LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 2483

brilliant was also stunned, with a wry smile on his face, he raised his glass and said, “Xiao Wenyou, I want to explore treasures, but… But where can I go to explore treasures in my Cultivation Base?”

“Oh, that’s true!”

Xiao Hua scratched his head and said, “I forget that we are Book Immortal and Ode Immortal.”

Speaking, Xiao Hua also raised his glass.

“It seems that Xiao Wenyou is ambitious?” Brilliant smiled, touched Xiao Hua, and said, “For our ambition and the distance, do it!”

“Fuck!” Although Xiao Hua didn’t like wine, in front of such a brilliant Low Rank Confucianism Immortal, he didn’t want to put on a stand, and also toasted.

Heavenly Court’s wine is a bit different from Immortal Realm’s wine. It’s very sweet. After Xiao Hua drank it, her mouth is full of fluids, and it feels like immortal tea.

“Actually~” Brilliant put down his wine glass and looked out the window. There is a river like a belt between the pavilions in the distance, wandering between Heaven and Earth. Brilliant said leisurely, “It’s a bit presumptuous to ask Wenyou Xiao to come here. When I saw Xiao Wenyou plant the sun, I knew that Xiao Wenyou should have the same distress as me, so I had the idea of ​​seeing Xiao Wenyou.”

“What trouble?”

Xiao Hua listened to Zhang Er Monk and couldn’t figure it out. He tentatively asked, “Why don’t I know?”

“When Xu Suanran asked you for the Faith Token of an old man, were you afraid?”


Xiao Hua obediently and honestly’s answer is just a Yu Qing Human Immortal, what is he afraid of!

“I know~” brilliant said with a smile, “That was in the Jingyu Pavilion, in front of several millions of jade masters, Xu Suddenly did not dare to do anything; and he was a group of Jade Tower Disciple, who acted for everyone If you don’t agree, he may not have any ideas.”

“But, if not in Jingyu Pavilion, what about Xu Suengran?”

“That~” Xiao Hua already understood what brilliant was going to say, nods said, “That is naturally to be scared! After all, he is Yu Qing Human Immortal, I am just Book Immortal!”

“Yes!” Brilliant slapped Yuji and exclaimed, “Did you know? When I was in front of you, I was shocked. After all, they have Three Flowers, the power of Three Flowers. It makes me dizzy!”

“Thank you Gao Wenyou!” Xiao Hua raised his glass and said sincerely, “I presenting Buddha with borrowed flowers, toast to you!”

“You are welcome!” Brilliant touched Xiao Hua and said.

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