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“Nothing in the Rosy Cloud Segment!”

Lan Fan’s hand trembled again, and said, “Moreover, this Rosy Cloud Segment is different from other jade cultivation methods. This Rosy Cloud Segment has nothing to hide! All modified Cultivation Art is complete, that is Say, even if I don’t agree, Master Xiao has already given me the revised Cultivation Art!”

Lan Ye was feeling a little out of control. He and the other Elders knew that Lan Family had never appeared in Grand Purity Heavenly Immortal, but they never thought it was a Cultivation Art problem. They thought it was the latent talent of First Ancestor that was not good.

If this news is leaked out, it will cause a huge shock in Lan Family. Let’s not talk about Lan Family Disciple. How could the foreign surname Disciple pay respects to join Lan Family again?

And if this news is known to other families, the status of Lan Family will definitely fall thousands zhang ten thousand zhang!

Now Xiao Hua not only pointed out, but also unconditionally offered the modified Cultivation Art. What a blessing to Lan Family!

Lan Ye stabilized Mind and said softly: “Patriarch, you don’t have to tell me about this, and from now on I don’t think you can tell anyone!”

“Hmm~” Lan Fan nods said, “You know I know about this, there can’t be a third Lan Family who knows! Do you know? This Rosy Cloud Segment contains the Mystic Technique that I can repair now, although Master Xiao can understand that we can cultivate into the Grand Purity Heavenly Immortal First Grade, but the chance of getting the Second Grade is not great…”

Speaking of this, Lan Fan suddenly remembered something. He suddenly raised his head and looked towards Lan Ye. Lan Ye was listening carefully. Seeing Lan Fan’s gaze, he was startled and said, “What’s wrong? Patriarch, Even the Grand Purity Heavenly Immortal First Grade is excellent! It is better than the First Ancestors who are trapped in the Supreme Purity Realm, right?”

“What strength is Master Xiao?”

“Or Elegance Immortal?” Lan Ye replied casually, but as soon as he finished speaking, he immediately lost his voice, “Yes, yeah! He… how did he know that we can only cultivate into Grand Purity First Grade??” /p>

“Quickly follow me!” Lan Fan said not even think, pulling Lan Ye.

“What are you doing?”

“Known on Grand Purity Senior!!!”

Lan Fan said anxiously, “Master Xiao brought the cultivation art from Grand Purity Realm’s cultivation to Grand Purity Realm. We don’t understand anymore. Isn’t it blind? Master Xiao can ignore it and put it down, but we can’t lose it. Etiquette!”

Xiao Hua looked at Lan Fan and Lan Ye respectfully, smiled and lifted them up, and said, “You two, little…old man, but living in the Xuanpu, it’s very satisfying to be able to stand in Lan Family. You can wait to know the identity of the old man!”

“Yes, yes!” Lan Fan respectfully said, “Junior doesn’t know the identity of Senior, so I was really negligent before.”

“It’s already very good!” Xiao Hua said, “The ability of old man Elegance Immortal to receive such preferential treatment from Lan Family shows that Lan Family has an excellent family style. This is also the reason why old man is willing to help you and does not want to hide it. “

Lan Fan is happy, and even Ximen Fengyun wants to cling to Xiao Hua, why don’t they?

Lan Fan hurried to accompany said with a smile: “Senior overpraised, Senior’s high spirits are not comparable to me. I have all the cultivation resources of Lan Family, Senior can use if necessary.”

Getting Lan Fan’s promise, Xiao Hua is very happy to hand over the location of the jade species and the special jade seeding method to Lan Fan, and then took out Kunlun Mountain Mirror, ordering 360 Confucianism Immortal Disciples at Good Fortune Gate Come out, follow Lan Fan to get acquainted with Liuchen Du Yunlan.

Looking at each and everyone flying out of the Kunlun Mountain Mirror, Good Fortune Gate Disciple, which is stronger than his own strength, Lan Fan’s legs are a little soft, but fortunately he and Xiao Hua have formed a good karma, if I listened that day Lan Ming’s words would kill Xiao Hua, now Lan Family must have been erased from Xuanpu, right?

However, watching Xiao Hua actually sent out 360 Disciples, Lan Fan felt even more puzzled. Looking at Lan Fan’s question, Xiao Hua explained that 360 Disciples should be able to inspire even higher rank Liu Chen Du Yun basket!

Lan Fan smiled bitterly. His foundation couldn’t make up so many Experts. Of course, I don’t know how the formidable power of the six dust baskets on Heaven Grade is!

Good Fortune Gate Confucianism Cultivator Disciple knows that the Lord wants to use it. Why not make an all-out effort? However, within a few months, he completely controlled the Liuchen Dujun Basket!

Lan Family Protector Disciple is unfathomable mystery, but looking at each and everyone the powerful Good Fortune Gate Disciple, who dares to say one more word?

The Liuchen Du Yun basket stimulates to motion on time, and Lan Family all around is up again. Of course, this time Celestial Phenomenon is more majestic than previous times!

So, who didn’t know that Lan Family used the Heaven Grade formidable power of Liuchenduyun basket?


Seeing Celestial Phenomenon, Madam Du’s face changed drastically. She gnashing teeth said, “Lan Fan, Lan Fan, you dare to inspire the Heaven Grade formidable power of the six-dust basket, what do you think of my Du family? “

“Du Feng~” Du family lady instructed, “Pass the Patriarch order and prepare immediately. When the six dusts are filled with formidable power, I will first attack Lan Family Yupu and then Lan Family Territory. I want to see Look, what medicine is sold in Lan Fan Gourd!”

“Madam!” Before Yuche, Du Feng hurriedly persuaded, “This matter needs to be cautious. After all, it is a battle between the two families. It must not involve other families. Moreover, if the Lan Family is really to be attacked, Madam’s order I’m afraid…”

“What?” The Du family sneered and said, “Do you want the real Patriarch order?”

“Don’t dare!” Du Feng hurriedly said carefully, “What Madam asked me to do, I will definitely go back and do it. But if Madam wants to direct others to attack Lan Family, Patriarch must issue the order himself, otherwise it is inconsistent with etiquette. It’s not in compliance with my Du’s family rules!”

“Good, good, good!”

The Du’s lady clenched the teeth and said, “I’m going to find the Patriarch’s order!”

“I’ll be with Madam!” Du Feng hurriedly followed Yuche.

“No need~” The Du family turned to the jade cart, instructed, “You send the order first and wait for my Patriarch order!”

“Yes,” Du Feng promised one sound. He watched the jade car fly away with a smile on his mouth. He took out a goose book and said in his mouth, “The Du family is going to take action on Lan Family!”

After speaking, Du Feng let go of the goose book, watching the goose book disappear in the Void, Du Feng took out a book-like writing instrument, opened it gently, and placed a little on one of the pages, sinking Voice instructed: “Disciples, listen to my orders and gather quickly.”

What Du Feng didn’t know was that in the jade car, Lady Du also took out a goose book and whispered: “Are you ready?”

After one hour, Du’s house, in a majestic palace, the wife of Du’s house pushed a jade chair out of the back of the house. Under the jade chair was an Azure rosy cloud, and on the jade chair sat a scrawny Scholar, it is Du Bin from Patriarch of Du’s family.

“I’ve seen Patriarch!” The jade chair stopped at the top of the hall, and under the hall, Male Immortal hurriedly bowed and saluted.

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