LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1982

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“It’s not necessary, it’s not necessary!” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua waved, “I just thought of something for my teacher, just ask, don’t say it.”

Ye Jian is stupid, he won’t murmur at will, but he will cause Jaded-Document Xiao Hua to be unhappy. He hurriedly said, “Teacher, this is it …”

“Don’t say,” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua waved his sleeves and said, “Ye Jian, you’re ready, I’ll send you to a Secret Realm cultivation, where you can continue to practice the magic.”

“Yes, yes, Many thanks Teacher. “Ye Jian is overjoyed, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua sends Ye Jian to Space Spirit Realm and puts a restraint, and then turns to stand on Void, looking at Space, Starry Sky is dazzling, long silent, Ye Jian Everyone can understand, how can Xiao Hua not understand?

It’s just a few meetings. Although there are some good feelings, … one is the Ancient Aristocratic Family First Female Immortal, the other is the rogue Cultivator, the descendant of the bloodline of the emperor, and the battle of killing the world Yes, indeed the door is not right!

“That’s all,” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua sighed then said, a little self-deprecating, “This humble Daoist is also a man who crosses the river of women, why can’t you think so?”

At the moment, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua suddenly realized that there had been a big change in the entire Space. Jaded-Document Xiao Hua glanced over all the changes.

Suddenly, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua was shocked, his body flickered, he got to the end of Space, and looked around, frowns saying, “Where did Li Yi and Zhang Ying go? There is something here. Their Aura, could it be … “

Looking at the remaining Plane barrier Aura in Space, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua understood something:” Did they mess with Space while they were out? Then … outside of Space Where is Immortal Realm? “

Looking at the restored Space Barrier, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua is interested in Divination. Unfortunately, he knows that he is almost omnipotent in this Space. Since Li Yi and Zhang Ying When you go out, you can’t control it again.

“Maybe they have their lives!” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua thought for a moment, then turned his head and flew back to Void, “If you can see them in Immortal Realm, that’s the best, if you see If not, let’s follow it! “

Then, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua took another look at the wonderful Feng who was included in Space by him. This can’t matter, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua’s eyes It’s going to fall.

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua raised his hand and grabbed, and Miao Feng’s clone fell in front of Jaded-Document Xiao Hua. He was gently clapped, and the two humanoid phantoms fell like a moult, and with Jaded- The middle finger of Document Xiao Hua on Miaofeng clone is like opening a Storage Bag, a bronze speeding car, and everything has fallen from the inside.

“Why is this flying car on Miaofeng?” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua was overjoyed, secretly thought, “This humble Daoist remember, didn’t Mu Mujing take it?”

A moment Later, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua finally woke up and said to himself: “This humble Daoist understands. No wonder after this humble Daoist captures Miao Feng, Mu Mujing will say,” No matter what your purpose, you will capture Miao Feng. “The goal has been achieved.” Previously this humble Daoist thought she said that this humble Daoist had revenge, didn’t expect her to be a pun. “

Speaking of this, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua It was even a different color in his eyes, saying: “This sorrow is silent when it’s off, without the slightest hesitation, not to mention that Miao Feng should be a high-level floating figure. Just talking about this bronze speeding car is also the most important harvest of their trip, She saw that this humble Daoist took the speeding car, captured Miao Feng, and immediately let go, letting her life go first, and then reducing the loss to the minimum, which is enough to see the power of Mu Mujing!

If Jaded-Document Xiao Hu a know, Mu Mujing faced the two family Patriarchs of the Feng Family and Liu Family, seeing that nothing could be done, immediately self-destruction, foundation did not give the two Patriarch a chance, and even caused them mutual suspicion, then Jaded-Document Xiao Hua Will be more alert.

As for Mu Mujing’s countermeasures against Liu Yanyu, let Xiao Hua not know that if Xiao Hua understood, he will certainly have its meat!

But at this time Jaded-Document Xiao Hua not at all pondering deeply, but beckoning again, the bowl used by Miao Feng fell in front of Jaded-Document Xiao Hua.

“Hehe, it wasn’t a bowl,” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua glanced and found that the Buddha Treasure was flat, not a bowl, but a lid. He understood something and laughed, “Look It should be the top of the tower. Whoops, is it possible that it is a seamless tower? “

A seamless tower is not seamless. How can there be a tower top and a tower body?

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua did n’t even think about it. He sent the top of the tower to Buddha State, glanced at the bronze speeding car, raised hand and beckoned, and the bone dragon blasted between Dragon Territory and Great Desolation Divine Realm Space. Flying off.

The “Roar” saw Jaded-Document Xiao Hua, and the bone dragon opened his mouth and roared, and rushed to Jaded-Document Xiao Hua, shouting, “Well, Daoist Xiao, you dare to kill Lao Tzu!” > p>

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua Squint to look at the bone dragon disease, the dao robe is not raised, and the corner of the mouth produces a sneer.

bone dragon flew, the bone claws grabbed at Jaded-Document Xiao Hua Gate on Crown, but unfortunately foundation did not wait for it to catch, “bang” a formless barrier emerged, blocking the diseased bone claws!

“You, you!” Looking at Jaded-Document Xiao Hua’s unpretentious appearance, bone dragon was astonished.

