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“Come in!”

The Xiao Hua Mind statue of Confucianism returned to Chifeng, faintly instructed.

Lan Fan was overjoyed and hurried in.

“Master Xiao ~” Lan Fan went straight and simply, when he saw Xiao Hua, he knelt down and said, “Junior, please, I hope Master Xiao forgive me.”

“hehe ~” Xiao Hua smiled and lifted Lan Fan up with his sleeves. Hehe said with a smile, “If the old man disagrees, how could you allow you to do this? Since the old man doesn’t say it, it is naturally acquiescence!”

“many thanks, many thanks!”

Lan Fan is really happy, because many Heavenly Court Confucianism Immortal love feathers and don’t allow others to use their reputation without authorization.

Lan Fan’s layout didn’t at all think that many at first, but after it got there, seeing Xiao Hua showing more and more Mystical Ability, Lan Fan was sweating in his vest and knew that he might have touched the reverse scale. But everything has to be done.

For more than a year, Lan Fan has cleaned up the mess and reaped the gains. In fact, he has been anxious all the time. Today I got Xiao Hua to speak, this is really safe!

Seeing that the three Patriarchs are somewhat restrained, Xiao Hua simply asks: “You have worked so hard to arrange several thousands of years. How effective is it?”

“Master Xiao ~” Lan Fan said hurriedly, “Junior just wanted to help Du Bin find the poisoner. By the way, I can see if I can plot against Chen Family or Xu Family. Feng and the other four colluded with the Chen Family in Elder, and Chen Family and Xu Family formed an offensive and defensive alliance, so Junior waited for this battle and defeated Chen Family and Xu Family.”

Looking at Lan Fan and said, Du Bin also said: “Junior also cleaned up the Du family’s internal traitors, as well as the betrayal Disciples, and Menglan brothers and Dong brothers did not give up and took 30% of the Xu Family.” /p>

“Junior Dong Xing~” Dong Family Patriarch hurriedly paid respect and said, “My Dong Family also took advantage of Lan Family’s power to take 70% of Xu Family. This is all about Senior being in charge. I will have confidence in this matter. Junior Many thanks to the Senior!”

“Actually~” Xiao Hua smiled and waved his hand, “I don’t think much of these things. What I am interested in is Lan Fan, I disrupted your plan, what do you think?”

“haha, Master Xiao ~” Lan Fan laughed and said, “Do you think Junior is such a prudent person? Besides, your foundation has no plans for Junior plan. If you don’t believe it, you might as well ask Du Bin .”

Du Bin has fully recovered at this time. Although Cultivation Base Boundary has not recovered yet, his complexion is excellent. He also said with a smile: “Lan Fan said that although Junior tried his best to match up, he wanted to drive Hexi in Junior. After returning, he and Jing’er were fulfilled, but Jing’er and he did not agree, so in Lan Fan’s plan, not at all Master Xiao said!”

Xiao Hua smiled and did not ask, but Dong Xing explained to the side: “Master Xiao may have heard some rumors, and those are not taken seriously. I think that except for the three parties, only Junior knows best! “

“Yes, yes!” Lan Fan said with a smile, “When we swore to the sky, Dong Xing witnessed it!”

Xiao Hua asked with interest: “What’s going on?”

Dong Xing cleared his throat and explained the ins and outs of the matter.

In fact, it is simple. Dong Jing is a well-known talented woman in Dong Family. Not only is she good-looking, she is also talented, and her wisdom is also unparalleled in Xuanpu, attracting many suitors.

Don’t say Lan Fan, Du Bin, and even Dong Xing are among them.

It’s just that Dong Jing has a very high vision and behaves cautiously. She only makes friends with Lan Fan and Du Bin, and she doesn’t lie to Dong Xing.

Du Bin and Lan Fan are friends again. When they were young, Du Bin and Lan Fan swear to the sky in front of Dong Jing. No matter who Dong Jing chooses, they will not turn their faces and they will still be friends.

Lan Fan looked at Xiao Hua and said, “I’m all the parties involved. It’s not easy to testify, so let’s ask Master Xiao to testify.”

“Not bad!”

Xiao Hua nods said, “Waiting for this openness is the best way to get along with each other. Since I have encountered this, I should be a witness for you!”

Du Bin sent out the Goose Book. Not long after, Dong Jing came over and knocked her head. She glanced at Du Bin and thought Xiao Hua was her benefactor, and not knocking her head was not enough to show respect.

Xiao Hua looked specifically at Dong Jing. This is a Confucian Immortal Fairy with both beauty and wisdom. From what Dong Xing said, Xiao Hua knows that she has played a big role in the layout of Lan Family and Du’s several thousands over the years Effect, she is indeed a good match for Lan Fan! Her wisdom does not belong to Lan Fan.

Lan Fan’s strength lies in layout and command, and Dong Jing’s strength lies in coordination and details. Otherwise, Lan Family and Du’s family will also have an absolute advantage in this conflict.

“You are very good!” Xiao Hua smiled and helped Dong Jing said, “There are not many characters like you in my Disciple.”

“Senior overpraised!”

Dong Jing was a little apprehensive. After all, it is rare to see a senior who is as powerful as Xiao Hua on the edge of Xuanpu, and Heavenly Court Confucianism Immortal does not like to fight, she is afraid that Xiao Hua will not like it.

“The old man listened to what Dong Xing, Du Bin and Lan Fan said, and he was very emotional!” Xiao Hua said, “You wait for a few with a broad mind and don’t forget the time. Now although they have married each other, they have their own family responsibilities. , But you are still the former teenagers, and your affection has not changed at all. Time is just a test. The young man’s faith has not diminished at all. This is what the old man particularly likes.”

“Besides, the Xuantu is so big, why do the families have to be smashed? Why do they have to merge? Together, the world is big!”

“Actually, there is nothing that you are more powerful than me. I will try my best to suppress you; if you are stronger than me, I will try my best to frame you.”

“Peer, advance together, win-win!”

Lan Fan waited and listened and looked at each other. Their eyes were full of sparkles. They hurriedly bowed and said, “Thanks to the Senior for guidance, this is also the Wennuo of our alliance!”

“Well,” Xiao Hua nods, “In this case, the old man is willing to witness for you, and is also willing to watch you Lan Family, Du Family and Dong Family, strong in Xuanpu, towards…Heavenly Court Peak!”

Dong Xing and Du Bin listened, with incredible expressions on their faces.

Xiao Hua is still that young man, and Tanhua is also that young man, his original intention has not changed!

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Thanhua promises, Immortal Realm will be finished.

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