LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1981

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Unlike Gao Lingsong’s sadness, Xiao Hua is swimming in the joy of cultivation.

Only, this day, Xiao Hua was cultivation, suddenly a shivered, stood up from mid-air, looked outside the space, and said anxiously: “Not good, is n’t sister-in-law trying to recruit relatives? I … I … “

” I … “After a long while, Xiao Hua didn’t know what to say. He slightly explored and found that his retreat was actually six or seven years later. If Liu Yanyu recruits relatives, I am afraid it will be over.

But even if they have n’t recruited a relative yet, do they have a relationship with themselves?

Xiao Hua is a little surprised, but he took a look at Liu Yanxuan, his eyeball One Revolution, and looking thoughtful, “Xuan’er is not out of danger yet. Will her Elder Sister recruit a relative? See Xuan’er and her The sister-in-law’s relation, sister-in-law certainly won’t. Hehe, that’s all … “

Thinking of this, Xiao Hua began to think carefully.

He originally wanted to collect bloodline and “interest” and awaken Xuan’er. Now he doesn’t want to wake up. He plans to leave with Xuan’er. He wants to see if he can delay Liu Yanyu’s recruiting. .

As to why, Xiao Hua can’t explain why.

Of course, since Liu Yanxuan is going to be taken away, Xiao Hua cannot wake her up, so Xiao Hua once again stimulated to motion Technique of Light Escape to fly out of Space.

Xiao Hua perceives the light thread, but sees that the light thread has begun to become rich. He immediately scoops out of the light thread, and then Mind moved towards the volume behind him.

The location of Mind is as empty as it is.

Xiao Hua has been thinking for a long time. Mind was empty, and the left-hand Space immediately took pictures. Unfortunately, the left-hand Space was still empty.

So Xiao Hua immediately stimulated to motion Cultivation Art, with 100,003,200 light spots shining on the body at the same time.

Strangely, as Xiao Hua flew away, a little ocher with all around the hazy phantom actually flew over, as if a piece of dust fell into one of the light spots of the Xiao Hua Fleshly Body.

Although it’s a little dust, Xiao Hua falls, Xiao Hua’s body is falling like a heavy object!

“wu wu” Xiao Hua listened to the wind and howling in my ear, and laughed in my heart, “haha, as expected by Xiao, Xiao was formerly the Body of Demigod, and it was Qi of Chaos, then Xiao Condense is out of the Physique of Beginning Light, then the light spot of Xiao ’s congeal body must be able to store this Qi of Chaos! ”

Fortunately, there are hundreds of ten thousand li or so, Xiao Hua ’s The figure finally stopped, but he didn’t dare to stop at all. The mountain shape of Phoenix phantom condense disappeared, and 100,003,200 stars were gone. Is there still the Tutu Mountain that made up the heavens?

So Xiao Hua took out Pangu Axe, changed into Dragon Image again, split the hard Plane barriers, and found a way to go, any place is good, as long as it is not found by the Feng Family.

Xiao Hua is a big deal. He likes zi zi singing in a minor key and flew out of Lutu Mountain Space. After looking around, One Revolution flew into a star-screen space that seemed to be twisted by a large hand. , But when he flew in, he suddenly had a look of joy on his face, turned his head and looked towards one direction, and was shocked and said, “Is that you, is it you?”

Xiao The direction that Hua looks at, I do n’t know how many stars are separated. Liu Yanyu, who is accompanying Liu Ye, Fenghua, and Fengxue, also has a surprise on his face. He is distant from Xiao Hua, but in Liu Yanyu. When thinking about meditation, Liu Yanyu’s frowns saying to Liu Yanyu: “Yan Yan, what’s wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing.” Liu Yanyu replied in a panic.

“It’s okay?” Fengxue immediately concerned, “Yan Yan, you don’t have to worry about it. I’ve been here a lot and I’ve seen Fourth Uncle several times. Not at all what mutation here, If Xuan’er is in it, it must be cultivation. “

” Hmm, um, “Liu Yanyu suddenly felt a little hurt, and the joy on his face disappeared quickly.

Liu Yanyu would like to say something to Xiao Hua, but … what else can I say? Say you miss him? Say you’re ready to recruit relatives?

“Look ahead,” said Liu Yan, stimulating to motion.

“Yeah,” Liu Yanyu eyes shined, you can ask Xuan’er about yourself!

But Liu Yanyu hasn’t spoken yet, Xiao Hua has said in his heart: “Sister Xi, if you can hear, you don’t need to answer, I’m leaving with Xuan’er, she is cultivation now The key is that I ca n’t disturb her. You do n’t have to worry about it. When her cultivation is over, I will send her back … ”

Xiao Hua ’s voice is very slim, but Liu Yanyu can hear what Xiao Hua ’s heart is saying again. affection.

As for Xiao Hua, he is just as hesitant as Liu Yanyu. He wants to ask relatives and wants to know Liu Yanyu’s thoughts, but he also doesn’t know how to speak. After finishing Liu Yanxuan’s situation, Xiao Hua finally summoned his courage and asked, “Yes, sister-in-law, that trick …”

Unfortunately, before Xiao Hua finishes saying, “weng-weng” in the distance With Mutation in Space, Liu Yan cry out in surprise: “Fast, fast, Xuan’er!”

Xiao Hua also found that all around has something strange, and he can no longer feel the warmth. Familiar with it, Xiao Hua was as distraught as Liu Yanyu and turned around to fly into the star screen.