“What’s wrong with this humble Daoist?”

“You, you are not Daoist Xiao!” Bone dragon panicked, “With his strength, even though he has passed 35,000,000 1,000,000 years, he is definitely not Lao Tzu’s rival! “

” You will never forget, “Jaded-Document Xiao Hua lightly saying,” This is the Immortal Artifact Space of this humble Daoist, here is this of this humble Daoist Site! “

” Okay, you’re ruthless! “Bone dragon said gnashing teeth said,” I ask you, you agreed with me that it was four 1,000,000 years, and now three thousand five 1,000,000 years have passed, You … why you didn’t let me out? “

” Where did your three thousand five million years come from? “Jaded-Document Xiao Hua replied,” The first thing I want to do to correct you is the Immortal Realm plan Year is year, there is no year! “

” Anyway, “bone dragon waved his claws,” It has been around 35,000,000 years, even if you have an Immortal Realm year, It ’s far more than 4 million …… year! “

” You are afraid you have forgotten Remember the agreement between you and me! “Jaded-Document Xiao Hua neither too fast nor too slow.

“How can I forget it?” Bone dragon’s voice sounded like Lei Ting Perak, “I work for you 4 million …… year, then let me be free.”

Jaded -Document Xiao Hua asks back: “Have you played?”

“It’s not me that doesn’t work, but you don’t let me work!” Bone dragon retorted.

“Okay,” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua shook his head. “I don’t think you heard it clearly, what I said at the time. Now I say it again …”

“You said , You said, “bone dragon said with a sneer,” I see you can still speak the flowers! “

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua said:” Dao Promise here If the key of this humble Daoist does not work, the poor Daoist General Essence and Blood is recovered, and the poison of veteran bone dragon will not be counted. If the key of this humble Daoist is useful, the bone dragon will be cast for 4 million year under this humble Daoist. This year is based on the Immortal Realm, and counts from today! “

” Nice, yes, that’s it! “Bone Dragon proudly said,” You’re right, let’s go It ’s me! “

” This humble Daoist makes it clear that the Immortal Realm year counts, not the humble Daoist Immortal Artifact Space year! “

” You … what are you talking about? “Bone dragon was dumbfounded, and he looked at all around incredibly. “” Time here … is different from the outside? “

” What do you say? “Jaded-Document Xiao Hua laughed,” otherwise this humble Daoist didn’t let you out early? “

“You … you!” The bone dragon is flustered and exasperated, and it raises its claws to pounce on Jaded-Document Xiao Hua.

Unfortunately, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua coldly snorted one sound, the “bang” bone dragon is like being chopped by Lei Ting, the skeleton trembles, and 100,000 feet fly backwards.

“Don’t get cheap but sell well!” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua lightly saying, “I’ll ask you how much benefit you have gained in my Immortal Artifact Space cultivation during these 35,000,000 years. If you want to run out, why do you run out? Do you want to pull a car? “

Saying, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua, the bronze speeding car fell in front of the bone dragon!

The “Baw” bone dragon is so frightened that it flies upside down. It actually means escape!

Unfortunately, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua was thinking, all around there had been imprisoned to block it!

“You … Where did you get the Great War Chariot?” Bone dragon couldn’t escape, and had to change his smile and asked.

“This shabby thing is actually called the Great War Chariot?” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua really disdain.

“You, wouldn’t you want me to pull a car?” Bone dragon was almost crying, and said, “I managed to escape, and cultivation it for another 35,000,000 years, why did I escape? But the life of a cart! “

” Would you like to go out then? “Jaded-Document Xiao Hua asked.

“I don’t want to, I don’t want to!” One dragon said bluntly, One Revolution, “The cultivation here is excellent, why should I go out? If you drive me away, I won’t go!”


Jaded-Document Xiao Hua shrugs and laughs: “Is it true?”

Bone dragon hurriedly shouted: “Absolute truth! Your Immortal Artifact Space is weird, and extremely Things that are suitable for my cultivation! “

” Well, don’t you want to go? “

” I, I don’t want to get more benefits! “Bone dragon is finally honest , Said, “You say four 1,000,000 years, it’s more than 30 million, how can I express my anger!”

“Okay,” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua understood, waved “You continue cultivation, I’m gone!”

“Ah,” bone dragon hurriedly, “You’re gone now? No … nothing else?”

Speaking, bone dragon also took a peek at the bronze speeding car.

“I told you to come here to make it clear to you. It ’s just a few hundred years outside Immortal Realm. It ’s too early to let you go. You can rest assured. I ’ll be fine Feel free to find you. “

” Okay, okay! “Bone dragon was overjoyed, and the fart flew up, and he could cultivate without having to pull a car. Where can I find such a beautiful thing!

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua smiled and waved a hand to send Bone Dragon to the distant retreat. The choice of Bone Dragon was not at all, which was beyond Xiao Hua’s expectations when he sent it in.

Taking care of the disease of bone dragon, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua also looked at Xuan Xuan and Bai Suer. The two were not good people. Xuan Xuan was a true love, but Bai Suer had a bad heart. Now the two of them Jading-Document Xiao Hua didn’t plan to dispose of the two of them. When they had to return to the realm, they passed Nothingness Exceeding Measure Heaven and put them there.

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