LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1978

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Ouyang Shuotian sneered again, thinking secretly: “If the old man has never seen the image of the Star Tower, and he doesn’t know the name Daoist Xiao, then that’s all. Now that I know Form Realm is the Daoist Xiao, and Xiao Hua also known as Daoist Xiao in the Four Great Continent. How can the old man not connect the two together? Even though Xiao Hua and Daoist Xiao are not one person, but They are with the Unending Merchant Union Connection. It must be a little strange. Maybe this Gao Lingsong tall man can help the old man find clues. This is wonderful … “

Think of it here Ouyang Shuotian looked outside the hall, and the windows were tightly knit. He naturally knew the battle reports of Dao Venerable Heavenly Mansion and Dao Lord Heavenly Mansion. He also knew the strength of the evil spirits, and even he could see it from the video. Xiao Hua But Jiugong strength, His Majesty still has 1 billion True Immortal!

This kind of strength is not something he can easily provoke. Without a firm grasp, he can’t make a shot, and this strength is not the same as the Immortal Being strength when the year himself hunts down!

Ouyang Shuotian foundation does not believe that one person can promote that many in such a short time.

Guan Tianyue is just as puzzled as Ouyang Shuotian. He received an invitation from Enlightment Continent Heavenly Venerable Mansion, Yuhui Hall Master Ni Hui, and asked him to go to Heavenly Venerable Mansion. Ni Hui was the head of Guan Tianyue. Boss, he was very fond of Guan Tianyue. Although his invitation was a private matter, Guan Tianyue immediately agreed.

What makes Guan Tianyue puzzled is that Ni Hui invited him to meet him not at Yellow Past Heaven, but at Fifth in Form Realm, Heavenly Venerable Mansion by Glorious Bright Floating Model Heaven.

Guan Tianyue was still in the Heavenly Venerable Mansion of the Yellow Past Heaven Enlightment Continent, and did n’t know the real architecture of Heavenly Venerable Mansion. He thought that the Heavenly Venerable Mansion of the Enlightenment Capital is Heavenly Venerable Mansion of Heavenly Venerable Yue Zhen. But when he is promoted to Bright Dao Continent Dao Venerable Heavenly Palace, Hall Master of Bright Dao Hall of Ren Xuanyuan Hall, then I know that Heavenly Venerable Mansion of Enlightment Continent is just the office structure of Heavenly Venerable Yue Zhen Government, the real authority In Form Realm days, of course, Heavenly Venerable Yue Zhen’s real living cultivation is even in Formlessness Realm days.

Looking at the familiar Heavenly Venerable Mansion, Guan Tianyue not only was so emotional, he never didn’t expect that he would be so close to the power center of Heavenly Venerable Mansion, and didn’t expect such a kind Way, is this returning to Yijin, the hometown of Ronggui?

But not waiting for him to think, a figure flew out of the Heavenly Venerable Mansion side door and laughed loudly: “Turn off Hallmaster, but you have n’t seen it for a few years, and you ’re getting into the Cultivation Base. It ’s no wonder it ’s so official. ”

The comer is naturally Ni Hui, looking at the look of his panther head and eyes, and then saying compliments, Guan Tianyue did n’t dare to neglect and hurriedly stimulated to motion. Xingfei flew in the past, Da Lao Yuan is respectful and saluting, no different from before, and laughed: “Master, how I listen to you is sour, what are you polite to me? Are you still waiting here? Isn’t it? Did you break me? “

To be honest, Guan Tianyue’s rapid promotion is really beyond Ni Hui’s expectations. How could he have no idea in his heart? Guan Tianyue’s “sourness”, followed by three cross-examinations, made him feel at ease, he quickly raised Guan Tianyue and said: “Master Guan is now the Hallmaster of Dao Lord Heavenly Mansion Bright Dao, who is responsible for detecting Bright Dao. Immortal Territory, after all, but my top boss, how dare I not wait at the door? “

” Wait well! “Guan Tianyue got up, dao robe raised his sleeves and covered Ni Hui’s arm Said with a smile, “If I did n’t wait, I do n’t know how to give this immortal wine to an adult!”

“Immortal wine?” Ni Hui eyes shined, “Several products Yes? “

” 30% bitter wine !!! “

” Haha, it is such a good wine! “Ni Hui laughed and raised Guan Tianyue’s hand. The crystal bottle snatched it and said, “Don’t miss the old man here for a few hours.”

Since the Unending Merchant Union began to sell immortal wine, Immortal Realm’s immortal wine grade has begun to change, Ni Hui asked a few items, that is Immortal Realm The common immortal wine, because he did n’t expect Guan Tianyue to give him the immortal wine of the Unending Merchant Union, after all, the immortal wine is already worthless in Immortal Realm.

Unfortunately, he does n’t know that 30% bitter wine is rare in the eyes of others. In the eyes of Guan Tianyue, Guan Tianyue has a rhino from Xiao Hua. You can stop crystals from the Unending Merchant Union at any time. Take one drop of immortal wine, two Old Qian wines, 30% bitter wine and four repentants.

I saw Ni Hui happy, Guan Tianyue whispered: “Sir, what kind of medicine do you sell in Gourd, is it because you have been promoted? How can I let you see you here?”

“Shit!” Ni Hui took immortal wine, took Guan Tianyue’s hand, and laughed, “I’m not as good as you, I can go from Heavenly Venerable Mansion to Dao Venerable Heavenly Palace, I ’m still in the Yoga Hall of Yellow Past Heaven. I am looking for you today, not me, but the Vice Hall Master of the Inner Hall. ”

“ Vice Hall Master in the Inner Hall? ”Guan Tianyue didn’t realize it for a moment. He lowered his voice and said, “Is that the one who has never appeared since he took office?”

