LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 2003

“No, no,” Yuan Xing said with a smile, “In the Sky Team, General Rank generally refers to hunting base, Tun Teng, Bu Yao, and Yue Xiao, and High Rank general refers to the long vault and yao. Some The generals are very creditable, but their strength is not good. Promoting High Rank will be criticized, so Bingshu Palace will arrange them to enter Six Desire Heaven. At that time, your promotion was already a real Nine Palaces Immortal, and you went to Six Desire Heaven. What? “

At this point, Yuan Xing looked at Gu Sheyi’s disapproval and added:” Of course, if you are promoted to the vault of the vault and get the experience of Six Desire Heaven, then naturally Paint yourself with Gold Light, it shows that this warlord is valued by Bingshu Palace and is focusing on training. In the future, eight-nine will be the handsome demon! “

” Shoot What about peace? “Xiao Hua asked.

“The fill-up sounds and airspace have had several,” Yuan Xing explained. “No one has fallen, the position is not vacant, and no one will be promoted, so these two military positions They are called kings. The promotion of these two military posts is very complicated. After all, there are multiple interests involved. This person must be selected with strength, talent, service, etc. A king election is only to select possible candidates. Most of the battles selected by the king have not been promoted to shoot sounds until their death! “

” I never thought of any sounds of shots and airs, “Xiao Hua said with confidence,” I regard fame and reputation as excrement. “”

“At that time, my grown-up will be embraced by me,” Yuan Xing said, “without a high hat, said with a smile,” It wouldn’t work if you didn’t shoot properly! “

” Also, “Gu Sheyin asked,” Does the adult know the Six Desire Heaven figure? “

” I heard people say, “Xiao Hua nods said,” It is said that he is the same as the Seven Love Devil Tower. “

” Some people say that the foundation of Six Desire Heaven is the Six Desire Heaven figure! “Gu She said,” Six Desire Heaven The picture is broken and originally useless. It was taken by the Bingshu Palace. It is a hidden place between Immortal Realm and Jie Chong, and the Heavenly Realm that runs through the 6th-layer Heavenly Realm is laid. Without the Desire Heaven’s access Command Tile, Do n’t say to enter, you just need to find the portal to enter! ”

“ Otherwise, ”Xiao Hua said with a smile,“ You go! ”

“Humble General wants to go,” Gu She said with a bitter smile, “But Humble General’s strength, it’s better to die if you go in.”

“And, lord,” Yuan Xing also said, “Yi Er also said that Six Desire Heaven’s realm runs through six Heavenly Realm, which are called the Four King Heaven, Qi Litian, Ye Ferris, Tushui Tian, ​​Lechang Tian, ​​Hehua Mahesvara … “

Until Yuan Xing finishes speaking, Xiao Hua is startled:” Isn’t this Six Desire Heaven in Buddha State? “

” Yeah? “Gu She cried,” It’s Six Desire Heaven! “

” Well, “mentioning Six Desire Heaven, Xiao Hua couldn’t help but think Four Great Continent’s Six Desire Heaven at Meru Mountain, thinking of everything in that illusion, and even the little dot sent to Samsara, then sighed, “I don’t know what he is doing now. “

Gu Sheyu and Yuan Xing accompanied Xiao Hua, so they talked about Six Desire Heaven, and said something else, until the Seventh day, the fall of Xiao Hua’s Boundary stopped completely, Unsurprisingly, Xiao Hua expected that it was a big Boundary. Xiao Hua now has a High Rank in Golden Immortal!

Xiao Hua then lay on the Immortal Boat and started cultivation. On July 42 day, the sharp pain at the tail end completely disappeared.

Xiao Hua calm down and picked out some secrets about Heavenly Venerable Mansion from Gao Lingsong’s memory, and useful information for Guan Tianyue , Written in an Ink Immortal Disk, and then stimulate to motion to pass the rhino to Shuo Bing Transmission.

Listening to Shuo Bing, although dull, but faintly happy, Xiao Hua understands that this person is a number Bloodline ’s Female Immortal has felt her own safety.

I felt Shuo Bing ’s rejoicing, Xiao Hua was very touched, and continued sound transmission with a little thought: “Shuo Bing, if Yes, let Guan Tianyue will announce his message after their Hall Master, plead out detectors, old man is preparing to retreat cultivation, Guan Tianyue now everything is ready to owe Cultivation Base, he can retreat around with the old man. “

Shuo Bing, I do n’t know what Xiao Hua is thinking? I hurriedly agreed when I was overjoyed.

After about ten days, Xiao Hua suddenly moved in his heart, a shadow In the wake of Shuo Bing ’s prayers, it turned out that Shuo Bing had brought Guan Tianyue to the range of Xiao Hua ’s shadow, and Xiao Hua said nothing to make the shadow to bring Shuo Bing and Guan Tianyue into Space.

“Tianyue,” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua fell into Space, straight to the point, “This time Shuo Bing brought you here, there is an opportunity for you, but this opportunity is not small …”

Wait for Jaded-Document Xiao Hua to finish, Guan Tianyue one-knee kneels down, respectfully: “Daoist Xiao is on, Guan Tianyue is willing …”

This is Shuo Bing As I said before, Guan Tianyue not at all. Hesitation of allegiance. I saw a ray of Gold Thread giving birth to his own crystal God Spark. Jaded-Document Xiao Hua helped Guan Tianyue to say, “Because of this, The matter is too big, so the old man has to be cautious, and I hope you will be considerate. ”

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