LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1974

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Gao Lingsong moved in his heart and laughed: “I came to the Palace of the Guardian for the last time, and the Immortal Minor Official at the stand was called Yu Miao. At that time, because of the busy business of your Hall Master, I was in a hurry again. I explained in advance, so I waited for half a day here, thanks to Yu Miao’s company here. “

” Yu Miao? “Yuchen frowned for a moment, shaking her head,” It ’s good to teach adults to know , The small search of the Temple of Robbery, it seems that there is no Immortal Minor Official called Yu Miao! “

” Oh, “Gao Lingsong was shocked first, and then patted his forehead, said with a bitter smile, “Look at me, I’m wrong. The old man went to Yellow Past Heaven. Because there are important matters to ask, the nearest Daoming capital, your Hall Master came to the Vice Temple of Discipline.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is,” Yuchen said suddenly, “That Yu Miao is not a True Immortal, no wonder the little does not know.”

“Uh, uh” Gao Lingsong nods said “She should be an Overflowing Immortal or Five Elements Immortal, right? Xi Cheng Xi Vice Hall Master is not very familiar! “

” Ah? “Yu Chen was surprised, and whispered,” Sir, are you looking for Xi Cheng Xi Vice Hall Master, or are you looking for Vice Hall? Master? “

” What do you mean? “Gao Lingsong also stunned, and immediately cleared a clear comprehension,” Did Xi Cheng be promoted to Hall Master? “

” No, no, ” Yuchen couldn’t figure out the relationship between Gao Lingsong and Xi Cheng, and he could only accompany him with caution, “Hey, adults know that Xi Cheng Xi Hall Master has been missing for hundreds of years, and now it is the True Hall Master!”

“Ah !!!” Gao Lingsong was shocked, and anxiously, “Xi Cheng is missing? Is this what’s going on?”

“I do n’t know,” Yuchen He said, “It’s not that small but True Immortal. The thing about Xi Vice Hall Master, my Legislation Palace has been announced long ago, isn’t it my master?”

Of course, Gao Lingsong didn’t know. He came down from Formlessness Realm. , Went directly to Legislation Palace, where he was so anxious that Xi Cheng would have disappeared. Yeah!

“That …” Gao Lingsong was about to say, “weng” There was a strange trembling at the door of the palace, Silver Light twisted like a broken firefly blooming, a young Male Immortal in an official uniform from The gate of the hall came in. This Male Immortal square face, silkworm eyebrows, and a pair of eyes flashed a slight Purple flame. Male Immortal looked up and down the Gaolingsong archway. “I have seen Gao Vice Hall Master. It is really a busy business in the lower part. Let Gao I’ve waited a long time for you. “

” You’re welcome to find Vice Hall Master, “Gao Lingsong shook his spirits, hurriedly got up, smiled, and said,” Although you and I are both Vice Hall Masters, Legislation Palace is the law of plunder The palace governs Desire Realm Six Heavens and Form Realm Eighteen Heavens. The busy official duties of the Immortal Minor Official can imagine, in fact, that the interior of a certain Enlightment Continent is comparable? “

Gao Lingsong is true, Although it is all Vice Hall Master, his power is definitely not comparable to the one in front of the Vice Hall Master.

“Master please sit down,” Xunzhen smiled proudly, and took the seat first, reaching out politely, “Although I have a lot of affairs, I have my Immortal Minor Official to do it, but I do n’t know the overview that’s all. It ’s still them. And although adults only manage an Enlightment Continent, the affairs of a Continent are not complicated by my Legislation Palace. I admire adults more. ”

“ Hehe, the adults laughed, Each other! “Gao Lingsong answered with a smile.

While waiting a few words, Xunzhen asked: “I don’t know what master Gao came over today, what’s the matter?”

“It’s like this …” Gao Ling sneered Laughing, glanced at Yuchen who just gave Xunzhen the tea.

