LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 2524


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In Xiao Hua’s inspection room, he suddenly discovered that his viewing presence, even Divine Sense, etc. were restricted, and there was still the shadow of Immortal Emperor Gou Chen among these restrictions!

“What does Emperor of Heaven mean?”

Xiao Hua doesn’t understand a bit.

However, the foundation didn’t wait for him to think about it, and the shadow of the sword had already attacked from a distance.

“Xiao Hua, run away!”

When the three-character scripture child saw something bad, he hurriedly plunged into the earth, changing into more than three thousand words, moving towards and fleeing away.

Xiao Hua didn’t care, and stood there smiling.

The shadow of a knife swept across Xiao Hua Fleshly Body like the wind, making a “weng-weng ~” trembling.

Xiao Hua originally thought that with his own strength, this Sword Intent impossible hurt himself.

How can I know that the shadow of the knife blows, and the First Layer earth-colored solid rock immediately grew out of Xiao Hua Fleshly Body, and even these solid rocks moved towards Xiao Hua within the body spreading with lightning speed!

“Oh, so powerful?”

Xiao Hua was a little surprised, but within the body Principle immediately responded, “ka-cha 嚓” earth-colored rock changed into dust and was driven out.

However, Xiao Hua all around Shushan is not so lucky.

When the shadow of the knife passed, the hills where the words condense were shattered first, and then rolled up in the air, and when Ochre passed by, these words were booked by the condense and fell like rocks.

“Help, help~”

As Xiao Hua looked around, he heard the three-character scripture child’s cry for help.

Xiao Hua didn’t dare to neglect, and her figure moved towards the direction where the sound came.

But seeing that the three-character scripture child at this time has been blown into the air by the strong wind, the human body has long disappeared, and there are only more than three thousand characters left.

Moreover, these words are being condense into a book. In the book, every handwriting is the struggle of the three-character scripture child!

Xiao Hua knows that this sword shadow has the effect of killing the Spirit Body. If he doesn’t care about it, the child will soon be condense into a real “Sanzi Jing”.

So Xiao Hua hurriedly raised his hand and pointed, the shadow of the knife was broken, and the child all around Space became a single entity!


The child stood still in mid-air and hurriedly recovered his human form. He looked up and down, and then he was relaxed and cried, “It’s dangerous!”

Child has avoided a catastrophe, and the world next to it has become Chaos.

Looking at the book condense coming out one by one, and losing Spirit Qi, the child’s face turned pale in shock!

Xiao Hua didn’t know why, so he didn’t dare to interfere, just guarding all around a side World.

Two hours passed before the shadow of the sword disappeared.

But above high heaven, a group of Jade Tower pavilion phantoms rise up like the sun, and the shadows are more like the sun projected down. The Shushan Wenhai that has just disappeared reappears, but it is much thinner than before. .

“This is what’s going on?”

Looking at all around, as if the rain scattered and the clouds opened, Xiao Hua asked the three-character classic child.

“This is the tribulation of our group of jade Spirit Mountain!”

The three-character scripture child whispered with lingering fears, “It appears from time to time. I remember that it was small before, but now it is a hundred times more violent than before!!”

“If you were caught in it, did you change into the Tome of the “San Zi Jing”?”


The three-character classic child nods said without hesitation, “The so-called Wenan means the annihilation of Wenqi. If we can’t survive, we will change into dead books without vitality!”


Wu Danqing moved in his heart and thought secretly in his heart, “It turns out that they are all Spirit Body condense in Qunyu Inner Books. In that case, there is a fragment of Spirit Realm here, which is specially arranged by Emperor of Heaven.” p>


The Sanzijing child flew over, took Xiao Hua’s hand, and said, “You saved me, I invite you to my house!”

Xiao Hua was a little curious about what the child’s home was like in the Three-Character Classic, but he flew over several mountains of books and saw a pavilion, he smiled.

This is the real bookstore.

The pavilion is made of words and sentences, and each word and sentence also gushes out a slight mist.

There are some flowers and trees all around the pavilion. Similarly, these flowers and trees are also condense.

Before the three-character scripture child arrived at the pavilion, he neatly arranged some clothes and said respectfully: “Please!”


Xiao Hua also gave in according to Heavenly Court Etiquette.

After the two entered the house, the child scratched his head and said in embarrassment: “It is said that I will serve tea now, but here I am…”

Xiao Hua slightly smiled, replied: “a guest will comply with the wishes of the host, if there is no tea, even clear water!”

“hehe, wait a minute!”

The child laughed and jumped out.

I just brought in a cup of milk @状汁液, offered it with both hands, and said, “Guests please.”


Xiao Hua took it, and after a closer look, his face was surprised.

Because of the seemingly ordinary juice, there are countless vague words and sentences in them, and these words cannot be formed, has several points of Xiao Hua’s feeling of primordial air absorbed in the Wu Ming /nameless element domain.

Xiao Hua hurriedly asked, “What is this?”

“This is the text %乳#”

Child triumphantly said, “This is the essence of Fang Shushan’s 10,000 years condense, you are a distinguished guest, I invite you!”

It sounds like “10,000 years”. Xiao Hua thought it could’t be considered rare, so he smiled and said, “So many thanks!”

After speaking, Xiao Hua took a sip.

I don’t know, this thing is tasteless, even when it falls into Xiao Hua within the body, it’s nothing special. However, when these text%乳# are close to Xiao Hua text, the text%乳# suddenly accelerates, just like ten Thousand flows return to the source as it permeates.

Xiao Hua frowned and watched.

This opening doesn’t matter, Xiao Hua is shocked.

When Xiao Hua was in Xuanpu back then, in order to portray the complete rhyme and achieve the effect of primordial emptiness, he used Liuchen Duyun basket five times in a row.

However, when Xiao Hua used the Liuchen Dujun Basket for the last time, he found that the effect was far worse than before. Even if he used it again, it was impossible to achieve Perfection.

Xiao Hua suddenly realized after Baisi that manpower is sometimes poor. Instead of pursuing Perfection, it is better to take a step back and leave it blank like a picture for better development.

So Xiao Hua resolutely gave up the Sixth chance and left Xuanpu to go to Fuyu City.

It is indeed as expected by Xiao Hua. In the recent cultivation, the blank areas have been constantly spreading. Perfection does not delay the subsequent cultivation.

Xiao Hua has actually left the matter behind, but at this time a cup of text ¥¥乳# infiltrates, the words that have not been formed do not go to other places, and they fall directly to the previous blank, all around the text The rhyme swells up like fermentation, rushing to these words.

Wait until Wen Yun touched the words and sentences transformed by Wen %乳¥, it evolves immediately. The unspeakable mystery and fluctuation continue to collide, which is faster than the previous use of Liu Chen Du Yun basket!

“weng-weng ~”

Xiao Hua within the body has changed, and there are signs of the sky above the bookstore, and a fist sized flower bone flower comes out in the midair condense!

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