LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 2000

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Xiao Hua took Jade Ruyi and said: “You are watching outside the hall, I will adjust the interest rate a little bit and ask you to come in.”

“Lord, I know,” Fly out into Void Point.

Xiao Hua took Jade Ruyi and was about to sit cross-legged.

“si” gave birth to sharp pain at the tail, Xiao Hua stood up in shock, he could not look into the wound to look at the empty great hall, and hurried Mind fell into Space again. After a while, Xiao Hua Mind Return to position, slightly add Jade Ruyi to sacrificial refining, and gently, a few iridescence breakthrough Immortal Restriction fall to other great halls.

Xiao Hua is dangling and falls into iridescence, but in 5 minutes, he has swept away the Gao Lingsong Cave Mansion.

Then Xiao Hua took a deep breath, put Jade Ruyi into Space, Mind change into Jaded-Document Xiao Hua wiped his trace.

Xiao Hua flew out of the great hall in a hurry, and Cheng Xu was standing outside the hall. When he saw Xiao Hua, he was surprised: “So fast, Lord.”

Xiao Hua thought for a moment , Whispered sound transmission: “The layout of the old man has been seen, so the old man must hurry to the Lower Realm, remember one sentence, Li Moyi is Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerable reincarnation!”

“Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerable “” Cheng Xu was so surprised that his jaw would fall off.

Xiao Hua sneered in his heart, Li Moyi planted himself, and naturally he had to fight back. This is what he returned to him!

Xiao Hua also didn’t say much, and handed Jade Ruyi to Cheng Xu again: “Blessed is Grotto Heaven, you will be carefully guarded.”

Cheng Xu has not yet From the news of Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerable, came back to his senses, Mudu took Jade Ruyi, and casually said, “Yes, Lord!”

I ca n’t help but wake up, Xiao Hua has already According to Gao Lingsong’s memory, the breakthrough Immortal Restriction flew away.

“Congratulations to Lord,” Cheng Xu hurriedly bowed.

Looking at Xiao Hua’s body disappearing and shaking his head into a false smile, said with a bitter smile: “Lord is not easy!”

After speaking, Cheng Xu suddenly realized, My heart turned back and forth: “No, how could Lord tell me so secretly? Could it be …”

Thinking that Cheng Xu had a bad feeling in his heart, he flew back to the great hall Before, Gao Lingsong did not dare to enter the great hall lightly, but looking at the depression in the great hall, a kind of sorrow was born in Xuxin.

“Eldest Senior Brother,” Zhang Zhan sneaked over to see Cheng Xu’s expression, whispered, “how?”

“This time it is really troublesome, Cheng Xu looked at Zuo Jin and lowered his voice. “Last time I felt troubled, but Lord’s cheerful turn was laid out within Cave Mansion. It was absolutely secure. But you also saw that Lord himself was seriously injured, Boundary. Recession, and now dare not even dare to meditate, Lower Realm again … “

Cheng Xu naturally did not dare to tell the news of Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerable, he only expressed his worry and concern.

“I hope Lord can come back again smoothly!” Zhang Zhan is also a little trembling in fear, and muttered a few words, hurriedly.

Imagination for a while, standing at the door of the great hall, he had no intention of cultivation, after all, the news of Glorious Sky Heavenly Venerable was too shocking.

About half a day, the “bang” one sound alarm sounded outside of Fuyou Grotto Heaven, shivered into a virtual one, and said, “Zhang Zhan, Zhang Zhan …”

Do n’t wait for Zhang to answer, there is a “sound” one sound on the sky, Heavenly Curtain was torn, and a humanoid flashing Gold Light flashed down!

“The great hall was swept away!” the colder said. “If Gao Lingsong had not escaped, he would have been slaughtered and someone pretended to be him!” Stupid.

“Go!” The comer waved his sleeve, rolled Cheng Xu into his sleeve, and said, “You walk with the old man!”

Gold Light, where Xu Cheng not at all Any panic, but a smile came out of the corner of his mouth, a talented person chooses a patron of integrity.

“Sir, sir …”

“Eldest Senior Brother, Eldest Senior Brother …”

After coming, Zhang Zhan and others flew out, Shouted.

