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“What to do? What to do?”

Yue Yichun looked like Ant on a hot pot, and asked in a low voice, “Master Xiao just used my Lan Family’s six dust baskets. All the defensive arrays of my Lan Family have failed. The Du family used Yongcheng Ji Immortal Catalog, it’s easy to break into my Lan Family! If Lan Family is destroyed, what shall we do?”

“Master Xiao ~” Yue Yichun suddenly eyes shined and said, “Let’s run away!”

Xiao Hua ignored her and asked: “What is the Immortal Catalog of the Du’s Yongcheng Collection?”

“Yongcheng Ji Immortal Catalog, great, amazing!” Yueyichun explained, “It is said that this text tool can take the opportunity to print the attack of the other text tool when it stimulates to motion, and passes through the Du bloodline. Using a special technique to condense, it will change into their own attacks. The Du family has always wanted to rub my Lan Family’s Liu Chen Du Yun basket, but they have not dared to move rashly. They must have discovered that Master Xiao is using the Six Chen Du Yun basket. This I took advantage of the emptiness and entered…”

“What escape?”

Flying general Lan Zhan came over, gritted his teeth and said, “There is no six dusts, and I wait for Disciple. I wait for Disciple to be the real six dusts. As long as we work together, we will surely kill the Du family. returned in low spirits after failing !”

“Master Xiao, Master Xiao ~”

Yao Xuan and others were also alarmed and flew over quickly, looking a little flustered.

“hehe,” Xiao Hua watched the huge pages rolling in the distance, squinting to say with a smile, “This Immortal Catalog in Yongcheng Collection is quite interesting!”

While talking, a Male Immortal flew over!


Yue Yichun hurriedly opened her mouth and spouted a Flying Sword, and Lan Zhan also used the same spell. It was the Affectionate Couple Sword that they had recently joined hands with sacrificial refining.

Male Immortal looks unfamiliar, but his strength is deep and unmeasurable, Yue Yichun and Lan Zhan have not stimulated to motion Flying Sword yet, a group of Aura comparable to Patriarch Lan Zhan has forced them over, pushing them away for life!

“Master Xiao, be careful!”

Lan Zhan hurriedly shouted, struggling to come over to protect Xiao Hua.

“Fu Zhiwen ~” Xiao Hua said with a smile, “All are little children, why tease them?”

The visitor is Fu Zhiwen, one of the seven disciples of Xiao Hua Mortal Realm.

Fu Zhiwen got Xiao Hua Formation Inheritance, has three colors of Xiantian True Qi, and owns the Heaven and Earth Pagoda sub-tower. What he built is Confucianism Immortal Mystical Ability. Now that Xiao Hua gets to Heavenly Court, he naturally needs him to come out.

“hehe ~” Fu Zhiwen smiled, accepted Aura, and said, “Yes, Teacher!”


Yue Yichun, Lan Zhan, Yao Xuan and others are dumbfounded. They know Xiao Hua is great, but didn’t expect Xiao Hua’s disciplines to look better than their own Patriarch!

“What happened?”

Xiao Hua ignored the surprise of several people and asked.

“Not what Teacher expected~”

Fu Zhiwen replied, “Lan Fan had already planned. He has arranged other literary formations in the Liuchen Dujun basket all around. Lan Family and more than 100 Supreme Purity Realm Experts have protected Lan Family early, and Disciple also watched To be clear, after the Du’s attack, several other Patriarchs also took action!”

“Where is Dong Family?”

“Dong Family stands still and seems to be waiting.”

“Where is Chen Family?”

“Chen Family also moved,” Fu Zhiwen said with a different color on his face, “It’s just that the movements of Chen Family are a little weird…”

“Chen Family is going to attack Du’s family?”

Xiao Hua’s eyeball One Revolution suddenly interrupted Fu Zhiwen’s question.

