“Oh, I know this naturally, otherwise I won’t go to Yellow Past Heaven!” The breeze smashed the road. “I am coming to work hard, that…the man actually ran again, I…I There is really an urge to die.”

Shen Feng thought for a moment and reminded: “You confirm that person can enter Mysterious Fetus Equal Nurturing Heaven?”

The breeze did not answer immediately, but thought for a moment and shook his head: “It is absolutely impossible to get the Mysterious Fetus Equal Nurturing Heaven!”

“That puts this possibility behind!” Shen Feng smiled. “You think about it. What kind of clues you can see in the meeting?”

When the breeze reached out, the gossip fell into his hand, and the breeze looked down and smiled. “There is some faint light, but…”

Speaking of this, the breeze eyes lit up and smiled: “I understand, thank you, my son, although it is some Karma that has not disappeared, but after all, there is Trace, we are looking for it!”

“Karma?” Shen Feng heard the sound of his heart squeaking, and some of the meaningful look at the gossip that couldn’t take the eyes, could explore Karma’s Immortal Artifact, and it’s no wonder that her Mind was lost.

Not to mention the breeze, according to the Karma revealed by the Eighth Immortal Artifact to explore the trace of Xiao Hua, said Xiao Hua stimulate to motion Technique of Light Escape, flying across a labyrinth of the Plane barrier, with a thick light knot in front of the head The arrangement of the spirals, Xiao Hua knows that this is on the edge of Sen Luo Dao, he thought that this barrier is difficult to pass, but who knows that his body shape is not subject to any restrictions, but there is some pressure in the longitudinal direction to make him physique Some distortions, and this distortion appears to be minimal under the Horizontal Strength of Plane.

After crossing the barrier, Xiao Hua Immortal Power has been exhausted. He didn’t dare to take risks and rushed out of Light Escape. But before he got out of Light Escape, he never looked back and saw the hundreds of thousands of people behind him. The Silver Light is long gone, apparently lost in the maze of Light & Shadow.

“Brush…” Xiao Hua took out Light Escape, and there was a faint light swarf on the whole body. The “呜” was heavily overwhelmed, and the “pu-pu” Xiao Hua Immortal Body made a low tremor. The figure is three points shorter.

“Ah?” Xiao Hua couldn’t detect his own changes, but it’s almost a whisper, “This is Mysterious Fetus Equal Nurturing Heaven?”

It’s no wonder that Xiao Hua was surprised. At this time, it was the thin, Scarlet Crow Sun, and the Autumn Brush Moon. The heavens and the earth were in a strange bleak, and the place where Xiao Hua stood was ridiculous. Such as the autumn wind blowing, rolling up the gravel in the earth, Yang high heaven, Xiao Hua eyes are all covered mountains, and even a lot of collapse is there Pitch-black abyss, good or windy, Or there is a water, within a radius of 10,000 li, there is no Life Qi.

The high heaven, gray White texture is everywhere, these textures are like tree shrews, split high heaven, the gravel touches the texture recently, and there is a slight black & white Light & Shadow flashing, the gravel will be Swallow.

Not to mention the gravel, the wind is slightly larger, and the texture all around can also show the broken Void.

It seems that this piece of heaven and earth has long been beaten, not to mention Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi, the Immortal Realm’s Principle is somewhat fragmented.

“This…it’s not as good as Yellow Past Heaven!” Xiao Hua secretly understood and said what Lei Ming and others said, “Dust Immortal of Yellow Past Heaven wants to come to the top of Heavenly Realm, thinking that this is a paradise, why did they think of it here? cruel?”

“However, it seems that no one has raised the dangers of the high-level Heavenly Realm!”

“heng, it’s normal. Mortal Realm cultivator thinks about the ascended Immortal world. I think Immortal Realm is wonderful, but who knows the Moro Realm in the Daoism Immortal world?”

“Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi is rich in Heaven & Earth Spirit Qi. The genius treasure is Mortal Realm. There are countless other people, even Dust Immortal Mystical Ability. Supreme Being is awesome, but… this is the Immortal that Supreme Being wants. Realm?”

“In fact, I don’t think Immortal Realm, Monster Oath, Dragon Territory, etc. It’s the only way, Immortal Being… can I call Immortal Being?”

Thinking of this, Xiao Hua turned to look at the back, behind a red cloud stacked mountain peak, this mountain peak Connecting Heaven Pervading Earth, no one can think of this mountain peak is actually through the Form Realm days of Sen Luo Road.

“The two men killed Lei Ming and others, they will not miss Xiao, Xiao If you want to escape, you have to create array here!” Xiao Hua, Xiao Hua eyes revealing twilight.

Only when Xiao Hua Overflowing Sense is released, all around is only frowning. After all, all around is the Space fault, the Principle is messy, and there are two rivals. They have Monster Beast proficient in the Space Principle, even if they put Little Yellow And Little Black and so on, it is unlikely to be the opponent of two rivals.

“What to do?” Xiao Hua was hesitant and looked at the distance from the Space fault. “Would you like to stay away from here?”

Xiao Hua hasn’t decided yet. Suddenly a dreadful shiver was born from the bottom of the heart. Xiao Hua almost didn’t want to, and he didn’t want to, and his body shape, gave birth to Five colors Light & Shadow, and the change into Phoenix skyrocketed!

“Boom…” Xiao Hua’s figure has just disappeared. Behind him, within the scattered Space faults, a hurricane that is like a tentacle is passing by, and the space that has been a thousand miles away has been swept away!

Xiao Hua has a double-winged wing, but it is a straight-forward, but this moment is also the edge of the hurricane sweeping. His figure is still being tumbling.

Although she escaped, Xiao Hua’s face was not happy. He held his body in front of him and continued to fly high. He thought: “Xiao is of course the strength of Gatering Essence Immortal High Rank, but the Mystical Ability is still the means of Qi Immortal. This wind beast has a Principle Mystical Ability, Xiao can’t fight it, then Xiao wants to think about how to use the Strength of Principle !”

“Hey…” Just thinking, a Pitch-black knife shadow appeared without warning, and Space winds drifted to the front of Xiao Hua!

Xiao Hua was so frightened that the left hand suddenly swung, Ruyi Stick slammed out, “铿…” one sound loud noise, the knife shadow broken like a broken firefly, sprinkled half empty, and after the knife shadow, the humanoid shadow Falling leaves!

“Damn…” Xiao Hua was puzzled. “How did they get it? What is the similarity of Xiao’s Technique of Light Escape?”

“Brush…” behind Xiao Hua, there is a Space fault, the whisky and swollen, the light thread passes, and the Space is sieved in a dozen miles.

“heng ……” Xiao Hua was prepared, not panicking at this time, and the top of the crown, “hong-hong bang…” countless Xing Yue Light Pillar fell out of nowhere, and the lights were beaten by life.

Then Xiao Hua again stimulated to motion Technique of Light Escape disappeared…

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