“hehe, interesting!” After the dust, the fuzzy human figure appeared. At this time, his body Helmet & Armor was still obscured and could not be seen clearly. The human figure looked up and saw the direction of Xiao Hua disappearing. “This guy is strong. No, the technique of escape is really amazing!”

“heng, where can it be powerful?” The humanoid shadow is also cold, and the body shape is shocked. The wind and the beast will produce a hurricane that will blur the human form. The change into the sky is faster than the Lightning chase Xiao Hua!

The wind and the beast disappeared, and there was about half a cup of tea. Not far from the Space fault, the light splattered, and Xiao Hua calmly rushed out from the inside.

Xiao Hua’s mouth was disdainful, looked up at the high-altitude and chaotic wind and whispered, and said faintly, “Xiao is not going to beat you, but if it is about fleeing, you two add up is better than Xiao!”

After that, Xiao Hua slanted to the mountain peak where Sen Luodao was located, but it was flying for more than a hundred miles. Xiao Hua’s figure swayed and rushed straight into the ground!

Seeing that there is a great force in the earth, Xiao Hua is then stepping to motion Technique of Light Escape. Sure enough, the Plane Light & Shadow of the First Layer layer appears in front of Xiao Hua!

Xiao Hua’s figure fell into Light & Shadow, and the first layer layer fell down. Although it was a bit difficult, but the number of interest, Xiao Hua’s eyes lit up, turned out to be another Heavenly Realm!

However, when Xiao Hua just stood in Space, his bottom of the heart was a spurt, the eyebrow Immortal Mark was automatically excited, and a stroke and a condense of the water condense rushed out. This gossip produced a river map and a River Book phantom, like water. Scour the Xiao Hua body surface.

Xiao Hua knows that this is the calm wind using Immortal Artifact to explore Karma after his whereabouts. He looked up at Earth Fire Wind & Thunder and flashed. He said, “It’s shameless! Can’t find Xiao even use Divination Technique?”

As said, Xiao Hua’s figure swayed and flew toward the distant river.

The big river looks like Tianshui, falling from the clouds, but Xiao Hua knows that this is the appearance of Shen Luodao in He Tongtian!

However, before Xiao Hua rushed to the water, he stopped again, pinching his chin and looking at the blue water and laughing. “They said that when they calculated that Xiao had arrived at He Tongtian, they must go through the forest. Come over, if Xiao is now in the forest, isn’t it a self-investment? Wait a minute…”

Thinking, Xiao Hua sat down on his knees and rushed to the Motion Cultivation Art. “Hey…” The flames splashed, and a humanoid Pitch-black silhouette instantly emerged!

“Damn…” Xiao Hua, although the details were incorrectly estimated, he thought it was correct. The humanoid shadow and fuzzy human figure went straight to the height of Pingyu, and did not see the shadow of Xiao Hua. Woke up and cried, “I waited for the singer to adjust the tiger to the mountain, he… he must be a sham shot and hide next to him…”

“Fast!” The humanoid shadow heard, and hurriedly urged, “I will wait for a quick turn!”

“I am anxious…” Fuzzy humanoid thinking for a moment, said, “When you wait for me to wait, I will not stay in the same place. Where is he most likely to go?”

“If it is me, I will return to Senluo Road. After all, it is the Space Channel, which can go straight to the sky…”

“This is the most embarrassing thing. If you want to go to the text, he will not go to Wenjutian. He entered Senluo Road. First choice should be He Tongtian!”

“He may even flee to Listening Heaven Snowfall!”

“Listening Heaven Snowfall is impossible!”

“Yes, yes, Senluo Road is closed, and the entrance to the Listening Heaven Snowfall has disappeared!”

“Not only the entrance to the glazed environment, but the edge of the Senluo Road also began to disappear. If he entered the Senluo Road, he would not be able to come out again…”

“hehe, you and me are two people, why bother to guess so much? You look at the text, I go to He Tongtian to see, kill him and kill him!”

“Fast!” fuzzy humanoid nods, stimulated to motion, the wind and the beast rushed into the mountain peak, the mountain peak immediately raised the Space vortex, watching the Space vortex all around the bleak Black & White halo, the fuzzy humanoid laugh Tao, “The edge of Sen Luo Dao has faded…”

Not to mention the two immortals fly into the Sen Luo Road to continue to chase Xiao Hua, single Xiao Hua stimulate to motion Treading Divine Watchtower After recovering Immortal Power, is about to rush into the river, and suddenly he found that the river has a depleted image!

“Hey? What does this mean?” Xiao Hua is quite puzzled, rushing to the eyebrows, Breaking Delusion Eye.

Looking at the circle of halo, like a flower, I lost my heart. Xiao Hua suddenly understood and smiled. “It turns out that this is Sen Luo Dao to close! Oh, Xiao finally escaped…”

However, after Xiao Hua smiled, it felt a little inappropriate. He looked up at Tianzhu and said to himself, “Xiao had previously punish Zhou Xiaoming, but I don’t know that I am slacking! These two Immortal Being, although they don’t know what the origins are, but Since they want to chase Xiao, can Xiao spare them? And even if Xiao escapes now, they are the hidden dangers of Xiao. Now they have a good chance to kill two immortals. Don’t wait for them to kill them later. Xiao?”

