LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1976

The most angry thing about Ouyang’s weather is that this message is actually placed under his eyelid for ten years, and these ten years, he also racked his brains to explore the Forbidden Land of Legislation Palace, and also to Xi Cheng and Yan Yongxi Intimidating.

“Reporting to Sir,” Yu Liang said, hurriedly, “Although the city of Star Tower is a range of humble inspections, it is generally a high rank Patrol Efemale oy inspection. In those days, There is an immortal market, so the humble job deliberately went for a period of time. But the immortal market in the city of the star tower has not been open, and the humble job can not stay long, and left before the immortal market.

The humble job appeared shortly after it left. After the battle of the siege of the Monster Clan and the Star Tower, the three High Rank Patrol Efemale oys of the humble job fell to that battle. These messages and images were obtained by Feather Immortal, Unending Merchant Union. And because of this matter Involved in the care of three High Rank Patrol Efemale oy, so do not dare to neglect the position … “

” Who did you leave it to? “

” Inspector of the Standing Supervisor. “Yu Liang A strange, replied face appeared on his face, “Chang Zhe, who has just been promoted to inspector general!”

Tianzheng smiled, “You now give him a message, and ask for the message of the city of the star tower.”


Yu Liang promised a stretch, stimulate to motion transmitted message Immortal Artifact.

“Deputy Inspector Yu,” Chang Zhe’s voice came from the transmissions message Immortal Artifact, “Is there anything urgent? If not, it’s better to sue in person.”

“There is an urgent matter,” Yu Liang said in a respectful tone, and said, “Humble Job wants to ask about the image of the Battle of the Star Tower, which was obtained after 10 years of hard work, and worked hard. I wonder if the adult will report it? “

” Why do you remember this at this time? “Chang Zhe was upset.

“Oh, that’s it,” Yu Liang said with a smile, “I thought I had a problem with the care of three High Rank Patrol Efemale oy today, so I wanted to ask about the whereabouts of these messages. These messages It’s about how much the three brothers care for, don’t you know if the adults have reported it? “

” Not reporting is an old man thing, you don’t have to ask more, “Changzhe coldly said.

“Master,” Yu Liang glanced at Ouyang Shuotian, who was somewhat iron-faced, and thought for a moment, and said, “According to my humble job, this message seems to be just archived, not at all reported …” > p>

“heng,” Chang Zhe sneered, and said, “Yu Liang, when old man is the deputy inspector-in-chief with you, you like to gossip. Now old man is promoted to inspector-in-chief. Still not changing. You have no brains? The battle report of the Star Tower City was issued by Dao Venerable Heavenly Mansion. This is clearly arranged by them. This is a trick to suppress my Punishment Palace. You really believe it! ”

“Master,” Yu Liang coldly smiled, and said, “You are concealing the credit of lowly office, you are suspected of suppressing lowly office!”

“The old man is to suppress you, why? Chang Zhe laughed and said, “The old man just sent the battle report, and pressed down the details you have worked so hard for?”

Ouyang Shuotian gnashing teeth, said to Tianzheng: “Pass me on, and immediately put Chang Zhe in jail, investigate the matter closely and see who promotes him to prison A long position, how can such a narrow-minded generation serve in our patrol hall? Also, let Yu Liang be the patrol inspector! “

Yu Liang listened to Ouyang Shuotian’s words with a light tone. To the transmissions message Immortal Artifact: “Understand my duties, many thanks for your help!”

Looking at Yu Liangn either too fast nor too slow to turn off the transmissions message Immortal Artifact, Ouyang Shuotian appreciated it very much. Looking at him, he said, “You are doing well, and you will be given by the old man, and continue to work hard.”

“Yes, many thanks, Master, for your insightful insight!” .

Wait for Yu Liang’s resignation, Immortal Minor Official said outside, “Sir, there is Vice Hall Master Gao Lingsong in the inner hall under Heavenly Venerable Yue Zhen.

“Gao Lingsong?” Ouyang Shuotian frowned, thinking for a moment, and said, “old man seems to be unfamiliar with him?”

No one answered Ouyang Shuotian, he waved: ” You can wait forever, Master, please come in! “

Not long afterwards, Gao Lingsong flew into the great hall, Ouyang Shuo Tian put down his Ink Immortal Disk, hurriedly greeted him, and smiled:” Master I’m really sorry, there is an urgent official business that has to be dealt with here, and I couldn’t go out to meet … “

” Ouyang is polite, “Gao Lingsong faced Ouyang Shuotian, just like face to face with truth He was accompanied by a few words of laughter and Ouyang Shuo Tianhan, and then smiled, “Gao came here to see the adults, and wanted to see the news about the fall of the Punishment Palace Situ Hong, and find a message called Xiao Hua’s ascended Immortal. ”

“Xiao Hua?”

Ouyang is very familiar with this name, isn’t it just one of the three Immortal Beings related to Divine Merit Mirror?

Ouyang Shuo Tian learned from Xi Cheng that one Xu Zhi and one Fairy Xing Yue have fallen, and the other is Xiao Hua. However, according to the information from Punishment Palace, he has talked to Situ Hong and Wei. Cheng fell on Nether Pole together. Why did Gao Lingsong ask himself about Xiao Hua?

Ouyang Shuotian suddenly became alert, what is Gaoling Song trying to test?

Ouyang Shuotian hesitated a little and was immediately seen by Gao Lingsong. He smiled: “Master, do you know this ascended Immortal?”

“Of course” Ouyang Shuotian is a bit shy. Because he really did n’t expect Heavenly Venerable Mansion, a Vice Hall Master would ask him for Xiao Hua ’s news, so he was a little hesitant, so he was very meaningful, “This ascension little Immortal Nascent involves one who is in charge of my Punishment Palace. Immortal Artifact was cited outside, so the old man remembered clearly, did not know Gao Vice Hall Master, did you know about this? “

” Ah? “Gao Lingsong was naturally prepared, he was a little surprised,” Is this still happening? Gao, I do n’t know, Gao was lost because of something Heavenly Venerable, and went to look for Yu Miao of Legislation Palace. Yu Miao ’s fall was related to Xiao Hua. Legislation Palace has no more news, so I just came to the Punishment Palace. After all, the Punishment Palace is better than the Legislation Palace in detecting methods. Master Ouyang must have a legislation palace that I do n’t know. . “