LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1994

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Finally, five Gao Lingsongs stimulated to motion Immortal Power at the same time. How did you know that Immortal Power just stimulated to motion and “hong-long-long” all around Space immediately gave birth to the Purple Principle Lei Ting. Imprison Immortal Power of five Gao Lingsongs!

“Noise!” Gao Lingsong wearing a Qilin dao robe frowned slightly, and raised his hands, an immortal Artifact that looked like an official seal rushed into the sky, and Heavenly Venerable Mansion phantom appeared on the Immortal Artifact. , Phantom is over, shallow Purple Lei Ting is dying immediately!

“Haha,” Xiao Hua laughed, and said, “Your main body is here, fight!”

With the laugh, Xiao Hua shook his body, “Whiz whiz whiz whiz” four shadows flew out!

Xiao Hua ’s shadow figure is 30% of Xiao Hua ’s strength, naturally it is not tolerated in Yellow Past Heaven, and the shadow figure does not have the light body of Xiao Hua main body. It just came out and there is a crazy shallow Purple. Principle Lei Ting falls like a torrent!

“Hong-hong Boom” Lei Ting roared Gao Lingsong’s Heavenly Venerable Mansion Immortal Artifact! !!

Gao Lingsong can’t see the figure of Xiao Hua. At this moment, he watched unbelievably the four soaring Aura rushed to himself, cry out in surprise: “You …”

“Why are you?” Xiao Hua was stunned, and had reached Gao Lingsong wearing a Qilin dao robe. Coldly said, “You go to death!”

Saying, Xiao Hua One punch in Gao Lingsong face!

As Xiao Hua ’s fist fell, Space in front of Gaoling Songtou quickly produced a lot of Space folds, and after the Space folds were piled to the extreme, “Woo” a small gray spot in Xiao Hua ’s fist Born before, and this gray dot foundation does not allow Gao Lingsong to react, it has hit his face!

“Ah!” Gao Lingsong’s heartbreaking scream, Xiao Hua this fist not only directly penetrated Gao Lingsong’s head, but the gray dots fell in the cracking sound of “ka-cha 嚓” When the Qilin dao robe of Gaoling pine was broken, an Immortal Puppet showing condense mysterious Rune was revealed, “peng ~ peng ~ peng ~”. While the Imuneal Puppet’s whole body ruptured, large pieces of debris fell from Immortal Puppet.

Almost at the same time, in the popping sound of “peng ~ peng ~ peng ~”, the other four Gao Lingsongs also burst, or fiery, or fragments of water and light hiding the sky and covering the earth. Scattered.

“Well,” Xiao Hua glanced around and looked at the four figures, five voices sounded like Gao Lingsong, “Victory!”

Said As Xiao Hua waved his hand, moved towards the five broken Immortal Puppet’s skulls.

Unfortunately, foundation did not wait for Xiao Hua to cast. On “pu-pu-pu” five Immortal Puppets, Gao Lingsong’s five Primordial Spirits had burst into self-destruction.

“oh?” Xiao Hua was a bit surprised, secretly thought, “It’s so careful, Xiao can’t seem to care.”

Xiao Hua looks up to be seen by Principle Lei Ting The Heavenly Venerable Mansion official seal, which was tumbling, did not dare to raise it directly, he thought for a moment, and asked one of the figures to close the Heavenly Venerable Mansion official seal. Fortunately, the Heavenly Venerable Mansion official seal did not make any difference. , All of a sudden was included in Space.

“Chi Mu?”

Xiao Hua took a picture and released Overflowing Sense. After a little investigation, it has been discovered that Chi Mu was imprisoned by Gao Lingsong under the debris of Mizuki Thunder Eye.

“Well?” Looking at Chi Mu, there was also an equally unconscious Overflowing Immortal, Xiao Hua frowned, secretly thought, “This … Isn’t this Jiang Haochen, why is he here?”

However, Xiao Hua not at all hurriedly flew down, but released Soul Consciousness. He surveyed the entire space again, and there was no exception, so he flew down and fell.

Xiao Hua feels a little too careful. After all, he left the last clue is Gathering Yuan Immortal. Even though Gao Lingsong is careful, it is enough to use five Immortal Puppets that are comparable to the True Immortal Middle Rank. What’s more, there is a large Five Elements Immortal Array with the help of Mizuki Thunder Eye?

Unfortunately, what he encountered was Xiao Hua who was not afraid of Principle Heaven. If he was True Body Lower Realm, it would be a Death Road!

Xiao Hua flew under the shard of Thunder Eye, raised his hand and tapped, and first awakened Chi Mu. Chi Mu turned over and looked around, hurriedly and respectfully: “Disciple has seen Lord.”

“what’s going on?” Xiao Hua frowns saying.

“Lord, where is this?” Chi Mu uttered shame on his face, whispered, “Disciple didn’t know what happened, Disciple searched Yu Linze and finally found the place of the last Tsukasu, I just buried Tsukasu, and before I got up, everything was understood as soon as I saw it! “

” Weird! “Xiao Hua muttered and looked at Chi Mu.” The old man wants to investigate Your Divine Soul! “

” Lord please! “Chi Mu hurriedly said,” Look, Disciple has been searched for souls! “

Why Xiao Hua told Gao Ling Song is extremely frightened. One of them is that he is afraid that Chi Mu will fall into the hands of Gao Lingsong. Gao Lingsong will know everything about him through soul searching, especially his strength.

However, from the perspective of Gao Lingsong’s treatment of himself, Gao Lingsong did not know that he was already Golden Immortal.

Sure enough, Xiao Hua raised his hand to Chi Mu’s eyebrows and smiled recently. He finally understood why Zhang Qingxiao said Good Fortune Gate Disciple was not afraid of Immortal Realm Immortal Being soul searching.