“Yuchen,” Xunzhen understands, instructed, “You go to the temple to stand, you must not transmit messages. No one can come in.”

Yuchen went out, Gao Lingsong said: ” The next time I come here, I want to find an Immortal Minor Official named Yu Miao from Legislation Palace … “

Xunzhen didn’t feel frowning, and his heart was displeased. When Gao Lingsong finished speaking, he called After breaking his words, he said, “If the tall man is looking for someone, just go and find it. Couldn’t the Immortal Minor Official of Heavenly Venerable Mansion see people?”

“No, no,” Gao Ling Laughing softly, “Missing Misunderstanding, if so, is it still used to find Misunderstanding?”

“Well, let’s say it!” Zunzhen slightly thought and pressed impatient nods.

“First of all,” Gao Lingsong explained, “this matter is a matter of Heavenly Venerable in my family, and I dare not neglect. Second, this Immortal Minor Official named Yu Miao should not be surprised. At Desire Realm Heaven, if she is on a business trip abroad, she cannot find her immediately, and it will inevitably delay her time; in the end, this matter must be hidden, but if you do not seek Vice Hall Master, where can it be hidden? ”

“Hehe, that’s good!” Xunzhen smiled and said, “It’s rare to be able to serve Lord Heavenly Venerable, Xunmou thank you.”

After speaking, Xunzhen yelled outside: “Yu Chen, go and call Yu Miao, no matter where she is at Desire Realm Heaven, she will be here immediately at three hours!”

Yu Chen answered, Gao Lingsong was overjoyed, Archway: “Many thanks for your support.”

“Hehe, but it’s just a hand, can’t be considered what!” Xunzhen smiled, raised his glass, “Xunmou just sat on the Vice Hall Master Location, I am not too familiar with the affairs in the hall, and I still want to ask Gao Vice Hall Master for some things. “

” Hmm, “said Gao Lingsong again and again nods,” look for adults, please, I have Heavenly Venerable Mansion affairs Although it is not comparable to Legislation Palace, but its mountain stones can be used for jade, there are always some experiences and lessons. “

” Xunmou heard, “Xunzhen look at Gao Lingsong, faint smile said, “When the Heavenly Venerable Mansion is busy with business, it ’s difficult for Hall Masters to cultivate in peace. Many times Will leave the matter to his own clone or his confidant to deal with, this Venerable has Time Cultivation? “

Gao Lingsong’s face showed embarrassment and accompanied the laughter:” This is someone else ’s comment on Heavenly Venerable Mansion’s misinterpretation of the work is not the case. My Heavenly Venerable Mansion and Legislation Palace are not too good. The main body of Heavenly Venerable Mansion is Desire Realm Heaven. Only a small part of the palace is in Form Realm. I wait for Hall Master Vice Hall Master to be Nine. Palaces Immortal Great Principle Immortal, how could True Body go to Desire Realm Heaven? So, I will send clone Lower Realm to take charge of the affairs in the hall. Of course, I will also spirit descent when the clone is handling the affairs, and I will never be indifferent. ”

“Oh, so that’s how it is,” Xunzhen smiled and said, “I have a different architecture for Legislation Palace. A Punishment Hall has direct access to Form Realm and Desire Realm Heaven …”

Xun Zhen just said here, the sound of Yuchen sounded outside: “reporting to Sir, small payment order! ”

” So fast? Gao Lingsong was overjoyed, looked at Xunzhen smiled, “Is she in Form Realm? “

The truth-seeking replied:” It is generally impossible, after all, Yu Miao is not True Immortal. But it does not rule out special things. “

But watching Yuchen come in by himself, but holding an Ink Immortal Disk in his hand, it was really strange to ask,” What about Yu Miao? ” “

” Yu Miao fell a few hundred years ago! “

Yu Chen said, respectfully give the Ink Immortal Disk in my hand!

” What? “Gao Lingsong stood up in shock, and some of the lost self-control whispered,” Yu Miao also fell? “

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