“It looks like it is!” Fu Zhiwen said in surprise, “because they only sent a part of the Disciple to the Lan Family, most of the Disciple not at all moved, and there were some disciples who were probing into Du’s house! It’s just that, Teacher How do you know?”

“How do I know?”

Xiao Hua touched his nose, looked towards Yue Yichundao, “It’s because of this girl’s reminder.”

“What did I say?” Yueyichun became unfathomable mystery.

“Remember that you told me about the relationship between Lan Family Patriarch and the Du’s wife Dong Jing?”

“Yeah?” Yue Yichun tilted her head, “But then Dong Jing transferred her love, married to Du’s family and became Du’s wife. My Patriarch is working hard, and I am going to destroy Du’s family!”

“Yeah!” Lan Zhan was also confused, and said, “Du Patriarch was injured by my Lan Family Patriarch in a gambling fight! So far, the injury is not serious, I see it is going to the west!” /p>

“If the two are unforgettable,” Xiao Hua smiled, “Are you going to take the opportunity to get rid of Du Bin?”

“This Lady Du!!” Yueyi gnashing teeth, shouted, “Too vicious! Du Nangzi is almost the same!”

“No, no!” Xiao Hua waved his hand, “I thought the same way before, but after listening to the Chen Family, I think there is something we don’t know in it.”

“Teacher,” Fu Zhiwen said with a smile, “Could it be that Du’s family and Lan Family are teaming up?”

“en!” Xiao Hua nods said, “This Lan Fan is indeed a human being. I didn’t expect. When I first proposed to him to use the Liuchen Du Yun basket, he had already started to make arrangements. I think it’s different. The goal of his layout is not the Du family, but the Chen Family! Oh oh, or the Du’s internal traitors!”

“What do you mean, what do you mean?”

Yue Yichun came in interest immediately, flew over, took Xiao Hua’s arm and said, “Master Xiao, speak quickly, speak quickly!”

If it was before, Lan Zhan could not have any thoughts in his mind, but now I see that even Fu Zhiwen, who can’t see his strength, calls Xiao Hua Teacher. He doesn’t know that Xiao Hua is a respected Senior, a little bit in his heart. There is no way to be jealous.

“It’s like this!” Xiao Hua waved his hand, motioned Yue Yichun to don’t be impatient, and explained, “I first suspected that it was when Lan Fan agreed to use the Liuchen Du Yun basket. After all, this is involved If there is no complete certainty about the survival of a Protecting Mountain writer, Lan Fan should not agree so readily, at least he should consider a period of time.”

“Although the price I gave was enough, he couldn’t refuse, but at least he had to discuss with the Elders to see how to arrange it and how to remedy it.”

“Lan Fan didn’t. He quickly agreed, indicating that he was not afraid of the Du’s attack.”

“Since you are not afraid, there are two possibilities. One is that it has a powerful means that can replace the six dusts. It is obvious that the Lan Family does not have the Lan Family Expert and the Lan Family Expert is limited. To attack.”

“So I asked Yue Yichun about the situation of the Du family. When I heard that Patriarch of the Du family was seriously injured, Dong Jing was in charge of the Du family, and Dong Jing and Lan Fan were lovers before. I suspect Lan Fan has an old relationship with Dong Jing!”

“The result, not at all was unexpected. Two times stimulated to motion the six dusts were all in the basket. The Du family did not attack, only some temptations.”

“Of course, this is Lan Fan’s business. It is your Lan Family and Du’s business. I will not interfere, and I also appreciate Lan Fan!”

“Who knows, now Chen Family actually wants to attack the Du’s family, which surprised me, but think about it? There must be another possibility, that is, Chen Family wants to take advantage of the Du’s family to attack Lan Family , They the fisherman catches both!”

“The power of Chen Family is not comparable to that of Lan Family and Du Family. It is normal for Chen Family to take advantage of this opportunity to rise up, but if he is normal, he should attack Lan Family instead of Du Family.”

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