LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1983

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Jaded-Document Xiao Hua has a plan. He squints and looks at Miaofeng’s clone, and then looks at the other two Monster Spirit clones. He smiles at the corner of his mouth and raises an Ink. Immortal Disk wrote something in it, and looked at what Miao Feng clone had dropped. After beckoning for a few, he sent it together with Ink Immortal Disk, three clones, etc. into a box-shaped Immortal Artifact. Yang Channel: “Which Disciple is closest to the world?”

A dozen Disciple voices were heard from the huge Chen Yan.

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua casually clicked a Disciple name and said, “You pray with incense.”

Jaded-Document Xiao Hua then returned from Space Mind to return home.

Why did you know that Xiao Hua stimulated to motion figure, actually imperceptible to the Disciple’s prayer, Xiao Hua smiled bitterly, knowing that his shadow figure is still shallow, and it is difficult for shadow figure to cross the sky.

Unfortunately, Xiao Hua can only use the rhinoceros again, and explain the one sound to that Disciple, and wait until he returns to Nothingness Exceeding Measure Heaven.

After doing this, Xiao Hua thought about it, stimulate to motion to pass the rhinoceros, and talked to the Black Bear in Xun Yaocheng, and then he accepted the rhinoceros.

Xiao Hua then prepared to return to Form Realm directly, but he took a look at the scenery familiar to Yellow Past Heaven, and didn’t realize it.

Ten dozen years ago, Chi Mu came to Yellow Past Heaven on behalf of Xiao Hua and completed Xiao Hua. When the year promised Xiang Qing to send Shizukazu Suzuki back to Shima Immortal General’s hometown, Xiao Hua is just right now. At Yellow Past Heaven, isn’t it about asking Chi Mu?

So Xiao Hua took out and passed the rhinoceros, and whispered, “Chi Mu, where are you?”

Unexpected by Xiao Hua, the rhinoceros was not at all Chi. Mu’s voice came out.

Xiao Hua thinks a little bit, and uses Chen Chen to find Chi Mu, but no one sees Chi Mu.

“Weird!” Xiao Hua received the transmissions message, muttered in his heart, and sat cross-legged. Xiao Hua realized the Azure Mound Mountain mystery known only to heaven from the Immemorial Immortal Realm fragment, and never performed it again. Now that I know something about Chi Mu, I am afraid that I may be in danger, so I hurried to stimulate to motion.

But seeing Xiao Hua sitting in mid-air, with his hands and tactics, the whole body began to produce a faint Gold Light, the Gold Light is as bright as the bright sun, Immortal Art changes again, and the Azure mountain shape outlines in the Gold Light Gush like a spring, cover all around more than a hundred thousand li.

“weng-weng” Near Space trembled, and countless weird textures like wavy textures emerged. As the mountain shape spread, Azure Light reversed the mountain shape.

Between the mountain shape, the voice of hiss and hiss sounded for no reason, causing the Principle to break and Karma to mess.

In addition to the “hong-hong” Azure Light, not only is there a roar of Lei Ting, but also a huge mountain-shaped contour such as a giant beast emerges. This mountain-shaped contour only reveals a few lines. Azure Light , Gold Light, and water lines immediately broke.

“咦?” Xiao Hua was a little scared, opened his eyes and looked at the mountain shape of Aura in the distance said in surprise, “why not here can perform the Divination Technique? I remember in the Dusty Leisure Sea, I have used the Divination Technique! “

Thinking of this, Xiao Hua hurried out a trace of Mind to fall into Space, and asked Chen Yun to ask the Unending Merchant Union, sure enough, but a moment later, a message came .

Xiao Hua didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, and secretly thought: “Damn, it turns out that Yellow Past Heaven is the place of Low Rank Immortal Being cultivation, Karma Principle is blocked by Heaven and Earth, and High Rank’s Divination Technique cannot be performed. Is this … this is what Heavenly Venerable Mansion does? In order to protect the Low Rank Immortal Being ??

Xiao Hua is a little helpless and is about to converge Immortal Art. At the same time, another mountain-like Azure imprint suddenly appeared shy, wasn’t it the first Shaman Mark engraved on Seven Spirits Mountain?

At first glance, this Shaman Mark revealed that “weng” all around Space is blooming like a Brahman flower. Xiao Hua felt that the mountain shape Aura of Supreme was immediately kind, and he even felt that the mountain shape was in himself. Eyebrows.

This is the first time that Shaman Mark has shown its usefulness. Xiao Hua Fuzhixintong, hurriedly stimulate to motion mystery known only to heaven.

“Peng” is like breaking through a heavy barrier, Xiao Hua feels that his Immortal Power is spraying out, Azure Light and Gold Light are overlapping and falling, and the water pattern is changing into the stream into his eyes. !!

Gao Lingsong was lost. Mystery known only to heaven. The old man had ordered Immortal Puppet to publish a banquet.

Gao Lingsong looked at things like Immortal Fruit immortal wine, and didn’t stop him. He really had the urge to use wine to relieve his sorrow.

See Gao Lingsong’s expression is depressed, mystery known only to heaven The old man does not know why, he has made up his mind to offer the whole sequence of events, not to blame Heavenly Venerable Mansion This Vice Hall Master Just fine.

After three rounds of drinking, mystery known only to heaven, the old man said five things about Thunder Eye, Gao Lingsong became more depressed when he heard it, and mentioned the name of Xiao Hua several times, mystery known only to heaven I did n’t know, in the end mystery known only to heaven, the old man Gao Lingsong drank a glass of wine, said with a bitter smile: “Master, I really do n’t know this Xiao Hua, I ’m going to spread five mechanisms around Desire Realm Heaven, but it ’s just Want to disguise five Thunder Eyes! Xiao Hua’s crash into the Cloud Dream Pool was totally accidental! As for Chi Xiaoxia, his Divine Soul has been broken in the next, and I do n’t feel a little Qi Immortal in the next, I can break the next Restriction. “

” How can your layout be seen by others? “Gao Lingsong asked angrily. Nahan, “mystery known only to heaven old man said with a bitter smile,” “Chi Xiaoxia clearly points out Divine Soul, Xiao Hua doesn’t know the real layout, so who knows? Desire Realm Heaven Disciple Xi Long visited in the past, but … Xi Long was actually beheaded in the Dusty Leisure Sea! “

” Ah? “Gao Lingsong was surprised,” Your Disciple was beheaded Killing in the Dusty Leisure Sea, what is his strength and when? “