LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 2448

Everyone hurriedly answered.

And Lady Du handed Tome to Du Feng and said: “Du Feng, you take the charge for me and immediately enter the Lan Family!”

Du Feng was overjoyed, holding Tome loudly in both hands and said: “Disciple follows the order!”

Looking at Du Feng taking the Elders and Disciples to go, Lady Du looked at Du Bin, Tiantian said with a smile: “Lord Husband, after this matter, I have no worries about Family General 10,000,000 years!”

“I hope so!” Du Bin was still weak, reaching out to hold Du Lady’s hand, and said, “Anyway, I have wronged you all these years.”

“Look at what Lord Husband said~” Du Niangziqiang said with a smile, “This is not what concubine should do? And Lord Husband trusts concubine so much, how can concubine disappoint Lord Husband?”

“Lady~” Du Bin said, “Can you push me outside the temple? I want to watch my Du’s Disciple’s bloody battle for the last time!”

“Of course!” Du Lady Dong Jing smiled sadly, pushing the jade chair and flying out of the great hall.

Besides the great hall, countless rosy clouds burst out of the sky, and each rosy cloud has a Tome Imprint. Looking at the sky in the distance, where the clouds and rain live, the outline of a huge Tome is slowly condense.

Aura of heavy rules and tactics gradually became rich, and moved towards all around spread.

(“Yuefu Poetry Collection · Yan She Ge Ci II · Huang Xia”: “Yao Xian ordered Shun, Shun also ordered Yu, the adults control the calendar and follow the rules.”)

“It’s been a long time!” Du Bin looked at the steaming clouds in the distance, divine light appeared in his eyes, and couldn’t help but excitedly said, “I really want to fly out immediately and take Du’s Disciple for shopping!”

“Not now, it must be possible in the future!”

Listening to Du Bin’s voice a bit high-pitched, Du Lady Dong Jing said in a low voice, “Lord Husband can only rest at ease now.”


Du Bin’s long-distance condensed distance gradually heard the sound of screaming, and on Heavenly Curtain, huge pages began to turn, one after another weird rosy cloud condense came out, he suddenly said, “Lan Fan is actually good , I’m dead, you can think about it!”

Ms. Du Lady Dong Jing’s lovable body froze, her face squeezed out a smile, and said: “What is Lord Husband talking nonsense??”

At the same time, on Chifeng, Yue Yichun to make a fuss about nothing soared from the place of meditation. She watched the pages of the book on the mountain range in the distance, and between the scrolls, all the texts were forbidden to break. Wan Daoxiayun twisted, she cry out in surprise: “My Heavens!, it’s…Immortal Catalog of the Yongcheng Collection of the Du family, he…are they practicing text tools?”

Lan Zhan was much calmer than her, but when he flew up to see the wind and turbulence in the distance, his face changed drastically, muttered: “No, no, this…this is the Du family besieging my Lan Family !”

“Master Xiao, Master Xiao!” When Yue Yichun heard it, One Revolution pounced on the pavilion and shouted: “The major event is not good, the major event is not good, the Du family besieged my Lan Family!”

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