense from several human phantoms!

“shua” The mysterious wave, the strange cold light is born from the mystery, this cold light is like iron directly splitting the power of the star howl and the peach Hongxia light falling on the bowl!

“oh?” Miao Feng was a bit surprised. She was surprised by Ye Jian ’s Space Mystical Ability, but she was not panicked. After all, she could see clearly. Ye Jian but Heavenly Immortal strength, in her eyes. Just children!

As for Mu Mujing, she was holding the red dust picture still. She could understand that Ye Jian called Xiao Hua as a Teacher. She was afraid of Xiao Hua and how could she be afraid of Ye Jian?

But when Ye Sword Immortal’s body was condense, when she saw Ye Jian’s appearance, Mo Mujing raised her eyebrows, and angrily rushed straight into her heart. She couldn’t help cursing: “Damn! “

But, to everyone’s surprise, when the wonderful light broke into the peach Hongxia light, the texture on the” weng “short sword trembled, giving birth to a light Azure halo, this halo It looks dim, but it can fall on the peach red glow, just like the Xiantian nemesis, the one sound of “shua” splits the glow in half!

“Go!” Xiao Hua Shadow got out of the bowl control, hurriedly grabbed Ye Jian, his figure flew over!

“How is that possible?” Miao Phoenix Eye stunned, she could not think of it, a little Heavenly Immortal could break her Buddha Treasure!

Heavenly Immortal’s strength is not enough to break away Buddha Treasure. The only thing that can do good is the Immortal Artifact in his hand!

Miao Feng just wants to stimulate to motion.

“Roaring” 奚 MU Jing snarled like a tigress, half a foot of his picture took out, “weng-weng” Countless humanoid phantoms formed a team again, but the target of this attack was changed Ye Jian!

Ye Jian sneak attack can naturally make achievements. If he really has to face it, where is his opponent?

Just scrolling Aura, the Gold Light on his whole body is dim!

“heng” Xiao Hua shadow is coldly snorted one sound, with a dazzling figure, falling straight into the body of Ye Sword Immortal.

“Om!” Ye Jian ’s body is full of Gold Light a big magnificence burst, and the magic in his hand is to give birth to Dragon roar. “Roar” Ye Jian answers the magic, and a Dragon Image is born, baring Fangs and brandishing claws Break into the War Array of humanoid phantom!

War Array is fierce, Dragon Image is even more sturdy, let alone Dragon Image has fallen, dragon mark has actually changed into countless tiny Dragon Clan, and it is extremely accurate to devour all humanoid phantoms!

“pu-pu-pu ……” Half of the scrolls are floating in the shadows, and rolled down!

“Courting death!” Lu Mujing’s response shook slightly, as if she couldn’t control the backlash of Immortal Artifact, and yelled, but just when she was about to re-sacrifice the picture, she suddenly realized, scolded sharply, “Ye Jian, what about Rong’er?”

“Ah?” Ye Jian looked at him inconceivably, “You … who are you?”

At this moment Xiao Hua’s figure is attached to Ye Jian within the body. He thinks a little, quietly quits, falls behind Ye Jian, and sees that Ye Jian’s Gold Light is dim again, but Miao Feng looks thoughtful.

“Who am I? You don’t need to know.” Wu Mujing asked, “I asked you, you went to Tiantian with Rong’er, why are you alone here?” > p>

Speaking of which, Mu Mujing complexion greatly changed, anxious, “Ronger will not fall into the star screen?”

You hear Mu Mujing’s anxious tone, Xiao Hua sound transmission to Ye Sword Dao: “Her name is Mu Mujing, she is so related to Ronger, and Ronger is surnamed, she may be a relative of Ronger!”

Ye Jian listened, watching Mu Mujing lightly saying: “Yes, this Ye and Rong’er failed to make up for the heavens, and were blocked by the tour value Discipline before the torii. This Ye had just returned to Immortal Realm with Rong’er, and the Transmission Channel was suddenly broken by external forces. This Ye was unable to protect Rong’er, she … … She has been lost to the star screen! “

” Damn, damn it! “Mu Mujing angrily shouted,” Which star screen has Ronger fallen to? She … she is attached to you, and Taking the risk to take you to Feng Family to meet someone, how could you throw her away so cruelly? ”

“Who are you?” Ye Jian coldly, “I’m doing your fart with Ronger’s business?”

“I,” Lu Mujing was a bit messy, she was hesitant. Take a look, look at Miao Feng, replied, “I’m Rong’s relatives!”

“Rong’s relatives are making up for it!” Ye Jian dismissed, “You make a clone here, Who believes? “

” You, you “Yun Mujing really cares about Feng Ronger, she gritted her teeth,” You tell me quickly, which star screen Ronger is in, I … I immediately let you go Follow you Teacher! “

” Mu Mujing, what are you going to do? “Miao Feng was shocked and cried,” He should follow Teacher’s behind us, and we all do what he does In my eyes, just to entice him to enter the ambush, you and I have leaked the first name and last name, how dare you let them leave at this time? “

” Also, the two of them have changed their surnames to join my floating chart. It ’s bad! If you let them go, the secrets of my floating pictures will be exposed! “

” Two … two adults … “Bai Bing’s voice trembled,” I wait for Cultivation Base is shallow, I ’m afraid it wo n’t last long! ”

“ Why … ”Aunt Mu Jing Gang said two words, Miao Feng said irritably,“ Stuck on for a while. ”

“ Miao Feng! “Said Mu Mujing angrily,” Is my daughter important, or is the floating image important? “

Miao Feng laughed:” Of course, the floating image is important in my eyes! “

” It is just right On the contrary, “Mu Mujing also laughed and said,” In my eyes Ronger is more important than floating pictures! “

After finishing, Mu Mujing shook, all around the two humanoid phantoms fell into her like moths. Within the body.

“Oh,” Miao Feng sighed one sound, and said, “Mu Mujing, this is your initiative to tear up the agreement between you and me. You have to know the benefits!”

“You don’t need to remind!” Mu Mujing answered coldly, and said to Ye Jian, “Can you tell me Rong’s whereabouts now?”

“Okay!” Ye Jian shrugged and said, “Rong’er She did n’t make up for me, and she did n’t fall into the star screen Fissure. She left me one step first, and I heard that she was ordered to go to Chilao Lonely! “

” Ah? “Ye Jian thought he would make Xu Mujing was assured. How could she know that his words had not landed yet? Xu Mujing exclaimed, “You …”

Mu Feng, who was some distance away from Ye Jian, suddenly shook her body when Xu Mujing exclaimed, Swap again with phantom, the closest candidate to Ye Jian, and this time, “weng” Miao Feng took the bowl directly and knocked it out. The bowl is located at Ye Jian’s eyebrow Dao Seal!