LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1965

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If Miao Feng deals with Ye Jian, foundation does n’t need to take out of the bowl, she can kill Ye Jian with her hand. The reason why she took out of the bowl, she naturally saved the plan of the secret repair of the Mingxiu plank road. She The goal is to have Xiao Hua who can’t see the figure …

Miao Feng intends so, how can Ye Jian not see it?

He did not even think of Immortal Power, “weng”, eyebrow Heart Sword, Dao Seal flickering like a star, although the nearly dazzling Sword Light was immediately dimmed by Starscream, even Ye Jian Immortal Qi rests like a mantis trying to stop a chariot under the power of the twisted Starscream, but Ye Jian still tries his best to raise the magic to meet the past.

Because he knows that the shadow figure is a shadow figure after all, and ca n’t shake Buddha Artifact as hard as the Fleshly Body; but he knows better that although the shadow figure is a shadow figure, he does n’t want his shadow figure. Take half a silk injury in front of yourself!

Xiao Hua How can the shadow figure make his own flesh and blood resist him?

“Damn!” Xiao Hua Shadow was angry, making a roar that only Ye Jian could hear, but just as Xiao Hua Shadow was about to charge, he suddenly turned One Revolution on his head, looking towards the previous Where Ye Jian flew down, a secret smile appeared on his face.

Although the mysteries are wonderful, all mysteries cannot be cast before Ye Jian Heavenly Immortal’s strength, and the bowl is proudly struck. It does not rely on the Mystic Technique Buddha Mark. The one sound of “bang” has been loud. Hit Ye Jian like a falling leaf!

Even the bowl of the pot remains unabated, and hits Jian with a light turn in midair.

There, a human figure that has been blurred by Starscream has been revealed, and the weird flames are as bright as Nirvana in the human phantom!

At the same time, an indescribable Aura was born from this person, and as Aura skyrocketed, 100,003,200 other immortal beings could not see the light spots blowing like bubbles.

Ye Jian tried to stimulate to motion Immortal Power. He wanted to stabilize his body. When he saw nothing, he bit his teeth and opened his mouth to spit out Essence and Blood. At this time, Ye Jian was familiar with The voice sounded!

“heng! A small initial ranking clone of Jiugong, also want to kill the old man?”

With this sound, the “weng-weng” tremble is in the sound , The heavy star tsunami looks like the ebb tide water, and rolls crazy!

In Ye Jian’s stun, Xiao Hua spirit descent went to the place where the figure was. He looked at the bowl that had fallen before Gate on Crown, and suddenly raised his fist, and “bang!” Xiao Hua’s fist flies upside down, compared to Ye Jian’s miracles!

“You, you …” Wu Mujing was also stunned. She heard Xiao Zhong talk about Xiao Hua, but she definitely didn’t expect Xiao Hua to be so fierce!

Without waiting for Mu Mujing’s fright, Xiao Hua’s fist stopped in the air, and Jin Chancan’s fist shadow, a forefinger stretched out casually, this finger casually point towards the bowl of Immortal Power backlash shocked like water The phoenix Miaofeng phantom, coldly said: “Slayer, people always kill it!”

Xiao Hua ’s finger is like a Black Hole, click and drop, near Space Starscream, Strength of Space condensed into countless vortex, Miao Feng’s response struggling, roaring weakly, although Buddha Radiance ignited a few times, it was still dragged into vortex, disappeared in the dreadful eyes such as Lu Mujing.

Xiao Hua’s gaze was like electricity, and she glanced at Mu Mujing, and Mu Mujing shuddered and retreated sharply.

奚慕静 imperceptible to the strength of Xiao Hua, that is to say, Xiao Hua has at least the 9th Middle Rank, the 9th Middle Rank’s Immortal Being, and the 9th Middle Rank’s application should be completely different concepts, let alone the 2nd. The response should only be the Nine Palace Initial Rank!

“Teacher,” Ye Jian to be wild with joy flew up, but in his excitement, Xiao Hua suddenly raised his right hand index finger, put it on his mouth, and whispered softly, “Shh! “

With this voice, the strange fluctuations are lifted again, Xiao Hua’s body disappears, and the lifted shadow returns again.

“Buddha … Buddha?”

Mu Mujing could not help but exclaim when she saw this.

Ye Jian, in a fog, flew to the shadow of Xiao Hua, respectfully said, “Teacher,”

“Wait a minute,” Xiao Hua smiled and stared at Star Dome, replied.

“Okay!” Ye Jian listened, promised one sound, and stood there honestly.

Xiao Hua kills Miaofeng Ying with one finger, and really shocks the audience. No one dares to move. Mu Mujing looks uncertainly as Xiao Hua shadow body changes into the outline again, turning his head and looking towards the distance, But as she turned her head, she suddenly noticed that Miao Feng’s bowl … I don’t know when it will disappear.

After a while, “hong-long-long” a bit of Gold Light is broken, all around flashing Lei Ting is like Horned Dragon, Xiao Hua is like a spirit descent.

The twisted Star Screen Space, the tearing Starscream’s power, is all broken and rested when Xiao Hua flies by.

“Sure enough, it is the Middle Rank of Jiugong!” Wu Mujing watched Xiao Hua stand in midair, all around the twisted Space condensed into the shape of each and everyone mysterious Magic Array, she couldn’t help squinting her eyes dark shock.

