LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 1997

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Xiao Hua did n’t know why Ye Feng was so strange at the time, and Ye Feng was dead. Dead men tell no tales. He did n’t have a chance to ask, so he said with a sneer: “I Where do you know, if you have the ability, go to Hell to find Ye Feng. “

” Hmm, “Gao Lingsong answered Xiao Hua without any surprises, and he kept saying to Zhao Ting again,” And Third, you go Means of killing Zhao Ting! “

” What’s wrong? “

Xiao Hua squinted and glanced at Gaolingsong, Gaolingsong retreated sharply, looking as scared as Ye Feng .

“Don’t worry,” Gao Lingsong said in a respectful tone. “This Mystical Ability, as if I’ve heard of it, should be called Yansha! This Mystical Ability, even if there is a dugulan Nine Palaces Immortal High Rank protects Zhao Ting, and you can easily kill her, don’t you say, Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerable? “

” Ah? “I heard here, even Xiao Hua He was a little surprised, he didn’t understand how Gao Lingsong regarded himself as Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerable!

“You can’t think of it?” Gao Lingsong was quite proud, but he still didn’t dare to approach Xiao Hua.

Xiao Hua laughed at himself: “I really didn’t expect.”

“Yeah,” Gao Lingsong laughed, and said, “If I had some friendship with Ye Feng before, If it were n’t for the occasional knowledge that Ye Feng was a close friend of Star Dome Hu Yanming, and I knew Hu Yanming was sitting next to you, and Senior Yuan is old, I would n’t dare to join you with Ye Feng, and that ’s it, I understand why you went to the Star City. Presumably you are looking for Ye Feng to kill Monster Clan at will, right? “

Xiao Hua squinting his eyes, hearing this, he is completely I understand Li Moyi’s viciousness. Li Moyi wants to make him a shield.

Of course, in this way, Xiao Hua also determined that Li Moyi was the reincarnation of Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerable.

Since Li Moyi is the reincarnation of Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerable, what about Bai Xiaotu?

Do you still need to say?

Xiao Hua’s bottom of the heart gave birth to an incredible.

At this point, Gao Lingsong’s face gave expectation and looked at Xiao Hua quietly, seemingly waiting for Xiao Hua’s confirmation.

Unfortunately Xiao Hua didn’t say a word when he saw Gao Lingsong.

“Cough,” Gao Lingsong said with a light cough, alleviating the embarrassment, and said, “Actually, judging from your cultivation speed, you must be Heavenly Venerable reincarnation, otherwise it would not be less than three hundred Year Time cultivation to Nine Palaces Immortal! And still High Rank !!! So … “

Xiao Hua understands a bit, said with a smile:” So what? “

” Wang The portrait in Lang’s hand is what Heavenly Venerable Yue Zhen specified, “Gao Lingsong has decided to ask for the trust of Xiao Hua, the fake Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerable, and said,” That thing is used by the Ancient Aristocratic Family Liu Family. The Faith Token was originally from my family and I got it from my family. Now that this Faith Token has been destroyed by you, I ca n’t tell the Lord Heavenly Venerable. Only by relying on you can I live, so I implore you. Accept me !!! You went to the city of the Star Tower to find Ye Feng, didn’t you just want to recall your old ministry? I can also help you in this matter, and I can do better. Oh, to Is it more secretive? “

” The Faith Token of the Ancient Aristocratic Family Liu Family !!!!! “

Xiao Hua The joyous heart is about to come out, he really didn’t expect The portrait with Liu Yanyu’s back printed and a poem turned out to be a Faith Token for Liu Yanyu’s invitation. Even so, Mo Gao Songsong was tempted, even if Gao Lingsong shot and killed himself, Xiao Hua would never take the portrait. Take it out!

Xiao Hua was relaxed and slightly calm. By this time, he finally understood why at first, Gao Lingsong told the truth to himself, and from start to finish, he did n’t dare to approach himself. He turned himself on as Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerable is reincarnated. It looks like Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerable was arrogant during his lifetime!

Xiao Hua thought for a while. Although he is not Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerable, he can definitely give Gao Lingsong less than Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerable. Now he is in an absolute disadvantage. If he can turn hostility into friendship, The best choice for Xiao Hua. Especially after receiving Gao Lingsong, as his Heavenly Venerable Mansion Vice Hall Master, he can also help himself very well.

So Xiao Hua nods said: “That being the case, you swear allegiance!”

Besides, this is a space overflowed with Silver Light. At this time, countless bubbles were generated. The bubbles burst as soon as they were born. The unspeakable fluctuation began to rag as if it was the first hurricane.

“Damn !!!” Gao Lingsong felt the backlash strength of Heavenly Venerable lock, his eyebrows were sore and painful, he couldn’t help shocking in his heart, and yelled in the mouth, “Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerable, but Nine Palace High Rank, but also suppressed by Heavenly Venerable lock, it can still have such strength, if he was broken off, would I have life? “

Gao Lingsong thought of this,” pu “Essence and Blood spit out, and once again, he knew what to do, but before he was so impressed that Silver Light fell into Immortal Art, Xiao Hua looked like electricity, looking towards Gao Lingsong screamed one sound “Ray!”