LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1973

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Liu Ye looked at the two, said with a smile: “My question is over, Sun Yue, you should return to Qi Tianyu soon.”

“Junior’s departure,” Sun Yue rushed to Liu Yan, Feng Cang, and Clumsy Daoist, who had been silent for a while, bowed and saluted, and then ordered nods, stimulated to motion.

“Brother Liu,” Feng Cang watched Sun Yue’s figure disappear, and arched at Liu Yan, “Little Brother took Ronger to go first. What’s going on? Little Brother went to Facing Heaven Palace to meet . “

” It’s hard to say, this is Brother Brother. “Liu Ye smiled in return.

Looking at Feng Cang’s departure, Clumsy Daoist couldn’t help asking: “Patriarch, why not ask why Feng Ronger came to Chi Lat Lo?”

Liu Ye glanced at Clumsy Daoist asked, “If Feng Cang asked you why you can resist the poison of Buddha State that even your second child can’t resist, would you say that?”

“Of course I won’t say!” Clumsy Daoist without the slightest hesitation answer.

“If Sun Yue said that our Liu Family has a Mystic Technique that can be resisted, what do you think?”

“This dog walks with mice and is nosy!”

“Yeah,” Liu Yan smiled and patted Clumsy Daoist on the shoulder. “No matter why Feng Ronger came to Chi Lao loneliness today, no matter why Lu Mujing came to Chi Lao loneliness that year, he had nothing to do with my Liu Family. I Why do dogs need to worry about messing around with mice? “

” Yes, disciple understands! “Clumsy Daoist bowed his head.” No matter what the truth is, it’s all about the Feng Family and his family, and even the Sun Family now. My Liu Family should never mess with it. “

” Yes! “Said Liu Nods.” Especially today, there is no Disciple in the family. I can ask more if I ask more. I’m jealous, and they all have a little less trust in Xun Xun. Moreover, Xun Xun is timid, windy and ambitious, and who to associate with, and how to associate must be tactical. “

” disciple understands, “Clumsy Daoist seems to have a kind of I feel awe-inspiring.

Liu Ye looked at Clumsy Daoist with a touch of love in his eyes, and said, “You don’t have to think too much. The second child Cultivation Base looks a lot stronger than you, but he thinks a lot, not necessarily Just thinking, you can resist the poison of Buddha State, he could also resist … “

” No, “Clumsy Daoist said hastily,” Second Brother is not unable to resist, it is Disciple’s recent cultivation I also learned that the complete Primordial Nature Divine Spirit Chapter can be resisted by Fusing Immortal Pill. “

” 咦? ” It came out.

“I’ve seen Patriarch,” Liu Yanyu flew out, all around to see, and hurriedly bowed his salute, saying, “Many thanks Patriarch.”

“Are you all right?” Gold light appeared in Liu Ye’s eyes, and Liu Yanyu looked up and down again.

“Yes, Patriarch,” Liu Yanyu nods said, “child thinks he’s no longer there.”

“Not good,” Liu Yan shook his head, “You should know, you are now Different identities, must be careful and must not be mistaken in absolutely. “

” Child just checked it thoroughly a few times, “Liu Yanyu laughed.” Nothing was found, Patriarch can help the child look. “

” It’s true, “said Liu Nods.” It’s basically not a big deal, but it’s a little poisonous, and it will be fine in a few days. “

After speaking, Liu Yan A purple gold rosy cloud emerged underneath, holding both Clumsy Daoist and Liu Yanyu, slightly stimulating to motion Immortal Power, the figure flew up into the air, moved towards one direction, and asked while flying: “Since there is Why did n’t you use the method of detoxification? ”

“ triPatriarch, ”Liu Yanyu said with a bitter smile. ‘t expect “Primordial Qi Original” … ”

“Primordial Qi Original”? Liu Yan asked for a while, and asked, “Is it the complete piece of the Tsukihara remnant?”

“Yes,” Liu Yanyu slightly smiled, saying, “Children are lucky and got the” Primordial Qi Original “, which has cultivated Little Accomplishment.”

“No wonder,” said Liu Yan with a smile, “that is the technique of Immemorial Qi Refining, resist The poison of Buddha State should be effective. “

” Patriarch is not right, “Liu Yanyu replied,” The Primordial Qi Primitives cannot resist the poison of Buddha State, but it can follow child The Disintoxication Pill obtained by the Unending Merchant Union is used together to resist Buddha poison. “

” Is this your Third Point? “Liu Yan asked.

“No,” Liu Yanyu shook his head. “Disintoxication Pill is Fourth, of course, the most important thing. Third is where the child who can’t confirm the plot is, Dad and Fourth Uncle are afraid of something wrong. She did n’t dare to approach the child, and the child did not dare to remind him. Only when her father and Fourth Uncle approached the child could the child pass the Disintoxication Pill to them. “

” oh? “Liu Ye was surprised and surprised. Take a look at Liu Yanyu and say, “Yan Yan, you are so thoughtful, I really didn’t expect it.”