“You’ve seen Teacher!” Ye Jian felt the shadow disappeared, knowing that Xiao Hua had closed the shadow, and hurried to pay respect.

“You’re wronged,” Xiao Hua laughed, “and let you protect as a teacher!”

“Hehe, all as a child!” Ye Jian stood up and replied .

“Are you Ronger’s mother?” Xiao Hua asked, turning his head and looking towards towards Mu Jing.

“Should Fellow Immortal not be Huang Tong?” 奚慕静 not at all answered directly, but looked towards Xiao Hua indifferently asked.

“What do you say?” Xiao Hua asked with a smile.

“You’re not Ye Jian anymore!” 奚慕静 looked towards Ye Jian.

“I,” Ye Jian just wanted to speak, but Mu Mujing looked towards Xiao Hua again, “You’re right, I’m Ronger mother, my name is Mu Mujing.”

Speaking of Mu Mujing, the clone shook, and the other three Female Immortal clones fell into her within the body uncontrollably.

Xiao Hua pinched his chin and said, “So, shouldn’t they come out again?”

“This is my business. I have nothing to do with Fellow Immortal!” Lips said, “I have lost the initiative now and have to be prepared.”

“Alas,” Xiao Hua sighed one sound, and said, “all killer should be prepared to be killed, forgiveness People often forgive me! Fellow Immortal just allows me to take one step. How can an old man not allow Fellow Immortal to take a step? “

” Okay! ” Little friend, you … just said Rong’er went to Chi Lao lonely, but is it true? “

” Junior can’t promise, “Ye Jian felt nervous and replied immediately,” But this is Feng An elderly family told me casually, and supposedly he would not lie to me! “

” Many thanks little friend, “Mu Mujing stared at Ye Jian, and wanted to say something, but after all, Swallowed.

“Is there any danger for Ronger?” Ye Sword Heart burst into a sudden and asked in a hurry.

“This matter has nothing to do with the little friend!” Mu Mujing said coldly, “I will write a story to tell Ronger that you have fallen under the star screen, I hope you will not use this mouth and face to approach Rong Children, because of deceptive faces … the most disgusting! “

” I, “Ye Jian could not help but want to explain, but Mu Mujing looked towards Xiao Hua again and again,” Fellow Immortal too, No matter what your purpose is, you capture Miao Feng from left to right, the purpose has been achieved, and I don’t want to see you again. “

After saying that, Mo Mujing stimulated to motion, and still changed into twisted and broken The light thread fell into the star curtain fault and went to meet the star howl. She could not tell the direction, but she knew that Ye Jian came from Tian Tian and Xiao Hua came to Tian Tian by herself, which was enough for her to find Chi Lao loneliness.

“Teacher,” Ye Jian watched Mu Mujing leave, looked towards Xiao Hua, “this …”

“She was right.” Xiao Hua glanced at Ye Jian, lightly saying, “It is most appropriate for you to withdraw at this time. Your feelings for Rong’er are more sympathy than love. Now that Rong’er is not in deep, it is better to cut off this layer of Karma quickly.”

Ye Jian thought for a while, and nods said: “Teacher got absolutely right, Ronger is the Aristocratic Family Disciple, and her mother is a floating figure. No matter how Disciple and her can’t go together anyway.”

Xiao Hua also wanted to talk about the fantasy Old Ancestor’s prophecy that “the wind can be better than the sword”, and later I thought about it, and I couldn’t say anything about it, I just swallowed it.

“Teacher,” Ye Jian, look at all around the weird Star Screen Space, said in surprise, “Where is this? Disciple was conspired by the Feng Family who was cramming, and the Transmission Channel suddenly exploded, and that’s it. , Do you always come to rescue Disciple? “

” This should be a star screen, “Shadow Xiao Hua already knows the situation from the mouths of Mu Mujing and Miao Feng, but he still dare not believe it. After all, the conversation between the two Female Immortal was to let him enter the ambush, so he said, “As for the specific place, I can only go out. Of course, I know this is the gap between the Space where the Aristocratic Family is located and Immortal Realm, let’s go, we Talking while walking … “

Xiao Hua finished his last thing at the house, and laughed:” The old man knows that this Transmission Channel is tricky, but he has sensed the danger of clone, and they The ambush of the old man must not come. However, just when the old man fell into the Transmission Channel and was fully alert, ready to escape at any time, the Transmission Channel exploded … “

” Ouch “Teacher,” Ye Jian cry out in surprise. “If so, count Time. It ’s your old Transmission Channel that explodes first. It ’s your old Transmission Channel that explodes, which triggers the Transmission Channel of the Discipline. Collapse! Because Disciple clearly feels that the power that destroys the Transmission Channel is coming from outside, if the Feng Family kills with Fading Heart, the power of the explosion should be behind Disciple! And, the Feng Family old man said a lot of usefulness Message, if the Feng Family is attentive, it wo n’t be so … ”

Xiao Hua touched his nose, thought for a moment, and said,“ What you said makes sense, although the Transmission Channel of the old man first collapsed, But the old man wanted to save Xuan Xuan and Bai Suer. Especially Bai Suer, because she had a ghost in her heart, she had already prepared. The Transmission Channel had just mutation, and she immediately took out an odd Immortal Artifact and ran with Xuan Xuan. The old man was in a dilemma. You said that regardless of them, their strength could not escape the star screen. You said that if they managed them, they would still struggle hard, thinking that the old man would harm them. So, wait for the old man to pack up the two little things, and you will be here! “

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