LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 2523


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However, no matter how he runs, Xiao Hua follows behind him like a shadow.

The child turned to look while running, and fell down from time to time.

Xiao Hua didn’t speak either. It’s not that he didn’t want to speak. It was because the Principle with 100,003,200 points of light all over him was looking for the Equilibrium with this Spirit Realm fragment in the Equilibrium. Xiao Hua could not speak.

The child simply moved towards the ground after his last wrestling.


The child disappeared, but after a few breaths, he reappeared. Xiao Hua is standing on top of his head with a smile!


The child stopped running this time, and opened his throat and shouted, “The wolf is coming! The wolf is coming!!”

Xiao Hua laughed, because he could see clearly that Shushan is not at all silhouette near the mountain, and further away, Xiao Hua did not dare to explore, because he was afraid that these mountain of books would collapse.

Who knows, as the child yelled, the silhouette rushed out of the mountain of books. These silhouettes changed into the Great Grandpa with white beard, the farmer with the hoe and so on.

Beside the child, some lambs also emerged.

“Where is the wolf?”

“Where is the wolf?”


Child pointed to Xiao Hua, “He is!”


“Where is the wolf?”

Everyone glanced over Xiao Hua, discussing spiritedly, “The foundation has no wolf, Little Brat, how can you lie to us?”

The child is about to cry, he pointed to Xiao Hua: “Did you really not see it?”

“He is here!!”

“Ai, Little Brat ~”

Everyone shook their heads, ignored the child, and turned away.

As the human form disappeared, the lamb beside child disappeared.

“Are you still running?”

Xiao Hua feels his nose, said with a smile.


Child also touched his nose in every way, replied, “I won’t run, I can’t run you!”


Speaking, the child sat on the ground again, crying and said, “I didn’t mess with you, why didn’t you let me go?”

“Why are you chasing me?”

The child was crying and covering his face, his eyes turning between his fingers.

Looking at the child’s crafty, slightly smiled, took out a few ordinary dolls and handed them to him, saying: “I am chasing you, I want to give you these fun ones!”


The child looked at the doll in Xiao Hua’s hand incredibly and whispered, “You…are you really sending me?”

“Why not?”

Xiao Hua smiled and waved the doll to the child.

These dolls were taken out by Xiao Hua from the Divine Magnificence Continent in Space, without a trace of Immortal Power or Spirit Qi, they are ordinary tight.

I don’t know, child likes these dolls so much, his eyes are almost shining.

But he still cautiously said: “I…I just grabbed your doll, don’t you Life Qi?”

“How can I lower oneself to somebody’s level with the little child?”


There are still tears in the corner of child’s eyes, but he is still struggling to nods.

When the child touches a fat Monk doll with his little hand, the child’s figure immediately changes into fat Monk, and when he touches another monkey, he changes into the monkey again…

“gé gé ~~”

Child had a good time and laughed very happily.

“Anything else?”

Child played for a while, then raised his head and asked.


Xiao Hua said with a smile, “But you have to tell me your name and where is this place!”

“My name is Sanzijing~”

Child blinked his eyes, tilted his head and replied, “This is the Spirit Mountain of Qunyu!”


Xiao Hua was surprised, he said in surprise, “You are called the Three-Character Classic? Is there another one called Qian-Character Wen?”


Child was also surprised, said in surprise, “Do you know Qianziwen? He…he is not here…”

“haha, I understand!”

Xiao Hua’s Spirit Light flashed in his mind, and said with a smile, “You should have Feng Ya Song, University, Moderate in your group of jade Spirit Mountain…”

“haha ~”

Without waiting for Xiao Hua to finish, the child stroked his palm, said with a smile, “I also understand that you came here admiringly, wanting to get acquainted with the three beauties of Spirit Mountain, Elder Sister. Come on!”

Xiao Hua patted her forehead and said: “Yes, yes, Xiao is not only admiring the talents of the three beauties, but also looking up to the talents of poetry, books, etiquette, Yi, and Chunqiu, and then he ventured over to visit.” /p>

The three-character scripture child curled his lips and said: “The five elders in the book of poetry, Liyi, Chunqiu, and the five elders know how to blow a beard and stare at them. What talent do they have to learn? What a lie!”

Xiao Hua smiled, and took out a doll and handed it to the Sanzijing child, saying: “Xiao does what it says, I will give it to you!”

“What’s your name?”

Three characters after child took the doll and asked.

“My name is Xiao Hua.”

“Xiao Hua?”

The three-character classic child tilted his head and asked, “Your name is so strange, are you a style?”

“What style?”

Xiao Hua doesn’t understand.


The three-character scripture child gently clapped oneself Gate on Crown, “bang”, child’s human form incarnation is broken, “the beginning of man, nature is good…” and more than 3000 words are revealed.

These words are not the same, but each seems to have a child’s smile.

“haha ~”

Xiao Hua slightly smiled, patted these words and said, “I am different from you, I am Human Race!”

“Human Race?”

The three-character scripture child was surprised and exclaimed, “You… are you the ‘person’ of ‘the beginning of man’?”

Xiao Hua nods said: “Yes, I am the ‘person’!”

“My Heavens! !”

The three-character scripture child pounced on Xiao Hua, looked up and down, pinched left and right, a surprise, and a kind of indifference.

“Weird, really weird!”

The three-character scripture child cried, “Why can’t I be like you?”

“Are you all like this?”

Xiao Hua explained: “Although I don’t know how you change, but I think ordinary people, you can change, I am not an ordinary person, so you can’t change into me!”

Xiao Hua is now Immemorial Origin, Body and Dao together, but mortals and other foundations can’t see his true appearance, let alone illusion Xiao Hua’s appearance.

“No, no, it’s different!”

The three-character classic child shook his head and said, “You have a kind of vitality in you, which I can’t imitate.”

“The dolls you gave me just now did not, so I can change!”

What more does child have to say about the Three Character Classic.

“hong long long ~”

The earth quaked in the distance, the mountain of books collapsed, the sea of ​​text collapsed, countless Spirit Body lost one’s head out of fear like words flew out, moved towards all around and fled.

The Sanzijing child cried out in panic: “Xiao Hua, run, the knife is coming!”


Xiao Hua looked up towards the place where the earth quaked.

Sure enough, the ground split, and a huge knife shadow rushed out like an Ancient Beast, and the knife shadow formed Storm, covering all around.

And in the sky, Spirit Qi is disturbed by the shadow of the sword, moving towards everywhere impact, if nothing happens, the stone flow mountain of the jade before the explosion is caused by the shadow of the sword!

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