“Patriarch fallacy,” Liu Yanyu bowed his head slightly and said, “It matters. Child has a good reputation, and child has to think much more. “

” Yeah, “said Liu Ye nods.” You did a great job, and my thoughts caused me to be ugly by the Ancient Aristocratic Family. It must not happen. “

Liu Yanyu’s eyes flashed gloomy, and nods said,” Yes, child understands. “

” In addition, “Liu Yan said,” I already I told Feng Cang, because of Xuan’er’s affairs, your recruitment may be delayed, such as There is another lonesome thing happening today, I still do n’t know how the family and the Feng Family deal with it, so let ’s put aside Time for the matter of recruiting relatives! ”

“ Yes, child, please Patriarch ordered! “Liu Yanyu’s voice was relaxed.

Liu Ye didn’t say anything, Clumsy Daoist looked at Liu Yanyu, and he was looking thoughtful.

Liu Ye took Clumsy Daoist and Liu Yanyu, but he didn’t know. At another place in Chilao, a thin humanoid phantom hid coldly in a Fire Blaze environment. It was not white. ice?

Although Mu Mujing was flustered and exasperated, she had just arrived at Chi Lat Lo, and immediately sent a clone of a Monster Spirit to hide, and gave all the information that should be accounted for one by one, so she went looking for Feng Ronger. The trap was laid, which is why only the Third Layer phantom flew out when she was self-destruction.

The Chi Lao loneliness is where the Ancient Aristocratic Family Disciple is. Liu Yan is naturally a familiar. He will soon return to Facing Heaven Palace. Already.

Clumsy Daoist and Liu Yanyu head to another temple, fly over a heavy Plane barrier, and look at all around without people, Clumsy Daoist sound transmission: “Yan Yan, how do you put the” Primordial Qi Original ” What happened to Patriarch? “

” What? “Liu Yanyu laughed,” Isn’t child doing right? “

” I remember, “Clumsy Daoist said,” You once It was said that this was given to you by Xiao Hua alone, and you don’t plan to stay at Facing Heaven Palace. “

” Fourth Uncle, “Liu Yanyu asked,” Can’t a child change his mind? “


“You said in Chi Lao lonely, let me kill you, you can’t be sorry for Xiao …” Clumsy Daoist stared at Liu Yanyu’s eyes and said seriously, “What about Xiao Hua?”

“Fourth Uncle,” Liu Yanyu’s eyes were flustered, and he said, “You must have heard it wrong.”

“Well, Fourth Uncle didn’t hear it wrong, don’t worry,” Clumsy Daoist said “You have to think about it yourself. You have to know who you are and what you are facing. Patrarch may not say something. After you came out, his Senior directly put you into Immortal Artifact Space, but I can clearly see that Chirat Lonely has already been annihilated. In other words, if Patriarch cannot find us, he will destroy Chirat Lonely directly! !!! “

Liu Yanyu’s face was pale, and his teeth were clenched.” Yes, Fourth Uncle, I … I know. “

” Alan, ” Clumsy Daoist reached out and patted Liu Yanyu’s head, sighing, “Well, don’t think too much, you are not Xuan’er, you are not a big Destiny, your marriage … can’t help you!”

“Fourth Uncle, I’m tired,” Liu Yanyu moved Clumsy Daoist’s hand slightly, his eyes were damp and hot, and he whispered, “I’m going to rest first.”

“Go Come, go! “Clumsy Daoist nods, still sound transmission,” Xuan’er, you don’t have to worry about it, I will ask to go to that star screen protector. “

” Thank Four Uncle “Liu Yanyu’s face still has no joy,” said you. “You must not relax your vigilance because Xuan’er is a big Destiny. The big Destiny has great hardships. A little carelessness …”

Liu Yanyu was courageous enough to face the desperate situation of Chi Lat Lo, but she was discovered by Clumsy Daoist in just a few words. Even Clumsy Daoist, who loved herself, did not think so. Properly, she doesn’t know who can support herself in the entire family.

Furthermore, judging by the loneliness of Chi Lat, Lu Mujing’s words really have several points of truth. For this marriage, the Feng Family was so embarrassed and took Feng Ronger’s happiness to stop Sun Yue. Is such a Feng Family still wanting to marry the Feng Family?

In a time, Liu Yanyu’s heart is dead! !! !!

It’s not just Liu Yanyu who is desperate, but also Gao Lingsong.

Leigslation Palace In a great hall of the Temple of Robes, Gao Lingsong had some anxiety. He raised his eyes to look at the door of the palace and picked up the tea cup on the jade table, just about to drink. , Next to the Immortal Minor Official whispered: “Sir, do you want to drink tea?”

“Nonsense!” Gao Lingsong glanced at the empty tea cup, couldn’t help scolded, “It’s not time to pour Tea? “

” Yes, my lord “The Immortal Minor Official responded to one sound, and hurriedly gently touched the jade pot in his hand. Youbi immortal tea had fallen into the tea cup, watching the tea cup fill up. , Immortal Minor Official said casually, “The grown-up still said that he doesn’t need to pour tea!”

“You!” Gao Lingsong was a little bit angry and glared at the Immortal Minor Official, he could see the Immortal Minor Official As a companion, Gao Lingsong sighed again, “oh!”

“Master,” the Immortal Minor Official was shocked and said in a hurry, “Little has no other thoughts, but just casually talks . “

” No, “Gao Lingsong was upset for no reason and waved. “Do n’t think about it more. I am not talking about you. I am thinking of another Immortal Minor Official that I met in the previous time.”

“Really?” Then Immortal Minor Official blinked A strange color appeared in his eyes, and he said carefully, “It ’s good to teach adults that the younger name is Yuchen, and I do n’t know who the Immortal Minor Official said?”

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