Not only is Zhang Qingxiao leaving a traceless Heavenly Demon array in Chi Mu Divine Soul, it is also Jaded-Document Xiao Hua. A simple restriction is placed in Immortal Realm, which is an insurmountable restriction. !! This is actually the same reason that Immortal Artifact of Jaded-Document Xiao Hua sacrificial refining cannot be used in Immortal Realm.

“Haha, no wonder Gao Lingsong thought Xiao wasn’t Xiao, and only thought Xiao but Gathering Yuan Immortal!” Xiao Hua laughed and asked, “Can all the other Tsukasu bells be returned to their respective homeland?”

“Yes, Lord” Chi Mu flashed a pride in his eyes, nods said, “Every Tsukasu Disciple has seen it a few times, and even carefully asked where there is Immortal Being, to ensure that every Every grave bell is sent back to the homeland of each fallen war general! “

” Okay! “Xiao Hua patted Chi Mu’s shoulder and said,” Their stay is also their mind before the fall, you yourself Packed up! “

” Many thanks Lord, “Chi Mu smiled nods.

“Who is he?” Xiao Hua asked Jiang Haochen with a finger.

“Disciple doesn’t know,” Chi Mu looked at Jiang Haochen and shook his head slightly.

“Well,” Xiao Hua said, “You worked hard, old man sent you back to meditate.”

“Thank you for your trouble Lord,” Chi Mu respectfully thanks, Never ask yourself what happened.

Xiao Hua returns Chi Mu to Space and directly to Azure Mound Mountain secret place for training.

Xiao Hua thought for a while, imprisoned Ye Jian’s Immortal Power, and sent it from the sacrificial refining Spirit Realm Space.

“Lord?” Ye Jian Nahan, I do n’t know why Xiao Hua imprisoned his Immortal Power, standing in midair and hurriedly saluting, “What’s wrong?”

“Look, Xiao Hua pointed behind Ye Jian.

“Jiang Haochen?” Ye Jian was stupid and looked at Jiang Haochen in wonder. “Lord, you are True God. Disciple just said Jiang Haochen, you always found him. Where did you find it?” “

” It ’s a coincidence that the old man is also a coincidence, “Xiao Hua said with a smile.” So I’m calling you out now to ask you what to do! He is still in a coma and doesn’t know what happened. ” , Old man is not clear about his current situation. “

” Well, this is Disciple! “Ye Jian smiled and raised his hand to wake up Jiang Haochen.

“Ye … Ye Jian?” Jiang Haochen was surprised to see Ye Jian, but immediately, he hurried back, and seemed to be afraid of something.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid!” Ye Jian saw this, said with a smile, “Mysterious Origin Space is already a matter of rotten sesame, I won’t care about you.”

“You,” Jiang Haochen looked at Ye Jian thousand zhang’s body, and whispered, “You have to be a junior?”

“Wrong!” Ye Jian was too lazy to talk to him directly, directly “I’m already Heavenly Immortal!”

“Impossible!” Jiang Haochen not even think shook his head, “You lie to me!”

“You think “Ye Jian stared at Jiang Haochen seriously.” When did I lie to you on these issues? “

” Then … “Jiang Haochen glanced at Xiao Hua and said,” Yes Did you fish me out of Thunder Eye? “

” No, “Ye Jian saw Xiao Hua did not explain the meaning, said with a smile,” I fished out of you, there should be someone else But at this moment, what I want to tell you is, do you want to cultivate with me? “

” Let me worship you as a teacher? “Jiang Haochen’s mouth sneered.

“Of course not,” Ye Jian said, “I have talked to you about my Teacher before. After all, Profound Warrior from Mysterious Origin Space, I’m afraid it’s just you and me. I have the opportunity. , Ca n’t forget you, I can ask my Teacher to accept you as an apprentice, I will teach on behalf of the teacher! ”

“ OK, ”Xiao Hua said with a smile beside,“ Jiang Haochen, do n’t listen to Ye Jian Nonsense, I have limited Disciple. If you are willing, I can let other Immortal Being accept you as a disciple. Of course, I can guarantee that your cultivation needs to be the same as Ye Jian. Of course, I do n’t really clear your situation, you If you are in the Jiang Family and do n’t want to leave, I do n’t want to. ”

“ This, ”Jiang Haochen hesitated a bit. After all, he was already step by step in the Jiang Family, how could he leave at will?

“You see” Ye Jian knows Jiang Haochen best. He raises his hand to Jiang Haochen’s eyebrows, but Jiang Haochen’s foundation has no response.

“Ah?” Jiang Haochen was stunned for a moment.

“You believe it?” Ye Jian said with a smile, “I do have Heavenly Immortal, and I won’t lie to you. If you pay respects to join … under my Teacher’s door, I dare not say you You must catch up with me, but I promise you will be better than Jiang Family! Because, as far as I know … “

” Cough, “Xiao Hua coughed twice, preventing Ye Jian from speaking Jiang Meihua.

“Okay!” Jiang Haochen said, “I am willing, but I do n’t know how to worship.”

“Ah?” Jiang Haochen agreed, but Ye Jian was surprised, Rather, “Why did you agree so easily?”

“Do you want me to pretend to make a few more excuses?” Jiang Haochen didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Yeah,” Ye Jian said earnestly, “how can it be so simple to follow your personality?”

“That’s the hardship you’ve never experienced with Immortal Realm,” Jiang Haochen sighed, “If you are as difficult as I am in cultivation and seeing this opportunity, how can you disagree?”

Jiang Haochen never forgets to look at Mizuki Thunder Eye above his head.

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