“Before Xiao was Immortal Nascent, and there was no foundation in Immortal Realm. If I escaped, I will escape. Now Xiao still flees, flees, flees, fears become a habit, how can he confront people in the future?”

“But, people don’t commit me, I don’t commit crimes. If people commit me, I will kill them!”

Xiao Hua’s mind was fixed, and immediately his brain turned sharply. He looked at the disappearing Senluo Road, simply abandoned it, and rushed directly to high heaven, and applied the Technique of Light Escape through the Plane barrier.

At this time, Xiao Hua already knows that his Physique of Beginning Light is very powerful. Immortal Being needs to use the retrograde channel to pass through the two-day gap. You can pass the Technology of Light Escape.

If you need to pay crystal coin using the retrograde channel, Xiao Hua finds a way to save the crystal coin.

Flying into Pingyutian, Xiao Hua looked again, the mountain peak did not collapse, there is still a Channel vortex, Xiao Hua Gaofei 100.000 li, the body shape once again rushed into the Sen Luodao.

In fact, Xiao Hua may not have the meaning of gambling, but he is really gambling. At this time, the vague human figure has already rushed into the text, and the shadow of the figure falls into He Tongtian, which is staggered with Xiao Hua!

Xiao Hua has a small half-hour flight along with Sen Luo Dao. This time, he is somewhat fearful, always guarding against shadows and dusty raids.

There was a heavy pressure in front of the head, and Xiao Hua knew that the Plane barrier of Wenjutian was in front of him, so he did not hesitate to fly out again!

Sure enough, outside of Senluo Road is Earth Fire Wind & Thunder, and the endless Lightning is like a storm. When Xiao Hua stimulated to motion technique of Light Escape, there was a glimmer of overlapping walls like a city wall. Xiao Hua is like a climbing child, jumping around in these lights!

Out of Light & Shadow is naturally the text of the sky, the weight of the text is even more intense, but Xiao Hua clearly feels that an unspeakable acupuncture, hot and so on feel from his body surface.

“This is the Immortal Spirit Mysterious Light through the Heavenly Realm barrier!” Xiao Hua has some insights, he turned his head and looked at it, a rainbow fell from the sky, straight down to the earth, Sen Luodao in the text is rainbow The image of bridge!

Xiao Hua estimates that two Immortal Being may be standing next to Wen’s Plane barrier, so he slammed into Scorpio.

Waiting for Gao Fei over 100,000 miles, Xiao Hua feels hot and hearty, and he thinks about sitting down and kneeling again, and then stimulate to motion Treading Divine Watchtower.

“Oh…” Immortal Spirit Mysterious Light fell into the sound of a whistling sound, and immediately “hong-hong bang” Light Pillar condensed, Xiao Hua Immortal Body vibrated, the unspeakable sting was born. This sting is not only Fleshly Body and Meridian, but also Divine Soul. Xiao Hua was amazed by the slowing of Treading Divine Watchtower Cultivation Art and the cultivation of Concealed Arrow.

After a scent, the tingling gradually disappeared, Xiao Hua smiled after a slight inspection, secretly thought “The original, although Xiao used to use Immortal Spirit Mysterious Light cultivation, it is not the real Immortal Spirit Mysterious Light, but through Heavenly Immortal Spirit Mysterious Light blocked by Realm barriers, those rays are harmless to Dust Immortal, only ordinary sun. Now this Primal Comprehension Lifting Culture Heaven, and the subsequent Seven Luminaries Grinding Extermination Heaven, fear of Immortal Spirit Mysterious Light is a little bit stronger, and Xiao first adapts to this transitional Immortal Spirit Mysterious Light, and then directly uses the real Immortal Spirit Mysterious Light cultivation, which is innocent.”

Things are not as simple as Xiao Hua thinks, but Xiao Hua has already experienced White Light Kill in the ascended Immortal world, so it is normal to accept Immortal Spirit Mysterious Light at this time!

“Hey, Xiao has just cultivated a scent of incense? How…how is this cultivation effect actually worth the last few hours!”

“And, Xiao thinks that within the Immortal Mark, the stars of the Principle Starry Sky are much stronger than before, is this Immortal Spirit Mysterious Light closer to the Principle?”

Counting all the results, Xiao Hua took the Cultural Art and got up. At this time, Immortal Spirit Mysterious Light was already stunned by Xiao Hua. Xiao Hua took a look at the rainbow to the motion Technique of Light Escape.

“Ah?” Xiao Hua’s figure just appeared. In Senluo Road, he was aware of his 10,000 li fuzzy human figure. He exclaimed one sound. “You…what are you here…”

Unfortunately, Xiao Hua looks down at the wind and beast that will completely cover Sen Luodao. Where will it stay for a while?

“Chasing…” With the blurry humanoid one sound low, the wind-like hunter of the cloud produces a dozen whirlwinds, like a huge tentacle fluttering toward the back of Xiao Hua.

“Come on…” The fuzzy human figure patted the chest, and a four square box between the Black & White hues flew out. He yelled at the impatience inside. “The man is actually in the sky!”

“What? The text is heaven, this… this is impossible!”

“What is impossible?” cried the human figure. “He is not only in the sky, but also in front of my head, you are coming over, this is really awkward!”

“Well, I am going…” The voice of the human figure sounded in the four square box. “You leave the mark! Right, since this is awkward, don’t say anything to him, as long as there is a chance to kill immediately!”

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