LOTCG: Immortal Realm Chapter 2525


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Sanzijing child looked at the flower bones above the bookstore and said in surprise, “Xiao Hua, are you going to have a baby?”

Xiao Hua naturally doesn’t know what the pregnancy is, but he knows that he is going to have the Grand Perfection of Wenyun soon.

So Xiao Hua said with a smile: “Xiao wants to borrow your bookstore for a use, I wonder if it’s OK?”

“Of course you can, of course~”

When the child heard the three-character scripture, he immediately nods and said, “Fairy said, helping others for pleasure is the tradition of my generation of book spirits!”

Xiao Hua smiles, closes the pair of eyes slightly and sits cross-legged, focusing on the development of the rhyme within the body.

The three-character scripture child came out of the bookstore, blinked his eyes and watched the sky flower bones grow stronger, and soon reached ten thousand zhang, he was dumbfounded, and whispered: “My dear, how big this has to give birth Book spirit!”

After that, the three-character classic child didn’t dare to go far, and just shook his head all around, preparing to watch Xiao Hua give birth to a book spirit.

After waiting for a long time, Huaguduo is still Huaguduo, not at all.

“Why is it so slow!”

The three-character script child smashed it, smashed its mouth, sat down on the spot, gently stroked his hands on the ground, some words appeared from the ground, and changed into dolls. These dolls were the same as the ones Xiao Hua gave him.

When the three-character classic child was playing, “hong-hong bang~” His bookstore changed, a green and shining room, more mountain ranges, jungles, etc., were like a magic pen. They were reborn once again, and soon, a Life Force The flourishing world is all around.

Sanzijing child is stupid!

Speaking of Xiao Hua, I first focused on the evolution of the rhyme, but later discovered that the evolution of the rhyme is Inborn, especially the last stroke of this Perfection, and it is also a Good Fortune show. I interfered but fell low-grade. So Xiao Hua thought about it a little bit, but Mind still came out, and wanted to send Fleshly Body to Linquan Gaoyitu.

As soon as the picture of Linquan Gaoyi came out, it was immediately out of Xiao Hua’s control, and the scenery of First Layer poured out like flowing water!

Xiao Hua wanted to be imprisoned, but I could watch Lin Quan Gaoyitu flashing Azure Light, knowing that the Spirit Light of the Spirit Realm fragments here is good for it, so I simply ignore it and let the First Layer illusion come true.

And he himself flew into the green willow forest on the Third floor.

Xiao Hua Mind came out of Linquan Gaoyi’s map and was stunned, because the Spirit Realm fragment Space in front of him was completely different from before.

Before it was just a mountain of books, but now it is a world of flowers and green grass.

The three-character classic child’s bookstore all around, there are many mountain ranges, countless buildings and houses, and there are even cows, sheep, chickens and ducks running.

Xiao Hua understands that these all are invisible to one’s Fleshly Body, only one’s own Mind, that is, the existence of self-corpse which is close to Spirit Body can see.


Sanzijing child ran out of the green forest, followed by a group of birds. He looked at Xiao Hua up and down and said strangely, “How did you change?”

“That’s not right! You clearly don’t have Life Spirit yet, how come you become a book spirit?”

Xiao Hua is not negligent because the child is naive, he smiled and said, “Xiao has some changes, thanks to my little friend @@乳@!”


The three-character scripture child sighed one sound and said, “That’s probably the last point!”

“What do you mean?”

Xiao Hua asked hurriedly.

“When I took it, the guard Shu Ling told me that the group jade Spirit Mountain had changed drastically, and the #乳# might be gone in the future!”

But after sighing, the three-character scripture child immediately changed to a smiley face and said: “haha, Xiao Hua, your Immortal Technique is really interesting, these all are I haven’t played before!”

Xiao Hua knows that the three-character classic is child heartless, and the sigh just now is just imitating other book spirits, so he smiled and said: “Then you can play, you can play whatever you want!”

“Come here, come here~”

The three-character scripture child shouted at the bird behind him, “See you, Mr. Xiao Hua!”

“Meet Mr. Xiao Hua~~”

A flock of birds fell to Xiao Hua all around, each speaking.

Looking at Xiao Hua’s bewilderment, the three-character scripture child explained: “They are book spirits who have not yet turned into human beings. When they have more Spirit Qi, they will be like me!”


Xiao Hua understood, smiled and said hello to these flying bird book spirits.

Flying birds flew all over Xiao Hua’s body with a smile.

It is also weird to say. When the bird fell, Xiao Hua’s figure immediately changed, and some inexplicable experience and perception change into words fell into his heart.

“Are you from Linchuan Mister Collection?”

Xiao Hua looked at the bird that fell on her hand and said in surprise.

“Yes, yes~”

The joyful nods of the bird agreed to change into the words, but these words are still vague and many are not clear.

“Are you Taiping Guangji?”

Xiao Hua looked at a book spirit who fell on his left shoulder said with a smile, but he looked at a few all around again, raised his hand and said, “No, you are all!”

“haha, yes, yes~”

Several book spirits are very happy and feel very honored to be known by Xiao Hua.

“We, we~

“And us, guess who we are?””

Other book spirits also enthusiastically clamored from the side.

So Xiao Hua extend the hand, let them stand up one by one, Xiao Hua drank their identities one by one.

Looking at the book spirits having fun, Xiao Hua was also very excited, because he was Mind at this time, maybe the Principle of Qunyu Spirit Mountain, and whenever he came into contact with the book spirits, condense became the words of the book spirit immediately Seen into his heart.

These words and sentences are not simple words, but the essence of the condense’s book spirit, or come to see these words and thoughts and insights of Heavenly Court Confucianism Immortal!

Seeing this, Xiao Hua’s eyeball One Revolution, slowly falling.

When he touched the book mountain of Qunyu Spirit Mountain with his feet, the unnumbered sentence flowed into his heart along the soles of his feet!

The learning gains of countless sages Great Confucian are all changed into Xiao Hua!

“haha, haha ​​~”

Xiao Hua laughed, secretly thought, “I can say that when I see people in the future, I read more books with my feet than you!”

The three-character classic child played with Xiao Hua for a while, then Sa Yazi ran away, and other birds naturally followed.

Xiao Hua walked in the mountain of books alone, and every step he took, he had gained the usual Immortal Being for several days of reading!

“I finally understand~”

Xiao Hua sighed, “Why are the jade of Emperor of Heaven built here.”

“There are Spirit Realm fragments to nourish the jade, and there is a lot of jade to feed back the Spirit Realm fragments, giving birth to a lot of books. He will definitely use the Zi Body to come over and absorb the accumulated Human Race essence!”

In about a few days, Xiao Hua has absorbed the essence of the entire book mountain, and he is going to other places.

Suddenly there is a faintly discernible fragrance.

Xiao Hua thoughts move, looked up and looked towards the flower bone flower that was more than 100,000 feet long. A crack appeared in the flower bone flower, and the fragrance was floating from the inside.

“The shape of the rhyme?”

“The fragrance of Wenyun!”

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