“No!” Liu Ye took the immortals to fly to the hard barriers, and still couldn’t move forward, and the thunderous sounds were also produced inside, he couldn’t help but said anxiously, “Why is mutation within Plane’s barriers?”

Liu Yanyu has received the Xiao Hua transmitting message, knowing that Liu Yanxuan has escaped, she is calm, look at the panic, and whispered: “Patriarch, Would you like to take a look at the Mt. Tutu of Tiantian? “

” Yes! “Liu Ye patted his forehead, waking up,” Go! “

Let ’s take it, Liu Ye takes it The three immortals rose to the sky and still returned without mentioning, and Liu Yanyu turned his head to look at the deep star screen of Star Radiance, thinking in his heart: “Xiao Hua, I … I like you !!!”

Poor Xiao Hua, if you wait for a while, he can hear this rare confession of Liu Yanyu, but unfortunately he turned and flew into the star screen, seeing the starry sky twisted into a shuttle, and he was so heartless and low. Shouted: “Fuck, is this Starry Sky squeezed out of water!”

With the incomparable Void direction, it is comparable to Im The Fleshly Body of mortal Artifact, Xiao Hua scooped out can’t be considered from the star screen, but seeing that there was a strong Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi coming in, there was a bounded sky barrier in front of him, Xiao Hua couldn’t help turning his head and taking a look Densely packed space faults. These space faults can no longer be called faults. They are called space debris. These debris have different Space Principles. They are in the same direction in the space, and sometimes they are clear. It ’s up, but it just flew a hundred li or so, and it turned into a head-down. The change of the Space Principle in a short time has a great impact on the Immortal Body. If it were n’t for Xiao Hua, there would have been more than 100 million Space Principles. Hua will also go crazy in these space debris.

Xiao Hua used the Technology of Light Escape to break into the barriers of the sky. He also discovered that this barrier is not the same as the barrier he crossed before. It seems that there are a lot of Space Restrictions. This Restriction is similar to Xiantian. Incomparable.

Xiao Hua had no choice but to travel across the barriers of heaven and sky, and flew for a dozen or so days. Seeing a rare weak spot, Xiao Hua relied on Azure Mound Mountain Mystic Technique again. , Barely squeezed out from the weak spot.

“hu” flew out of the sky, Xiao Hua took a long breath and felt the fresh Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi Aura. Xiao Hua patted his chest and laughed, “Finally escaped, The back door of this Ancient Aristocratic Family … is too difficult to come out! “

Xiao Hua When flying through the sky barriers, I already thought about it, the Restriction inside the sky barriers must be laid by Immortal Realm, It is to prevent the Ancient Aristocratic Family from entering and exiting the Immortal Realm freely, and the Space Channel such as Tiantu and Addendum must also be under the supervision of the Immortal Realm.

“咦?” Xiao Hua all around, look a little surprised, whispered, “Is this Yellow Past Heaven?”

Xiao De Xiao Hua released Overflowing Sense, I didn’t feel that a sweet smile came from the corner of my mouth. This place is not only Yellow Past Heaven, but also far from Cloud Dream Pool can’t be considered. Xiao Hua finally understands why he met Liu Yanyu at Cloud Dream Pool.

When thinking of Liu Yanyu, Xiao Hua couldn’t help but looked towards the direction in which he was flying, and whispered, “How are you, sister?”

I saw it for a long time , Xiao Hua also failed to see Liu Yanyu’s smile in the fiery sunlight of Blazing Emperor Sun. Xiao Hua thought for a moment, as if thinking of something, he hurried Mind into Space and changed into Jaded Document to stab Ye Jian over As soon as they met, they said, “Tuer, what else do you have to say in the star screen that fills the sky?”

“Ah?” Ye Jian said for a moment, thinking for a moment, ” Teacher, Tuer said everything at that time, no … nothing to hide! “

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua wanted to be a heuristic reminder, and then anxious, he simply shouted:” Recruit relatives! “

” Recruit relatives? “Ye Jian is even more confused.” What to recruit relatives? “

After all, several years have passed, and Ye Jian suddenly didn’t think about it stand up.

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua looked at Ye Jian, lightly saying: “Must you want to make a soul searching for the teacher?”

“Oh, oh!” Ye Jian suddenly remembered it, hurriedly, “Teacher is talking about Liu Yanyu’s recruiting relatives!”

“Yes,” said Jaded-Document Xiao Hua nods. “I want to take advantage of them to make a major event!”

“What major event?” Ye Jian frowned, and Fang said, “Teacher must grab the pro?”

“咦?” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua was a cover up Take the Unending Merchant Union to talk about it. When Ye Jian said that, his heart trembled and he squinted at Sword Dao. “Why, are you going to be a teacher? Are you going to grab the wind?” p>

“No, no” Ye Jian hurriedly waved his hand, “Tuer no longer dares, these years, the tuer also thought, others mother said absolutely right, but Ronger could not say anything in his heart. That’s all, if the relationship develops, it may not be fruitless. But the relationship between the students and the others is not proper, and neither is each other. I especially understand that even if they are together, they will inevitably have a mustard and fall into the addendum, which is the best result. “

” Yes, “Jaded-Document Xiao Hua is a little frustrated,” the door is not proper The households are not right, and they don’t know each other very well. “

” Teacher, don’t talk about this, “Ye Jian accompanyed the laughter,” Disciple tells Teacher about Liu Family’s family affairs. “