LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1987

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Xiao Hua stunned, he couldn’t help but detect the released Overflowing Sense twice, and then sounded out the sound transmission: “Yes, is it Fellow Immortal Dongfang?”

Dongfang Yushan I was flying in a hurry, and I was surprised when I heard someone ’s sound transmission. I stopped and hurriedly looked up to where Xiao Hua came from, said in surprise: “Who?”

“Haha, it ’s really Fellow Immortal. Dongfang! “Xiao Hua laughed, and hurried to stimulate to motion, his body flew over, shouting,” Xiao thought he was dreaming! “

” Fellow Immortal Ren ?? “Dongfang Yushan saw Xiao Hua is also extremely surprised. He cried out, “It’s really didn’t expect. I can see you here.”

Xiao Hua looked at Dongfang Yushan’s surprise, and his heart also I think the fate is wonderful. Xiao Hua first encountered Dongfang Yushan in the Approaching Cloud Pond. At that time, Xiao Hua was Overflowing Immortal. He met Dongfang Yushan in a selection of the Pill Dao Alliance. At that time, Dongfang Yushan was very arrogant and ignored Xiao Hua. Later, I met Dongfang Yushan on Bingyu Mountain. Of course, Xiao Hua and Dongfang Yushan went to Jiangqin Heavenly Ladder together to complete the mission of the Pill Dao Alliance. With Yu Ya’zi and Kangcheng’s adventure, Dongfang Yushan confronted Xiao Hua was astounded, and even Xiao Hua ’s perception of life made Dongfang Yushan sigh endlessly, so when you heard that there was a hidden illness in Xiao Hua Nascent Soul Body, he volunteered to take Xiao Hua to Catalpas Bud Mountain Village, that is, in Catalpas Bud Mountain Village, Dongfang Yushan told his sufferings to Xiao Hua again (see Second Chapter, Chapter 117, Life is cultivation, how difficult it is).

Dongfang Yushan encountered annoying things at home, and was difficult to choose between love and family. After leaving the Enlightenment House, he went to the Approaching Cloud Pond to relax, only to encounter Xiao Hua. Catalpas Bud Mountain Village’s Fang Family is familiar with the family, so Dongfang Yushan took Xiao Hua to the Fang Family for help. After arriving at the Fang Family, Dongfang Yushan introduced Xiao Hua to Fang Zheng, and he bid farewell to Xiao Hua and never saw him again.

Xiao Hua heard Dongfang Yushan’s name again, that is, Xiao Guyu, Yuan Xing incarnation Zhan Xiu, with fake Dongfang Yushan met Xiao Hua on the road, Yuan Xing was a seamless plan, How to know at first was seen by Xiao Hua.

Dongfang Yushan but Overflowing Immortal, Xiao Hua never thought of meeting him again!

Xiao Hua responded with a big smile, and reached out, “haha, where is life not meeting!”

Dongfang Yushan did not realize that Xiao Hua was so enthusiastic. In the previous situation at Catalpas Bud Mountain Village, he returned to the Enlightenment Capital because of some words from Xiao Hua, so he also put his guard down, a smile appeared on his face, and reached out to hold Xiao Hua’s hand together, “Yes Ah, I heard something happened at Catalpas Bud Mountain Village. Fang Zheng and Fang Sha both fell. It scared me. But I ’m kind. Do n’t push you into Fire Pit. I hurriedly told the family Inheritance. Fortunately, I heard from Fang Hong that you told the Xiao Xiang’zi that you actually saved the Fang Family, and the Fang Family thanked me so much that it made me sorry. Oh, they said they wanted me to invite you Go to Catalpas Bud Mountain Village again, yes, I went to Pill Dao Alliance to find out your news, and they do n’t have your exact news … “

” haha, “Xiao Hua said with a smile, “Ren is just a brief introduction to Rogue Cultiva tor, go wherever cultivation is comfortable, Pill Secret Art from Pill Dao Alliance is good, it ’s hard to say on cultivation! “

” Huh, understand! “Dongfang Yushan also deeply sympathized with nods Said, “With the latent talent of Fellow Immortal Ren, at that time, I had a deep understanding of the Space Principle, and it must now be even more powerful.”

“The cultivation of Immortal Realm is difficult!” Xiao Hua said with a smile, “So many years of cultivation seem to be the same thing. Oh, by the way, how did you come to Continent? After you go back, how will things at home be handled?”

“Oh, don’t mention it!” Dongfang Yushan was very happy. When Xiao Hua mentioned the family matters, he sighed, “I thought it would be OK to go back, I thought I decided it myself, and everything will be resolved. How do you know … “

At this point, Dongfang Yushan eyes shined and said,” This place has a long story to come, Fellow Immortal Ren, if you do n’t have any urgency, how about walking with me? ? I’ll talk to you on the road. “

” Yes! “Xiao Hua said with a smile,” “But you have to tell me where to leave Yilin Continent. I have a little thing in Yilin Continent.” “

” Leaving Continent? Dongfang Yushan looked at where Xiao Hua came from, said in surprise, “Did you leave the Continent? I just flew from outside Bent Continent! “

” No way! Xiao Hua looked behind him and Dongfang Yushan behind him, said with a bitter smile, “Well, I don’t say anything, so I’m also in Continent. I’ll go with you first!” “

Dongfang Yushan is overjoyed, took out Immortal Boat and said,” Fellow Immortal Ren please. “

On the Immortal Boat, Xiao Hua asked,” How about the two Im Imalals, Yu Ya’zi and Kang Cheng? ” Yu Ya’zi said to make Vast Source Immortal Wine, have you tried it? “

” Well, “Dongfang Yushan stimulated to motion Immortal Boat, sighing one sound,” The two of them still had some transmits message, and then I was tired of things at home, and I was too lazy to transmit messages. . As for Yu Ya’zi’s Vast Source Immortal Wine, after he successfully brewed it, he sent someone a little over. It was really rarely seen immortal wine. “

” Hehe, “Xiao Hua said with a smile,” I’m kind of immortal wine here. It should be better than Vast Source Immortal Wine. Would you like to taste it? ” “

” Forget it, forget it. “Dongfang Yushan waved,” I’m confused now, and any drink is bitter in my mouth. “

” Maybe bitter, that’s the real taste of immortal wine! ” ”

Xiao Hua’s meaningful words not at all caught Dongfang Yushan’s attention. He looked at a distant snowstorm that broke Heaven and Earth, and said, “Last time at Catalpas Bud Mountain Village, to be honest, I am First I talked to others about my mind. Also, I also decided. Since Heavenly Dao arranged my life, that is also my inevitable Predestination. I still walk along this road … ”

“I think this idea is very good,” Xiao Hua nods said, “Male Immortal may be different from Female Immortal sometimes, like fresh, can’t stand temptation, but fresh will also find that every Female Immortal may be the same in the past “

” Oh, “Dongfang Yushan smiled, said differential expression to Xiao Hua’s words, and then said,” So I said goodbye to you at Catalpas Bud Mountain Village, and went straight back to the Enlightenment, face to face. Apologize to Yu Min and ruin Wang Lang’s transmits message Immortal Artifact … “

” What ?? “Xiao Hua was shocked and lost his voice,” You … Who are you? “

Dongfang Yushan was startled, said in surprise:” Who? What’s wrong? “

Xiao Hua took a long breath and suppressed the madness in his heart Jump and ask: “You ruined Wang Lang’s transmits message Immortal Artifact? Who is Wang Lang?”