Unfortunately, “ka-cha 嚓” made a lot of tremors, and Blessing Grotto Heaven was forcibly sealed by the people. These Immortal Being Fates are no longer under their control.

Fate of Zhang Zhan can’t control it by themselves, but Xiao Hua’s Fate can be controlled by himself.

Let Xiao Hua fly out of Blessing Grotto Heaven, immediately stimulate to motion Technique of Light Escape, straight down to 8 Heavenly Layer!

When I saw Nothingness Exceeding Measure Heaven, Xiao Hua immediately changed her appearance. She was still a stunner, and found a secret place. She waved out of Kunlun Mountain Mirror, and Qiao Lunhui and other Good Fortune Gate Disciple Submit them so that they immediately go to create array.

Qiao Lunhui and so on, seeing Xiao Hua so, dare not neglect, and hurried to create array in person.

I saw that under the cloth of All Heaven Star Array, Xiao Hua was relaxed and was about to sit down. The tail came again with severe pain. Xiao Hua had no choice but to stand.

After Xiao Hua’s inspection, it seems that complexion has changed slightly.

Xiao Hua A shadow figure was destroyed and the Cultivation Base Boundary retreated sharply. How long is this? It actually fell to the Nine Palace Initial Rank! And the signs that Boundary subsided not at all stopped, at least it seems to be retreating to Golden Immortal!

Xiao Hua stimulate to motion Treading Divine Watchtower Cultivation Art, foundation could not be stopped, and simply no longer paid attention to. When year was in the Immemorial Immortal Realm shard, Xiao Hua was also cut directly to the Great Array of the Yellow River. Dust Immortal too!

“Damn,” Xiao Hua held back the fleshly body’s sharp pain and cursed again. He never thought that the death of a shadow figure would have such a great impact on his main body.

But after a while, he understands a bit. His figure is different from other figures. This figure is his own figure interchangeable figure. The Fine Sack Needle of Heavenly Venerable Mansion originally wanted Those who killed their main body, now a shadow figure replaces their main body, and they use Boundary to replace the main body and annihilate. Isn’t it a big advantage?

“But,” Xiao Hua, after waking up, felt the pain of his own tail, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, cursed, “tnnd, what is this Heavenly Venerable Mansion Immortal Artifact, this Heavenly Venerable Yue Zhen is too stingy! “

That being said, Xiao Hua understands the power of this Fine Sack Needle. Although the first step of Immortal Being cultivation is” the body of Leakless “, but the tail After all, the weakness of Immortal Being Inborn is Xiao Hua, even Beginning Light congeal body can’t help falling into this category, so the Fine Sack Needle of Heavenly Venerable Yue Zhen sacrificial refining is absolutely wonderful from the foundation.

“I do n’t know when I will be healed!”

“Is it possible to stand up and cultivate now?”

Xiao Hua secretly thought, Mind Entering Space, this battle was really unexpected by Xiao Hua, but it was unexpected!

Xiao Hua absolutely didn’t expect so hard and so terrible.

Previously, I have already claimed a High Rank in Jiugong, and it is not difficult to kill a Heavenly Venerable Mansion Vice Hall Master.

Where do you know the tight layout of Gao Lingsong? Step by step, introduce Xiao Hua into the Punishment Heaven Immortal Artifact, suppress it with Heavenly Venerable Lock, and suppress all Immortal Realm means of Xiao Hua! In fact, Xiao Hua did not consider the Heavenly Venerable Mansion ’s Punishment Heaven Immortal Artifact, but Xiao Hua ’s own Space has a Beheading Immortal Stage. That thing is the nemesis of the Punishment Immortal Artifact.

Unfortunately, the plan can’t keep up with the changes. Xiao Hua is a witch, but he can no longer stimulate to motion Beheading Immortal Stage. Fortunately, Xiao Hua has a witch body, Breaking Delusion Eye, Ruyi Stick, and Fiendgod 弑, otherwise Xiao Hua doesn’t even know how he died!

Of course, the consequences of causing Xiao Hua are also unexpected for Gao Lingsong. Gao Lingsong not only destroyed Immortal Nascent, but also destroyed Immortal Mark. His blessing, Grotto Heaven, was swept away by Xiao Hua!

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