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“Why do you want to attack the Du’s family? It must be the Chen Family’s internal support in the Du’s family, and the Chen Family is sure!”

“Why does the Du family have the internal support of the Chen Family? It must be because of the Du family’s Patriarch Authority. Some people can’t see Dong Jing and Sichen.”

“Since Du’s Patriarch has been seriously injured for so many years, Lan Zhan has not acted on Du’s family. Perhaps Du’s Patriarch’s injury was not caused by Lan Fan?”

“If it wasn’t for Lan Fan, who was it?”

“Maybe it’s the rape who teamed up with Chen Family this time!”

“Maybe~” At this point, Xiao Hua looked towards the shouting and killing in the distance, and said, “When I proposed to use the Liuchen Dujun Basket, Lan Fan already had future arrangements!”

“And I let my Disciple take over the Liuchen Dujun basket, which gave Lan Fan confidence!!!”

Xiao Hua was right. Seeing that Du’s Disciple used the Immortal Catalog of Yongcheng Collection to destroy the anti-Imperial Array line laid by Lan Family like crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, and defeated Lan Family Disciple. Lan Fan did not panic at all.

“Patriarch ~” Lan Ming hurriedly flew over, he was wounded, loudly said, “What to do? Should I ask Master Xiao for help?”

“Don’t worry,” Lan Fan is steady as a rock, standing in midair, stepping on a gloomy flower basket and clouds, lightly saying, “It’s not yet the end of the mountains and rivers.”

“Not good, not good!”

As we talked, a pilot who was Disciple lose one’s head out of fear came over and shouted, “Patriarch, Dong Family, Chen Family and Xu Family are all moved!”

“Patriarch” Lan Ming cried out hysterically, “Quickly, if you don’t ask for help, it will be too late! If you are afraid of losing face, I…I will pass for you? Even if I kneel down and beg, I have to take him Senior Please come!!”

“haha~” Lan Fan was not surprised when he heard the news and said, “Name Elder, I have been in charge of Lan Family for so many years, don’t you worry about me?”

“Master Xiao is the Sea God needle in town. I haven’t overturned the big wave of my Lan Family. How can I bother him Senior?”

“What…what do you mean?” The blue name became unfathomable mystery, and said anxiously, “Patriarch, what…what do you mean?”

“First~” Lan Fan looked at all around and said, “Master Xiao is now living in my Lan Family, how could his Senior stand by? Although you and I can’t see it, I believe that in Lan Family all around, There are definitely his Senior Disciples all over the place, but my Lan Family hasn’t reached a precarious situation, and they won’t take it.”

“Yes, it’s~” Lan Ming thought for a moment, nods said, “Master Xiao warm-hearted and compassionate, if there is a crisis, he is Senior impossible!”

“Secondly!” Lan Fan said, looking at the Immortal Catalog, which is still attacking the powerful Yongchengji in the distance, “Mo said the Du family, Chen Family, Dong Family, and Xu Family are coming together, and they are all under my control. , Foundation doesn’t need Master Xiao to take action! And if my Lan Family doesn’t show off some strength for Master Xiao to see, how can my Lan Family have the opportunity to cooperate with Master Xiao?”

“What…what do you mean?” Lan Ming was even more confused and exclaimed, “What cooperation? Isn’t it just cooperation now?”

“Where is the cooperation now!” Lan Fan said with a smile, “This is the benefit that Master Xiao gives us. It is for the sake of being kind to others. The cooperation I am talking about is future cooperation. It is the collaboration of my Lan Family, Du Family, and Dong Family, well-known Heavenly Court!”


Lan Ming opened his mouth in surprise, not knowing what to say, and thinking about how to resist the siege of Du Family, Chen Family, Dong Family, Lan Fan was already thinking about how to unite Du Family, Dong Family and Xiao Hua has cooperated!

“How to say…” Lan Ming suddenly woke up and called, “Patriarch, this offense is just a trap? Chen Family enter the ambush??”

“Yes!” Lan Fan coldly said, “Not only does it lead Chen Family to enter the ambush, it also exposes the Du family’s traitors!”

“My Heavens! !”

Lan Ming felt that his brain wasn’t enough. He was about to say something, and suddenly Tome, who was tumbling on the dome that day, began to fall over, the glow of light flowing backwards like water.

“Send my order~” Lan Fan was overjoyed when he saw this, and said, “Disciples are attacking Chen Family!”

“Chen Family?” Lan Ming said anxiously, “Isn’t it the Du’s family? Join the Du’s family to encircle the Chen Family!”

“The siege of the Chen Family is a matter for the Dong Family and Du’s family,” Lan Fan said calmly, “My Lan Family is just a decoy, the decoy used to induce Chen Family Disciple and Du’s internal rape. Now Chen Family is empty, It’s time for my Lan Family to take advantage, otherwise, would the Patriarch of my Lan Family give Dong Family and Du’s ideas for nothing?”

Lan Ming has already admired prostrate oneself in admiration. He knows why he can’t be a Patriarch. Ten Blue Names are not as good as a Lan Fan!

“Teacher…” On Chifeng, Fu Zhiwen had received the transmit message and said, “You still miss a Dong Family!”

“Oh, no!” Xiao Hua tapped his thigh and said, “Heavenly Court is different from Immortal Realm. Although Dong Jing is married, she may still have a connection with Dong Family, since Lan Family and Du Family If these two families want to destroy the Chen Family, another family will inevitably come up. It is better to be cheaper than others. This should be one of the conditions agreed by Dong Jing and Lan Fan!”

“Yes, Teacher!” Fu Zhiwen said, “Dong Family has not moved. Just when Xu Family was activated, Dong Family also moved. At the same time, the other Disciples of Chen Family also moved. Chen Family Disciple attacked. Du’s family, if as Teacher said, Du’s family should return to defense, the traitor is about to show up. As for the Lan Family, the next thing should be directly…Chen Family!”

“Chen Family?”

Lan Zhan was full of enthusiasm, he said anxiously, “Why is it the Chen Family, not the Du’s?”

Fu Zhiwen said with a smile: “Obviously, Xu Family is constraining Dong Family, the rape, and Chen Family is afraid that Dong Family will take action. Xu Family should be practicing with Chen Family, Chen Family has started, Du Family We have to go back to defense. Dong Family and Xu Family should concentrate their battle strength in Chen Family. If you follow the general idea, Lan Family will also go to Chen Family, but Lan Family has been deployed from the early morning. What benefits does Lan Family have?”

“This benefit is the Chen Family!” Xiao Hua said, “It’s not profitable. Lan Fan is ambitious. He wants to annex Chen Family. Xu Family should belong to Dong Family and Du Family!”

“It’s too complicated, it’s too complicated!” Yue Yichun was irritated again, and said, “It’s still a Jade Strip single!”

“Zhiwen, what do you think of Lan Fan?” Xiao Hua asked Fu Zhiwen with a smile.

“Not bad!” Fu Zhiwen replied, “At least when Teacher is just Elegance Immortal strength, he didn’t make a bad idea, and when he saw that Teacher had the advantage of Zhi Shi, he could maximize this benefit!”

“It’s all secondary!” Xiao Hua said, “Single the relationship between him, Dong Jing, and Du Bin, you can see that he values ​​love and justice. This… is what the old man values ​​most! “

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