LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1990

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The phoenix flies over the mountain range, and on the front is a foot that has several hundred 10,000 li in size. The water in the water looks turbid. Under the faint Dark Green moonlight of the Autumn Brush Moon, it flashes strange waves. The mist of water all around is still cricket-shaped, but most of it is incomplete. The moonlight in the air is intermittent, and there is obviously a Space fault flooding all around.

Looking at Mizusawa in the distance, it is near the center. Loose ancient wood, mountains, and even cracked mountain ranges abound. Looking inside the water shadow, thunder marks remain on several dead woods. Xiao Hua already understood something, pointing under the water, and said, “There should have been fighting here, it was not the case before.”

“Is it Wang Lang and Yu Min …” Dongfang Yushan vest sweated, startled.

Foundation Waiting for Dongfang Yushan to finish, Xiao Hua said with a smile: “You think more, don’t say Yu Min is Overflowing Immortal High Rank, Wang Lang is only Dust Immortal, the two will not fight So; even ten Yu Mins cannot have such strength. “

” Yes, yes, “said Dongfang Yushan relaxed,” I’m just too worried. “

“I’m not familiar with Yu Min,” Xiao Hua thought for a moment, comforting, “but I have seen her for a while. It doesn’t seem unreasonable. She asked you to come over, maybe she wanted to face to face completely. Solve your three questions, right? “

” Mike Wang Lang has been hiding here? “Dongfang Yushan also released Overflowing Sense, a little excited,” I said I couldn’t find her! ” /p>

Speaking of which, Xiao Hua Immortal Body is stiff, and his released Soul Consciousness can be seen clearly. There are several mountain ranges in the middle of Mizusawa. The mountain range is certainly a little bumpy, but it is similar to Xiao Hua mystery known only to heaven r.

“That’s it!” Xiao Hua was on the alert, without the body Immortal Power surging.

Why don’t you know that Feng Yan just flew to the center of Mizusawa and made a light turn? He actually flew to another direction. Xiao Hua hesitated and turned to follow, but his Soul Consciousness was still in the middle of Mizusawa’s investigation.

Xiao Hua has clearly seen that under Mizusawa, there are many collapsed spaces and mountains, and there are still a few thunders in many places. If nothing else, here is mystery known only to heaven Where Eye is, and the last time mystery known only to heaven The old man shot to destroy five Thunder Eyes in order to cover up his layout. This should be one of them.

If Gao Lingsong finds mystery known only to heaven, he will definitely be here. As for Chi Mu, one of the eighteen graves was in Yu Linze, and he naturally wanted to come over, maybe he happened to meet Gao Lingsong!

As it happens, I ca n’t fully believe it. Xiao Hua still tends to wait here for Gao Lingsong, because from the mystery known only to heaven Divine Soul of the old man ’s spirit descent, Xiao Hua knows mystery known only to Heaven old man is good at Five Thunders Divination Technique. When year Xiao Hua kills Xi Long, the following Divination mystery known only to heaven should be mystery known only to heaven.

“Where is Gao Lingsong?” Xiao Hua thought to himself.

“咦?” Xiao Hua was thinking for a while, Dongfang Yushan said in surprise, “Why is it suddenly foggy?”

Xiao Hua came back to his senses Looking at it, surely, I do n’t know when it will fog on Mizusawa. This mist is different from the previous one, blocking Xiao Hua ’s eyes, and the phoenix that has been flying all the way along with the shuttle, Xiaguang has begun to dim.

After the phoenix flew into a mist, the one sound of “peng” burst directly, and then the mist dispersed, revealing a dilapidated temple inside.

Only a small part of this temple is exposed from the water. There are some weird Runes on the black pillars and eaves. The cracked phoenix falls into the water next to the temple. A neither too big nor too small vortex.

“Dongfang Yushan,” Yu Min’s voice sounded at the same time, “Wang Lang is below, you come! We are waiting for you!”

“Yu Min, “Looking at all around the dangerous environment, Dongfang Yushan couldn’t help yelling,” You imprisoned Wang Lang here, right? “

” gé gé, “Yu Min’s voice was now Under vortex came, “Dongfang Yushan, what are you anxious, come down and look understood! In addition, I also advise you to ask for any help, you have harmed others.”

“heng,” Dongfang Yushan coldly snorted one sound, said, “I don’t need to care what I do!”

“Okay, it’s up to you …” Yu Min sighed one sound and stopped saying anything .

Dongfang Yushan took a look at Xiao Hua and said, “Fellow Immortal Ren, you are here with me, I am very grateful. Listen to what Yu Min means, the following is dangerous, Fellow Immortal is back!”