LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1984

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“Xi Long is the Initial Stage of Juyuan,” mystery known only to heaven The old man thought for a while, replied, “I do n’t know exactly what the strength is, but I remember the time when he fell. It should be after the death of Nether Pole, he also sent me a message before the fall, telling me about the Dusty Leisure Sea. “

” si “Gao Lingsong shivered, and the right hand flickered. The immortal wine almost overflowed, and he whispered, “Xi Long is going to kill Xiao Hua, and … and he was killed by Nether Pole, that is, Xiao Hua, Situ Hong, and Wei Cheng. “!”

This is a secret that is not known to Punishment Palace, Legislation Palace or even Guan Tianyue!

What does this mean?

Either Xiao Hua is alive, or there is someone behind Xiao Hua!

Xi Long is Gathering Yuan Immortal. He is almost invincible in Yellow Past Heaven. He obeys the old order of mystery known only to heaven. He does not provoke others. His possibility of falling is related to others. Very few.

“Yeah!” Mystery known only to heaven One Revolution, the old man ’s eyes, accompanied the laughter, “I have always wondered, will Xiao Hua escape in the annihilation of Nether Pole? Unfortunately, old man Has always been stared at Azure Jade Gate, ca n’t be Lower Realm, and the old man does not have anything related to Xiao Hua, otherwise the old man has already performed the Five Thunders Divination Technique to find out the truth. “

mystery known Only to heaven The old man just talked blindly to show his situation, but heard that Gao Lingsong was different, he narrowed his eyes and looked at mystery known only to heaven The old man said: “mystery known only to heaven, don’t hide You said, your things are big or small, I ’m going to take you back at this time, Azure Jade Gate applause first, you ’re no more Fellow Immortal in Heavenly Venerable Mansion than Azure Jade Gate Right? “

” Yes, yes. “Mystery known only to heaven The old man could only laugh at this time.

“So,” Gao Lingsong said sternly, “you only have one chance!”

Speaking, Gao Lingsong took out the crystall ball and looked at Ghostly Green phantom inside. The mystery known only to heaven The old man was silent.

“This,” mystery known only to heaven, the old man gave birth to a lightning wire, and Shen said, “Who is this Remnant Soul?”

“One was attacked and killed by Xiao Hua Remnant Soul of Dust Immortal, “Gao Lingsong solemnly said,” This is an old man who took all the hard work to get it, but the old man is not sure, so I dare not use it easily. Now it seems that Xiao Hua may be alive, but he still has There may be some people, so the old man gives you the opportunity to show the Five Thunders Divination Technique and see where Xiao Hua is! “

” Many thanks for giving me this opportunity, “mystery known only to heaven It was a joy, but he looked at Remnant Soul and was worried, “But this is Remnant Soul related to Xiao Hua. It is not Xiao Hua’s own thing. In the Five Thunders Divination Technique, I am afraid that it is impossible for Divination to give out the specifics of Xiao Hua. There is only a chance … “

” It depends on whether you want to go to Heavenly Venerable Mansion with the old man! “Gao Lingsong threw the crystall ball to mystery known only to hea ven old man, “left and right old man has given the opportunity to your hands!”

“Okay!” mystery known only to heaven The old man took the crystall ball and thought for a moment, clenched the teeth, ” Many thanks, the adults give me the opportunity, and I will do my best to find out the trace of Xiao Hua or the backing behind him for adults! Please come down here for adults … “

After that, mystery known only to heaven Get up and prepare to fly out of the great hall.

“Fellow Immortal is anxious,” Gao Lingsong raised his hand, said the wine glass, “and drank this glass, rest a bit, you and I are here to succeed, must be careful.”

“Okay!” mystery known only to heaven The old man beckoned and took the drink in his hand and sipped it, “Adult is under the law!”

Drank immortal wine, mystery known only to Heaven raised hands, the wine cup changed into powder in Thunder Light.

The mystery known only to heaven, the old man changed into Fire Blaze, flew straight out, waited through the heavy Immortal Restriction, and flew to the mountain peak behind the great hall, before falling to a square copper platform .

The four corners of this platform have singular Immortal Beast baring fangs and brandishing claws. There are five colors on the edge of the platform. Lei Ting alternates with Flickering lights. Mystery known only to heaven. The old man said to Gao Lingsong next to him: “This is not unusual. The four minefields used, annoying adults are waiting outside the minefields. “

After speaking, without waiting for Gao Lingsong to say anything, mystery known only to heaven, the old man flew down,” hong-hong …… Five colors Lei Ting poured from the platform and rushed into Immortal Beast. Four Immortal Beasts roared and flew up into the air to protect the platform!

mystery known only to heaven, the old man Five Hearts toward the Heaven, sitting cross-legged in Lei Ting, not at all throb Immortal Art, but let Lei Ting seduce true True Thunder, and wash his Immortal Body After just a few days, his Immortal Body became five colors, so he slowly drew Immortal Art, and five Thunder Balls were born in the center of the four Immortal Beasts.