“Hehe,” Ni Hui laughed, “exactly.”

Guan Tianyue is even more incredible. He asked: “You must give me a thorough understanding of who this adult is. What is his senior looking for me now? I have never seen it at Heavenly Venerable Mansion. He Senior, why do you suddenly think of me? “

Where does Ni Hui know that Gaolingsong is a surname of Gaoling? He patted Guan Tianyue’s hand and said, “Don’t embarrass me, I don’t know anything except that I know the adult is going up and down the famous Lingsong. I am also overwhelmed. I came to know that it is the Vice Hall Master, summon. To tell you, I only know the name of this adult … I have never seen it before, just know the name. He Senior directly asked me if I knew you well, and of course I answered very well, and he asked me to give you I will send you the message immediately, and it seems to be asking for you! “

” This is fart! “Guan Tianyue frowned, and said,” I didn’t know before. I arrived at Dao Venerable Heavenly Mansion. I just realized that Heavenly Venerable Mansion in Form Realm is really Heavenly Venerable Mansion. Our high Vice Hall Master is at least the Middle Rank of the Nine Palaces. Is there anything I can do to help this little True Immortal? ”

“Tianyue, I really don’t know!” Ni Hui was helpless, and looked at the strange temple road, “Don’t embarrass me, this Heavenly Venerable Mansion. Although I am not the first time, I can raise Vice Hall Master is really the first time I see you. “

See Ni Hui’s two sentences” Don’t make me difficult “, Guan Tianyue knows that even if Ni Hui knows, he can’t ask again.

Ni Hui is familiar with Guan Tianyue. Before he gets to a great hall, Ni Hui has n’t reported yet. A flame of light flashes, and Gao Lingsong ’s voice comes out from the inside: “Ni Hui, it ’s off Is Hallmaster here? “

” reporting to Sir, “Ni Huiji said,” Yes, Dao Venerable Heavenly Mansion Bright Dao Hall Master Guan Tianyue is here. “

” Also Unhappy, please turn Hallmaster in! “Gao Lingsong’s voice sounded very enthusiastic …

Although Gao Lingsong hasn’t seen his face yet, he heard Gao Lingsong say so, Guan Tianyue rushed to Ni Huidian nods , Rushed into the great hall in front of him, bowed and saluted, “High Vice Hall Master, you are always a shameful job, you are always the former Vice Hall Master, if you are not abandoning, you can call it a humble one sound. As time goes by, your humble job is flattered. “

” Haha, “Gao Lingsong walked around Legislation Palace and Punishment Palace. He had to be careful, even when he got to the Punishment Palace and was a little scared. Your own site, but also the old Ministry With such a compliment, where does he not like to smile, Gao Ling Matsumoto was sitting on a jade chair, and now he will stand up, take a few steps forward, and laugh, “That ’s why the old man is rude, and I call you one sound. “

” Tianyue meets adults! “Guan Tianyue glanced at the appearance of Gao Lingsong and said respectfully.

“quick get up!” Gao Lingsong raised Guan Tianyue and looked up and down, praising, “It really is a blessing with a face and a lean body. If the old man saw you earlier, absolutely Don’t let you go to Dao Venerable Heavenly Mansion, and directly transfer you to Glorious Bright Floating Model Heaven. “

” Master Hall Master is really ridiculous, “Guan Tianyue accompanyed the laughter,” but the humble job is a little bit Luck First, I happened to meet the current Vice Hall Master, and then I met a dead mouse in the blind cat city of the Star Tower. This is a little credit. “

” Luck, definitely for you “People who prepared,” Gao Lingsong motioned for a moment, turned around and sat on the jade chair, and laughed, “if not prepared, there is no way to have another chance.”

“Yes, yes” Guan Tianyue The Aura foundation of Gao Lingsong has been sensed that he cannot detect. Where does he dare to sit? Just be careful to laugh with nods.

When coming to Glorious Bright Floating Model Heaven around, Shuo Bing didn’t say anything. Naturally, it was an unscathed business trip, and he didn’t care much.

I saw Guan Tianyue not sitting, and Gao Lingsong was even more happy. He wanted to wait for Guan Tianyue to ask himself, but he was so anxious that he could not wait for Ni Hui to wink and let Ni Hui go out. I took the initiative and said, “Tian Yue, old man called you over today, and I want to ask you something.”

“Master, please,” said Guan Tianyue, “as long as you know what you mean, Words are endless! “

” Okay! “Gao Lingsong nods asked,” I want to hear about Xiao Hua. “

” Xiao Hua ???? “Guan Tianyue’s heart was tight, she looked at Gao Lingsong in wonder, said in surprise, “Master …”

Guan Tianyue thought a few times, could Gao Lingsong’s relationship with Xiao Hua be seen through?

It’s impossible. No one knows this layer of relation except Shuo Bing?

So, what else is possible?

“What’s the matter?” Gao Lingsong laughed. “Is Yubo not letting you say it, you can rest assured, but you won’t say anything that is hidden!”

I heard When referring to Yubo, Guan Tianyue was immediately awakened, and said immediately: “Adult, you can see this. You are an old Hall Master, how can you not listen to your humble job? Let me talk about Xiao Hua first. Once again, if you have any questions, just ask. “

Gao Lingsong feels refreshed like never before and says,” Okay! “