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As for the Lan Family above Chifeng, the foundation is the trivial matter among the trivial. Xiao Hua left a few shadows in the pavilion. Whenever Lan Ye or Yue Yichun ask about things, the shadow falls into the Dream Clam Butterfly I am not afraid of being discovered if I give pointers within the phantom.

Even a shadow body brought Cong Yu’s jade seed over and planted it in a jade field.

Two 1,000 years have passed so and without incident. I don’t know if it is because Xiao Hua Mind has absorbed Yumai Destiny now, or because Xiao Hua’s figure is in the condense of comprehend Yumai. When Lan Ye came to transmit messages, Xiao Hua Mind feels like hundreds or so years have just passed!

“Heavenly Court’s cultivation years are so easy?”

Xiao Hua Mind stood up, stretched his waist, not at all, and took the figure away, then his body swayed and went straight back to Chifeng.

Lan Ye saw the Xiao Hua Mind statue of Confucianism, and hurriedly bowed to salute, calling it Master Xiao.

The closer Lan Ye is to Xiao Hua, the more he can perceive Xiao Hua’s deep and unmeasurable.

Xiao Hua Mind Confucianism smiled and replied, saying: “Patriarch really is a believer, and the time for the third time to stimulate to motion the six dusts is almost the same!”

With shame on Lan Ye’s face, he whispered, “Master Xiao, on this trip, I just want to come over on behalf of Patriarch and ask, can the Time of Stimulate to Motion Liuchen Dujun Basket step back?”


Xiao Hua said in surprise, “What’s the matter? Is it possible what setback happened?”

“That’s it!”

Blue Leaf said with a smile, “Didn’t Patriarch also say it before? Every time I stimulate to motion Liuchen, my Lan Family must dispatch 36 Experts, and these Experts stimulate to motion Liuchen After Du Yunlan, all the cultural power will disappear, and it will take a long time for cultivation to recover.”

“Previously, Patriarch calculated clearly that with the power of Lan Family, within 6,000 years, he can stimulate to motion the six dust all over the basket three times, and then he made a high five agreement with Master Xiao.”

“But in the last few 1,000 years, my Lan Family’s strength has greatly increased due to Master Xiao. Many Disciples have delayed their cultivation due to their busy family affairs. Now, I can stimulate to motion. The disciples are less than 60%, so Patriarch asked Master Xiao to tolerate some more time.”

Xiao Hua said with a smile: “How long does it take?”

“This is hard to say~” Lan Ye was ready to say a word long ago, not at all hesitating, replied, “It may take one 1,000 years, or two 1,000 years, it must be possible before Master Xiao leaves.”

Xiao Hua thought about it a little, and said: “This matter is about Little Scholar cultivation, I am afraid that it will not be delayed. Since Patriarch is unable to promise, then… Little Scholar thinks it might be better to adapt.”

“How does Master Xiao want to work around?” Lan Ye asked hurriedly. This was what he and Lan Fan expected, but I didn’t know what conditions Xiao Hua would propose.

“It’s very simple~” Xiao Hua said, “No need for Lan Family to send Disciple, the Disciple that stimulates to motion Liuchen Duyun Basket is sent by Little Scholar, but Little Scholar needs to use it once more!”

“This~” Lan Ye was dumbfounded, wondering, “How is this possible?”

“Of course~” Xiao Hua took out three things, handed them over, and said, “Little Scholar uses the six dust baskets once more, and the reward will naturally increase. This is the sincerity of Little Scholar. Let’s see if Patriarch agrees. Right?”

Blue Leaf nods, took three tips and returned.

“Impossible!” Lan Fan reacted the same as Lan Ye, waved his hand, “How could my Lan Family’s six dust baskets be held by others? And he is also impossible to have that many Experts!”

“This is Master Xiao’s sincerity~” Lan Ye had a strange face on his face, and handed Lan Fan three tips.

“What are these?”

Lan Fan said, opening one.

“This is the third batch of Monster Fruit that Master Xiao agreed to~” Lan Ye explained, “This batch of Monster Fruit has the same total amount of the previous two batches of Monster Fruit.”

“en!” Lan Fan looked at Monster Fruit and already had some Heart Motion.

As a Patriarch, Lan Fan naturally has to think more about it. When he got Monster Fruit, he had sent people to various Merchant Unions to look for it, but now, not at all, which Merchant Union can provide exactly the same Monster Fruit. .

As for Monster Fruit with similar effects, there are, but the price is beyond Lan Family.

Second contains two things in the kit, one is jade and the other is Rosy Cloud Segment.

“What kind of jade is this?” Lan Fan looked at this square-shaped jade, like a seal, and asked strangely, “How could Master Xiao take out a piece of jade?”

“Patriarch can look at the Rosy Cloud Segment!” Lan Ye’s face was even more weird.

“What?” Lan Fan glanced at the Rosy Cloud Segment and exclaimed, “This is 瑽?”

“Yes, Patriarch!” Lan Ye’s eyes burst into flames, and said loudly, “This is the Congyu from the condensed jade 琾jie, the Congyu that is known to have different jade species and a unique method of growing jade!!”

“This is the jade produced by Master Xiao himself?” Lan Fan looked at the Rosy Cloud Segment with the same excitement, and said, “Is this Rosy Cloud Segment his own method of growing jade?”

“Yes!” Lan Ye nods, “Master Xiao showed me his jade field, which contains the number of big circulation 瑽!”

“Where is the jade species?” Lan Fan asked, feeling unable to calm down.

“It’s within Xuanpu!”

“Impossible!” Lan Fan shook his head, “How could there be any jade species in Xuanpu that have not been discovered?”

“I won’t understood this!” Lan Ye shook his head, “This won’t be known until Patriarch agrees!”

“If my Lan Family has this kind of jade, and then has the method of planting jade, it will be named Xuanpu First!”

“Yes,” Lan Ye nods, “Master Xiao is interested, it depends on whether Patriarch is interested!”

How could Lan Fan disagree?

Xiao Hua’s sincerity is so sincere, and the Lan Fan foundation cannot refuse.

Previously, it was for Lan Family Monster Fruit, the basic method of cultivation, to strengthen Lan Family’s strength; now, to make money and give Lan Family a chance to take off, these two steps are tailor-made for Lan Family.

“What about the Third?” Lan Fan became more curious about the last kit.

“Third, I don’t know~” Lan Ye said, “Master Xiao said it was for Patriarch alone!”

“oh?” Lan Fan opened the kit, which was another Rosy Cloud Segment.

After seeing Rosy Cloud Segment, Lan Fan’s face changed drastically!

“What?” Lan Ye asked hurriedly.

“Another way to grow jade!” Lan Fan looked at Lan Ye, thought for a moment, and explained, “It’s a modification of my Lan Family Liuchen Shuyu Jue!”

“Didn’t it have been modified last time?”

“no!” Lan Fan said word by word, “This modification is different from before. The Rosy Cloud Segment points out three great shortcomings in my Lan Family cultivation Cultivation Art, and I directly say cultivation my Lan Family Cultivation Art. , You can never get out of Grand Purity Heavenly Immortal!”

“How does he know?”

Lan Ye was shocked. He didn’t expect Lan Family to make Grand Purity Heavenly Immortal because of Cultivation Art. It is no wonder that this Rosy Cloud Segment can’t be used by others and can only be given to Lan Fan!

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