The fuzzy human figure hears the sound of the wind and the roar of the beast, knowing that the attack of the wind and the beast is not effective, so he grits his teeth, raises a gray white bead, and then stimulates to motion the body to chase the wind. ≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦ ≧≦

Xiao Hua body shape Xiaoyao / free & unfettered fly, look down at the dozens of wind column crazy attack, I don’t think it is a sneer! At this time, the situation is completely different from the previous attack. He is in the Senluo Road. The wind and the beast are under the Sen Luodao. Where will he be afraid of the attack of the wind and the beast?

The more the hurricane of the wind and the beast, the faster the Xiao Hua’s limping!

“Take me a windy three 100 zhang, and shake the straight nine 10,000 li!” Xiao Hua could not help but laughed loudly.

“Damn, damn it!” The fuzzy human figure has already stepped on the wind and the beast. When he sees Xiao Hua as Phoenix spread his wings, he can’t help but roar.

“Who are you?” Xiao Hua listened to the human form, and felt a move, saying, “Dare to kill me and fight the team?”

The fuzzy human figure produces a twisted Azure Light, and the figure also begins to fly by the force of the wind and the beast, and ignores the question of Xiao Hua.

“heng, don’t say I know it too!” Xiao Hua stunned one sound. “It’s just a thief’s father. I changed my Immortal Realm to my own small profit. I am! A little beast…”

“Oh…” The fuzzy human form was completely angry. He whispered one sound and his body shape disappeared. Immediately, an unspeakable experience was born from Xiao Hua bottom of the heart, and Xiao Hua was shocked. He really couldn’t think that this fuzzy human figure was so strange, but it was a chance to kill himself.

However, Xiao Hua still looked at this fuzzy human shape Mystical Ability. When Xiao Hua danced the Ruyi Stick to protect his body shape, “Hey…” Azure Light suddenly flew out of the hurricane, and the sword hit the Ruyi Stick!

At the moment when Azure Light was broken by Xiao Hua, Xiao Hua could understand that within the spiral hurricane, a cluster of shining light like the Swimming Fish was rushing toward himself, and there was a fuzzy human figure in each glory.

“Xiao understands!” Xiao Hua spread her wings again, heart secretly thought, “Xiao has a Mystical Ability to be accommodated in the light, and there is a Mystical Ability that is accommodated in the wind. No wonder he can drive the wind and the beast! I don’t know if this person is a fairy. , or demon!”

Xiao Hua knows the Principle of Wind, but if it can deal with Immortal Being, which can be accommodated in the wind, it is not afraid of the axe, so Xiao Hua looks up at the height and still flees, but Xiao Hua is still watching the body, not As for the escape from the moment, people can’t catch up.

After about a scent, Xiao Hua seems to be exhausted by Immortal Power, and his body shape slows down. From time to time, some Immortal Pill is taken out of his arms.

“Small…” The fuzzy human figure sneered. “I thought you have the Mystical Ability of Connecting Heaven! You also have the time when Immortal Power is exhausted!”

“Oh…” But listening to a gust of screaming, the glory of change into Sword Light overwhelmingly hit Xiao Hua.

“Kill!” Xiao Hua sees “hidden”, only swinging Ruyi Stick!

Ruyi Stick is fierce, and the stick method from Monster Clan is also awkward. Ruyi Stick dances, so the water can’t be poured, even the wind can’t be blown.

Seeing that Azure Light was blocked by Ruyi Stick one by one, the fuzzy figure was a little unexpected. He didn’t expect a small tail behind the thunder to have such a Mystical Ability.

“heng ……” blurs the human form and cools one sound. The figure is condense after Light & Shadow, and the whisk is going to be thrown out.

However, when the fuzzy human figure wants to stimulate to motion, “Xiao Hua” screamed one sound, and his body was awkward, as if he was injured by an Azure Light. Then Xiao Hua did not dare to fight, and he also gave birth to Azure Light & Shadow, the two wings suddenly shocked, and it was like a sword rushing to Senluo!

“Damn!” The fuzzy human figure has some pearl-dropping feelings. He gnawed his teeth. “This is also the fine ventilation system Immortal Technique, and it also looks like the Monster Oath wind system Monster Clan bloodline. If I am alone to him, I am afraid that it is not Good kill, smell it? Why not come?”

The fuzzy human form naturally does not allow Xiao Hua to escape, he again stimulated to motion Technique of Wind Escape!

So many times, there was a lot of time to stop and stop. Xiao Hua looked exhausted, but gradually approached Seven Luminaries Grinding Extermination Heaven!

Feeling that Plane is under pressure, Xiao Hua is more difficult to dance Ruyi Stick. One is not careful, and it is not necessary to blur the humanoid shot. Xiao Hua himself is beaten by Senfeng’s shot in Senluo Road!

Xiaohua is fascinated and wants to sneak out Xiao Hua, Xiao Hua suddenly struggling to the edge of Sen Luo Dao, “Oh?” Looking at Xiao Hua’s escaping, the fuzzy human form is somewhat unexpected.

But for a moment, when Xiao Hua rushed into an extremely hidden gap, he laughed and laughed. He raised his hand and said: “Heavenly Realm has a road, you don’t go, Netherworld has no door, you step in! This is the life you are looking for… …”

Said, the fuzzy human form is not in a hurry, he slowly took out the four square box, and smiled: “When you see the shadow, you are also in a hurry, and the commandment is directly rushed into the boundary that we opened with Immortal Artifact.” Channel, the Channel side has been closed, and Channel all around is the power of the boundary, he has nowhere to escape.”

“Call…” The voice inside the box made a long sigh of relief and said, “That’s good, scare me, but don’t let him escape, otherwise…”

Speaking of this, the voice is mad and ruined: “Smell the wind, you… what do you call my name?”

“Oh, sorry!” The fuzzy human figure named Wen Feng woke up and hurriedly shot his forehead. “I forgot, oh, you don’t know, I was so suffocated…”

Speaking of this, Wen Feng also woke up and said: “nnd, are you not calling me a name?”

“It’s even!” said the faint voice. “Isn’t it like a fish and a beast? If you don’t have a wind and a beast, he fled early?”

“Yes, good!” Wenfeng gritted his teeth and said, “I have to sacrifice Executing Immortal dust several times, but I can slip away every time. It is really hateful.”

“I have already arrived in the sky, you wait!” Wen Ying said, “I am in the past, but there is some trouble, Sen Luodao is closed, behind me is…”

Speaking of this, the sound of the sound is a bit fuzzy, and the wind is watching the glory of the annihilation, knowing that the Sen Luodao closed the sound of the sound.

After waiting for a moment, I saw the edge of Sen Luo Dao, the rippled gap, some frowning, secretly thought: “Sen Luo Road closed, here must be annihilated, my hands and feet with the shadows must be Wipe it, but the person flies into it, but it is possible to make another change. If I wait for the film to come, I may not have Time to enter the Daoist General and kill it!”

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