LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 2451


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Du Family, Du Bin looked at Dong Jing’s somewhat unnatural expression, reached out to hold her hand, and said with a heartfelt voice: “I know what you are thinking in your heart, nothing more than keeping the festival, don’t worry, I will look for it after this battle Reasons to dismiss you. Although this reputation is not good, it can always cover everyone’s mouth. Lan Fan has been in love with you. He has taken great care of my Du family for so many years, and he will not care about it!”

“Lord Husband ~” Dong Jing said with a bitter smile, “Is this the result of you and Lan Fan’s private conversation for an hour?”

“Sure it!”

Du Bin barely said with a smile.

“Then you don’t have to say~” Dong Jing said, “Lan Fan’s answer should be the same as mine, he will never marry me again.”


Du Bin asked with interest.

“Because I have already sent Wennuo in front of him before marrying into Du’s family,” Dong Jing replied, “Since I married into Du’s family, I will die from one thing. Present is impossible in this life. Emotional entanglement!”

“Your marriage to Du’s family is just an arrangement of the Dong Family, it is not your volition!” Du Bin was already a little exhausted, but he still struggled, “I remember clearly that when I pursued you with Lan Fan, you I am in love with Lan Fan!”

“Ai, Lord Husband!” Dong Jing sighed, “That’s all about the young time, don’t mention it, and concubine has a secret…”

At this point, Dong Jing suddenly raised her brows and said, “Lord Husband, you guessed it! They are here…”

As Dong Jing’s voice fell, the one sound of “bang!” was loud, three clouds broke through the sky, Du Feng and three Elders flew down with Disciple.

“Du Feng!” Du Bin said anxiously, “What’s going on ahead?”

“Patriarch!” Du Feng coldly said, “We must first settle in the outside world. I think our Du family should clean up the family affairs first before we can say how to destroy the Lan Family?”

“What do you mean?” Dong Jing giving tit for tat said, “What can I clean up in my Du family? Don’t you take advantage of this opportunity to break into the Lan Family, and clean up?”

Another Elder, said with a smile: “Madam, you have managed too much for so many years. Isn’t a woman arrogant and tired? You should take a rest and let Du Feng Elder bother more!”

“Yes,” another Elder said, “As for Lan Family, don’t worry, we have already tested it, and the Liuchen Du Yunlan has already stimulated to motion. They can’t stimulate to motion again within 1,000 years. We re-established Patriarch, and then we have time to attack the Lan Family!”

“Damn it!” Du Bin said angrily, “You…you are a big…big rebellion…”

“You are the one who rebelled against you!” Du Feng mocked said with a smile, “They have been poisoned for so long, and the foundation cannot find the antidote, and is still holding on. What you are delaying is the entire Du family…”

“Poisoning?” Dong Jing raised her brows and said, “How do you know it is poisoned? Lord Husband, this is the injury of a gambling fight with Lan Fan?”

“hehe!” Du Feng smiled slightly and said, “I don’t care if you are poisoned or seriously injured. I will dictate myself to the left and right, and then pass the Patriarch order!”

“Du Feng!” Du Bin looked at Du Feng, spraying Fire Dao in his eyes, “I…how do I treat you? How dare you poison me?”

“Yes, what’s the matter?” Du Feng simply scrambled his face and said, “Back then, the Du family chose Patriarch. I am more qualified than you. It’s just that Dong Jing is in love with you. Patriarch wants to win Dong Family. You became a Patriarch, and what did you do for the Du family for so many years?? Married a Dong Jing, how many green hats did you wear to you, don’t you hurry up and become ashamed to self-decision?”

“Lord Husband!” Seeing Du Bin’s anger, Dong Jing hurriedly shook his hand and said, “Don’t worry, evil people have their own rewards, today is the day of the Heavenly Dao cycle!”

Someone next to “Feng Elder” urged, “It shouldn’t be too late, it will change when it is late. Chen Family Disciple is coming, don’t have any changes over there!”

“Haha, Du Feng, Du Feng!” Dong Jing laughed and said, “You actually colluded with the Chen Family. After you are afraid that you want to usurp the throne, with the help of the Chen Family, you will attack Du Jiang and their disobedient Elder. Kill?”

“That many nonsense!” Du Feng clenched the teeth, took out the bronze Tome and said, “Since Patriarch is unwilling to dictate himself, then it’s no wonder I’m not welcome!”

“Ai,” Dong Jing sighed, “Patriarch dared to give you the Immortal Catalog of Yongcheng Collection, how could it not prevent you?”

Speaking, Dong Jing also took out an identical bronze Tome.

“You, you!” Du Feng was shocked.

“What happened to me?”

Dong Jing smiled slightly, “pu” sprayed Essence and Blood on Tome, flicked her hand on Tome, and turned 36 pages from it, protecting Du Bin and herself.

“This…this is the Immortal Catalog of the Yongcheng Collection of my Du’s family. It is not inspired by the Du’s bloodline impossible!”

An Elder was dumbfounded, crying out in surprise.

“You are also after my Du’s house???”

Du Feng came to understand, whispered, and aroused Tome in his hand.

Although Tome also has a page crazily rushing over, but with the same writing tools, the two of them are similar in strength, so naturally they cannot break through!

“Is this the secret you said?” Du Bin was also extremely surprised. He looked at the bronze Tome in Dong Jing’s hand and asked, “No wonder you want to Yongcheng Collection Immortal Catalog!”

“Yes, Lord Husband!” Dong Jing Tiantian said with a smile, “Since I have the Du’s bloodline, I can also control the Immortal Catalog of Yongcheng Collection, why should I marry Lan Fan?”

“Don’t pay attention to this slut!” Du Feng saw it, gnashing teeth said, “You wait for the seal here, and only say that Patriarch is dead, I will wait…”

Unfortunately, without waiting for Du Feng to finish, a Disciple has already flown over, yelled: “Feng Elder, no, Lan Family Disciple did not attack our Chen Family, but entered the Chen Family. Chen Family Disciple just arrived at Yu Yu The garden was near and retreated immediately. The Dong Family Disciple came out and killed my Du’s house~”

“How… how is it possible?”

Du Feng was so shocked that his eyes were about to fall off, and said anxiously, “Xu Family, where is Xu Family?”

“Xu Family originally came to my Lan Family, but… but now it seems to be stopped halfway…”

“Disciple~” At this time, Du Bin tried his best to growl in Dong Jing stimulate to motion Immortal Catalog of Yongcheng Ji, “Pass my Patriarch order, Du Feng, Du Jian, Du Cheng, Du Fang I want to usurp the position of Patriarch, kill without mercy……”

“pu! ”

While speaking, Du Bin spouted blood and collapsed on the jade chair.

“Lord Husband, Lord Husband!!!”

Dong Jing was anxious, she was desperate to help Du Bin, but Du Bin’s body was not good enough, and now she was betrayed by four Elders, especially knowing that the strange poison in her body was actually under Du Feng, whom she trusted the most. , Where can he still support?

Seeing this, Du Feng looked at the bronze Tome in his hand and said with a malicious smile: “If so, then either the fish dies or the net splits! See who can have the last laugh.”

Speaking of Du Feng stimulate to motion Immortal Catalog of Yongcheng Collection, all around, countless pages of books began to gush out in mid-air!

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